5 Effective Backup Plugins For WordPress: Keep Your Data Safe

Effective Backup Plugins For WordPress

How many hours have you spent working on your website?

It’s probably more than you think. When you consider writing and updating blog posts, sourcing and adding images, moderating comments, maintaining themes and plugins, then the hours start to build up.

And do you know how easy it is to lose all those countless hours of work,

9 Powerful Advertising Management Plugins For WordPress

Best Advertising Management Plugins For WordPress

At this point, I’m guessing you’re aware that you can monetize your site with display advertisements, right? I doubt that I’m blowing your mind with that little tidbit.

So perhaps a better lede is this one…

How much work do you put into finding and showcasing the ads you display on your WordPress site?

41 Fantastic WordPress Themes For Serious Bloggers

WordPress Themes For Bloggers

As a blogger, you put your heart and soul into creating perfectly crafted posts, eye-catching images, and attractive leads. It’s a lot of hard work!

Your website represents your ideas and ambitions, you want it to attract and entertain a steady flow of followers.

With the average human having the attention span of 8 seconds (just under that of a goldfish),

9 Helpful Affiliate Marketing Plugins For WordPress Bloggers

Affiliate Marketing Plugins For WordPress

If you’re reading Blogging Wizard, I think it’s a safe bet that you’re a fan of blogging. But as fun as blogging is, do you know what’s even more fun?

Earning money from your blog.

No matter how much you love writing, I’m guessing you probably wouldn’t complain at the chance to at least earn a little bit of side income,