How To Format Your Blog Posts To Keep Your Readers Engaged

How To Format Your Blog Posts

Chances are, someone has landed on your blog and decided to click away without even reading your blog articles. It happens to even the best writers.

While that thought is disheartening, would you feel a bit better if I told you that by re-formatting your blog posts you could increase the likelihood that your readers will stay a bit longer to read what you have written?

How To Find Your Audience’s Biggest Pain Points

Find Your Audiences Pain Points

Consumers don’t care how great your content and your products are. What they’re looking for are solutions to their problems.

As a blogger (and business owner), you’ll see the most growth when you provide solutions to those problems.

But what types of pain points does your audience have?

How To Prepare For A New Year Of Blogging

How To Prepare For A New Year Of Blogging

Note: This post was originally written a few years ago. We republish & update it each year to help you prep for a new year of blogging. Just implementing a few of these ideas will make a big difference to your blog’s growth.

For most bloggers,