The Best Content Writing Tools For SEO In 2024

The Best Content Writing Tools For SEOPin

Want to improve your organic search rankings? You’re going to need the right tools to help you.

In this post, we’re sharing all of the content writing tools you need to support your SEO efforts.

From AI writers and content research tools to keyword research tools, you’ll find a diverse mix of solutions to choose from.

The best content writing tools for SEO – comparison

The best content writing tools for SEO will depend on your needs. And some tools can be used in conjunction with others to great effect. Here’s our recommended tech stack:

Use Frase to research competing content, create briefs, and optimize new & existing content. You can also use its Google Search Console integration to find ‘quick wins’ within your content.

SE Ranking makes sense for those who want an all-in-one tool that’s affordable. Features include content optimization, on-page SEO, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and a lot more.

Scalenut is an AI powered SEO tool that helps you to research, create, and optimize your content.

1 – Frase

Frase is a complete toolkit for SEO writers to research, plan, brief, and optimize content, hence covering your entire content workflow.

Frase HomepagePin

You can not only generate content briefs after analyzing competing content but also optimize newly-generated and existing content for search engine optimization.

Frase’s AI templates can generate outlines, intros, and headings from the target keyword of your choice. While its content editor is as feature-rich as top word processors, the cherry on the cake is its content scoring feature that lets you craft the perfect article.

Writing for search engines needs a tricky mix of technical finesse and creative flair. Frase does the heavy lifting for you by paraphrasing your content and autocompleting your sentences.

With the SEO add-on, you can get unlimited access to the Frase AI Writer, along with data analytics on search engine results pages (SERP) and additional monthly search volume.

And that’s not all. You can even integrate Google Search Console with Frase to grab the low-hanging fruit and optimize your site-wide content.

Frase offers a single solution catering to every stage of your content writing workflow. It’s a great option for writers who want to avoid the costs and complexity of multiple tools.


Frase offers a 5-day trial for $1. Plans start from $14.99 per month. Access to the SEO add-on costs an extra $35 a month but their core functionality will be enough for most users.

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2 – SE Ranking

SE Ranking brings a ton of SEO analysis and marketing tools together on a single platform to address everything from keyword research and tracking to competitor analysis and on-page SEO optimization.

SE Ranking HomepagePin

SE Ranking offers a number of content marketing tools. First, use their content idea tool to generate topic ideas based on seed keywords. They’re all organized into topical hubs which is quite useful.

Then, use their content editor to get suggestions on how to optimize your content as you write it. Afterwards, use their on-page SEO checker to further improve your content.

And for technical SEO issues, you’ll find their SEO audit useful.

In addition, you can use SE Ranking to uncover your competitors’ high traffic keywords, and track the rankings of your own keywords.

To help with your link building efforts, there’s backlink analysis and backlink gap tools.

You also have access to white-label SEO reporting tools for sharing in-depth reports with your clients.

SE Ranking works best for users who are looking for an all-in-one tool for everything SEO, which includes both content writing and content optimization tools.


SE Ranking’s plans start from $39 a month, with a 14-day free trial also available.

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3 – Scalenut

Scalenut is a powerful AI writing assistant that uses human-centric writing principles to help you get rid of writer’s block and speed up the content creation process.

Scalenut HomepagePin

Scalenut excels at producing creative content for blog posts, ads, and more that’s optimized for search engines as well.

Scalenut lets you create SEO content with a powerful, automated algorithm that simply needs a topic and a tone of voice to generate original content.

It has a large selection of built-in templates that cover everything from blogs and articles to Facebook and Google ads to product descriptions.

Scalenut supports over 25 languages and includes natural keyword integration to take care of all your SEO writing needs.

If you’re in the market for an AI writer that’s industry-leading, time-tested, and approved by thousands of writers, Scalenut should definitely make your shortlist.

It’s worth noting that AI content writing tools work best as a way to speed up your content writing workflow. While Scalenut can write long-form content, we don’t recommend using it (or any other AI content writing software) to write entire articles.


Scalenut’s plans start from $12/month (billed annually), monthly plans are also avilable. There is a 7 day free trial.

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4 – Surfer

Surfer helps you plan, create, and write your content with the sole aim of ranking on the first page of Google search results. It also helps you optimize your content so you keep ranking.

Surfer SEO HomepagePin

When it comes to content writing tools for SEO, few do it as well as Surfer. It takes charge of your content strategy by providing topic suggestions based on related keywords.

You can use the suggested topics to generate article outlines complete with headings, intros, and content that you can tweak to suit your style.

Surfer’s content editor clearly shows you the keywords to be included, the word count, and the number of headings and images – all in real-time. You always have your content score flashing at the top to gauge how well your content is shaping up.

Once your content goes live, Surfer even helps you with SEO audits to optimize all your existing content to ensure you outrank competitors. This helps your articles not just rank on Google’s first page but also stay there.

Surfer is a comprehensive content writing offering with a few advantages over many other solutions—a clean interface, uncomplicated content scoring, and a feature-rich content editor.


Surfer’s plans start at $89 a month. Discounts available for yearly plans. No free trial or free plan.

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5 – Semrush

Semrush, despite being an all-in-one marketing platform, doesn’t compromise on its SEO research and content optimization capabilities.

Semrush HomepagePin

With its keyword research, SERP analysis, and technical SEO audits, Semrush goes toe-to-toe with the best content writing tools for SEO.

You can optimize existing content on your website simply by providing the target URL and the target keyword you want to optimize for. Semrush then scans the pages above you in SERPs and generates pointers to optimize your content.

What Semrush does best is analyze search engine results pages for your target keyword and offer SEO recommendations to improve not just your content but also your content strategy.

It even integrates with Google Search Console and Google Analytics and combines the data with its native SEO tools to offer data-backed content recommendations.

Then there’s the backlink database which is one of the largest of any backlink analysis tool on the market. This is incredibly useful for link prospecting and monitoring your site’s link profile.

Semrush can be a great option for SEO content writers who want a solution that doubles up as a marketing tool covering social media, PPC, and more.


Semrush offers a 7-day free trial, with its paid plans starting from $129.95 a month. Semrush premises a 7-day money-back guarantee also on each of its plans.

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6 – PageOptimizer Pro

PageOptimizer Pro (POP) is an excellent content optimization tool for writers who want to create exceptionally high-ranking SEO content. It’s one of the most exhaustive SEO tools in the market.

PageOptimizer Pro HomepagePin

It’s powered by a patented on-page SEO scoring system based on over 400 tests on Google’s SEO algorithm. It provides SEO-focused content briefs that guide your writing with the best SEO recommendations.

Moreover, its content editor scores your content in real-time, helping you visualize how each change affects your SEO score. Its SEO scoring system works in overdrive in the background to ensure no technical SEO factor is overlooked.

Whether it’s keyword research, LSI terms, header tags, or schema, POP’s SEO writing assistant lets you easily produce content loved by search engines.

PageOptimizer Pro targets content writers who prioritize technical SEO over other aspects and want their SEO tool to be as exhaustive as possible.


You can start using POP with a 7-day free trial of their Basic plan costing $27 a month. You can upgrade to more premium plans to unlock unlimited reports.

7 – MarketMuse

MarketMuse is an AI-powered content research, intelligence, and writing tool. It focuses on prioritizing content ideas based on potential ROI.

MarketMuse HomepagePin

MarketMuse is one of the more unique content writing tools as it uses AI to not just help you plan content strategy but do it based on the dollar value attached to every potential content piece.

Its automated content inventory and planning solution selects the best content opportunities for you and also measures your domain authority and the quality of existing content.

It then uses its AI-generated content briefs to help you write faster, providing outlines and headings around related keywords, and a real-time content score with additional recommendations for internal and external linking.

Plus, you can also optimize your existing content based on MarketMuse’s industry-leading topic models that analyze the top competitors for your search topic.

MarketMuse takes a novel approach to content strategy and writing by bringing ROI into the mix, something that would be appreciated by both marketers and CXO stakeholders.


MarketMuse offers a free plan to start with and paid plans starting from $600 a month.

8 – WordHero

WordHero is a relatively new AI content writing tool that uses a machine learning language model to generate original and human-like content using 60+ writing tools and some target keywords.

WordHero HomepagePin

WordHero uses intelligent templates to allow you to create fresh and natural-sounding content for more than 60 use cases ranging from blog posts & articles to ad copies and product descriptions to social media posts and LinkedIn Bios.

Its language model claims to be powered by 175 billion machine learning parameters. What this delivers is a time-efficient content creation process that uses helpful prompts and always-evolving writing tools.

With its long-form editor and keyword assistant, any content you create will be SEO-friendly. You can tweak its generated content to suit your content and requirement. And you can write content in 108 languages.

WordHero competes strongly with other AI writers. While it’s a new entrant in this space, it’s trying to combine a robust solution with attractive early-bird pricing to entice users.

Like other AI content writing tools, WordHero is capable of long-form content creation. But we recommend using it as an assistant to save time and speed up your writing process, rather than handling all of your content writing needs.


WordHero offers a single plan for $49 a month or $348/year.

9 – Grammarly

Grammarly is helps you to create error-free content. Think of it like having a second set of eyes looking at your content.

Grammarly HomepagePin

Grammarly can be installed as a browser extension or accessed online for checking long-form content, just simply copy and paste from Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

It does more than just correct your spelling and grammar by offering in-depth writing recommendations around clarity, conciseness, and tone.

You get insights about the reading time and readability score of your blog or article, along with word count and vocabulary ideas. It can also suggest ideas on the tone of your emails, making it useful for email marketing.

And all of this is available for free. With its premium plan, you gain access to a plagiarism checker and deeper recommendations around word choice and style.

Grammarly provides a great way to proofread your work yourself and integrate a language enhancement tool on every platform you use, from MS Word and email clients to social media platforms.

It’s important to note that Grammarly isn’t perfect – no grammar & spell checking software is. It may occasionally make mistakes. But it’s still incredibly important because it will help you spot errors that you’d otherwise miss.


Grammarly has a free version, paid plans start from $12/month.

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10 – Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a content writing tool that focuses on making your writing more readable by identifying complex words and structures.

Hemingway HomepagePin

Hemingway App points out common instances of complexity in your writing that affect its readability. For example – passive voice, unnecessary adverbs, and overly complex sentences.

The tool uses a simple interface that uses color-coding to identify different ‘errors’ it identifies. It’s an easy-to-use software that takes no time to learn and offers a distraction-free environment to focus on one thing—making your writing reader-friendly.

Often in copywriting, writers tend to rely on fancy words and obtuse writing in an attempt to create better copy but it tends to achieve the opposite result. Hemingway App helps you improve your writing readability so that it’s impactful without being cryptic.

After all, one of the most important functions of content writing is to communicate to your audience effectively.


Hemingway App has a free version while the paid version, Hemingway Editor costs $19.99 as a one-time fee.

Frequently asked questions

How do I write SEO-friendly content?

Writing content that ranks high in search engine results pages requires excellence in various areas – using proper keywords and headings, focusing on word count, images, and alt text, optimizing your content for on-page and off-page SEO factors, and much more.

While you can pick up many of these skills with regular writing, leveraging SEO writing tools can go a long way to take the guesswork out of the entire process.

What is the best tool for content writing?

There are a variety of content writing tools available in the market that can help you automate your writing process and make it more research-backed.

For example, if you’re looking to accelerate the time to create your first drafts, AI writers like Scalenut and WordHero can be a good fit for you.

They are both capable of writing long-form content but I recommend them only as writing assistants. Tools to speed up your writing process. Not a tool to replace you or your content writer.

Or if you’re in the market for a tool to help you perfect your SEO, then Semrush and SE Ranking will be your best bet. Both tools include a large number of tools including on-page SEO and content optimization tools.

If you want an all-in-one content planning and writing platform, consider Surfer and Frase for the best results.

If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for the best free SEO writing tool, Grammarly’s free plan is worth exploring.

Choosing the best SEO content writing tools

Choosing the right content writing tool for you should involve a careful assessment of your needs and budget. It should also take into account the degree of complexity you can be comfortable with at the current stage of your business’ lifecycle.

If you’re just starting out, you might not need a full-fledged content writing suite and might be better off with a simple content optimization tool.

On the other hand, if you’re an agency, you can start looking to onboard paid tools that can help you automate your content writing workflow.

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about SEO in general, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide to SEO or our post on SEO statistics and trends.

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