9 Best On-Page SEO Tools For 2024 (Comparison)

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Times have changed, and so have the tools we use for on-page SEO.

It’s not enough to just throw keywords into your content, optimize your title tags, and hope for the best.

Today, not only do you need to get the technical SEO stuff right, you also need to optimize your content against competing articles that are already ranking.

Fret not; in this post, we compare the best on-page SEO tools that help you create content that truly ranks.

We’ll include the more traditional types of tools for the job as well as modern content optimization platforms too.

The best on-page SEO tools – comparison


  1. SE Ranking – A surprisingly affordable all-in-one SEO toolkit that includes the more traditional on-page SEO checker, as well as more modern content optimization tools. In addition, you’ll find an AI writer, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and a lot more. 
  2. Frase – A content writing assistant that includes everything you need to do better content research, speed up your writing with the help of AI, and optimize your content for organic search.

#1 – SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a top-notch SEO solution with a powerful database. It comes with a multitude of features, such as backlink analysis, detailed audits, and a keyword research tool.

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The tool’s on-page SEO checker gives you a complete breakdown of your chosen page and then shows you how to improve your rankings.

SE Ranking checks to see if your meta description is the right length, ensures you include targeted keywords, shows you essential SERP information, and grades your page based on other (key) SEO factors.

Integrations include Zapier, Bitrix24, SEOTools for Excel, Google Docs, Google Search Console (GSC), and Google Analytics.

Key features

  • Keyword Rank Tracker – Measures your keyword performance in real time across five search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Yandex.
  • Historical data – Provides access to competitors’ organic traffic and paid search campaigns (over a specific period).
  • Website audit – Assesses your competitors (or your site) with comprehensive insights into every page and link.
  • Backlink checker – Creates a profile of any site’s backlink plan. View parameters such as domain trust, target link, and anchor text.

Advantages and disadvantages

All-in-one SEO toolAgency Pack add-on only available for annual subscriptions
Unlimited SEO rankings and reportsSmall learning curve while getting used to UI 
Automated alerts for website changes 
Extremely good value for money
Backlink checker and monitoring tools 


Paid plans start at $49/month, save 20% by paying annually. Get started with a 14-day free trial.

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#2 – Frase

Frase is an excellent SEO tool that merges AI technology, content writing, and SEO research in one place.

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Once you’ve chosen your search term, language, and target country, you’ll be taken to the editor. From there, Frase’s AI collects data based on the top 20 SERP results.

What’s more, you can access your AI history and choose from numerous AI writing tools (and templates) that expand and even help rewrite sections for you.

Integrations include the Google Chrome extension, Google Docs, WordPress, and GSC.

Key features

  • Competitor research – Uses your Google search term or query. The AI generates statistics, headings, questions, and current news.
  • Custom templates – Build custom AI writing templates to suit your needs.
  • Optimize content – The editor grades your content against competitors. Easily fill in topic gaps and include specific keywords that help you rank.
  • AI instructions – Write instructions for the AI to produce a complete draft based on your outline.

Advantages and disadvantages

Extracts questions from Google, Quora, and RedditKeyword research is basic
Automated content briefs, outlines, and draft article optionsLimited seats included in plans
Quickly share content via links
Competitor heatmaps 


Paid plans start at $14.99/month, save up to 15% with annual billing. Get a 5-day trial for $1.

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#3 – Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO (known as Surfer) is a solid choice for quickly optimizing your site content.

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Surfer’s content editor predicts which top-ranking content to optimize against, and you can even choose your competitor before you start writing.

The content score (located inside the editor) uses natural language processing (NLP) and SERP analysis to grade your pieces in real time.

You’ll have access to structural guidelines and suggested terms that improve your overall score and ranking.

Key features

  • Seamless integrations – Works with Semrush, Jasper, Writesonic, WordPress, Google Docs, and Google Search Console (GSC).
  • Keyword Researcher – Provides new topic ideas from search terms. Each keyword cluster shows you monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, and predicted traffic.
  • Content Editor – Lets you write and switch between tools with ease. You can use AI-generated outlines and briefs.
  • Content Auditor – This tool gives you an understanding of how your content compares to competing articles and what you can do to improve it.
  • AI Content Writer – Generate fully optimized and surprisingly high quality articles within a few clicks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Supports 14 languagesAdd-ons that aren’t otherwise included in the main plans
Includes a plagiarism checkerNo demos (only a pre-recorded video) or free trials
Auditing and SERP Analyzer functionalityExpensive compared to Frase and Scalenut
Attentive customer support


Paid plans start at $89/month, save up to 34% with annual billing. Surfer offers flexible refunds. Try with a 7-day free trial.

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#4 – Scalenut

Scalenut is a great, all-in-one AI content and optimization platform. You’ll be able to optimize long-form posts (both old and new) with the help of comprehensive guidelines.

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Scalenut creates an SEO report using AI and NLP technologies with up-to-date information in real time–these reports are quickly accessible in the content brief.

The SEO report uses the top 30 ranking URLs across six tabs, and the overview displays the average word count, SEO score, and headings. You can easily share the findings with your team.

Integrations include Copyscape, Semrush, WordPress, and a Chrome extension.

Key features

  • Content Optimizer – Uses nine different parameters to assess and upgrade your content’s performance.
  • AI recommendations – Generates the meta title, description, and permalink boxes (before writing) using search-friendly algorithms.
  • Cruise Mode – Five-step AI-generated draft articles (will need edits). Succeeds at quickly creating headers, an outline, and FAQ sections.
  • Keyword Planner– This tool uses a deep learning model to create topic clusters with individual metrics, such as search volume, relevance, and CPC.

Advantages and disadvantages

Helpful AI writing toolLanguages are currently limited to English
Live chat and email support across all plansOn-page competitor analysis isn’t customizable
Search engine optimization score system
Shows references and citation links used in competitor articles 


Paid plans start at $39/month, save up to 40% with annual billing. Get started with a 7-day free trial.

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#5 – Semrush

Semrush is a leading platform in the SEO community that offers over 55 reports (and tools) as well as some extensive keyword research—and that’s just for starters.

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Semrush’s domain overview tool shows you how any site performs in Google, and covers everything from the average visit duration, monthly visitors, and domain authority score.

The domain authority score is key as it indicates how trustworthy a site is overall–it’s scored out of 100 and is dependent on various factors. In other words, you can decide which sites are worth using for backlinks to improve your own site.

Integrations include most of Google’s products, Zapier, Monday.com, Surfer SEO, Scalenut, and Wix.

Key features

  • Technical SEO audits – Displays key metrics and advises you on your site’s overall health, internal links (broken links), and core web vitals.
  • Position tracking – Permits daily reports of specific keywords from a competitor’s organic and paid campaigns. Includes rankings distribution, visibility, and estimated traffic.
  • Keyword by intent – Dives into the user’s search intent behind the seed keywords your site targets.
  • Social media tracker – Tracks numerous social media profiles simultaneously.

Advantages and disadvantages

Over 20 billion keywords across 142 geo databasesExpect a moderate learning curve
Offers six social media integrationsExpensive
Tracks mobile search engine rankings
7-day money-back guarantee 


A free version is available. Paid plans start at $129.95/month, save up to 17% with annual billing. Get started with a 7-day free trial.

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#6 – Outranking 

Outranking is a hidden gem in the AI-fueled content writing space. It lets you craft well-written pieces by balancing SEO analysis, accurate research, and SERP data.

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From the AI Wizard tool to the content editor, you can rest easy that traditional SEO elements such as anchor text, keyword usage, word count, readability, topics, and headings are all covered.

The Keyword Content Gap tool analyzes up to four domains simultaneously alongside yours–excellent for competitive research. Outranking also lists the top 20 search keywords your competitors are ranking for numerically.

Integrations include WordPress, GSC, Google Docs, and Grammarly.

Key features

  • AI wizard – A step-by-step process with AI-generated titles, meta descriptions, an outline that uses the top 20 SERPs, and Google’s People Also Ask (PAA).
  • Keyword data – Visually displays each keyword in a block and shows the number of times it features in every section.
  • Optimize old content – Optimize your existing pages; the AI recommends internal link suggestions to upgrade your rankings.
  • Keyword content gap – Compares your domain against competitor’s keywords using AI—a premium feature for your web pages.

Advantages and disadvantages

Detailed how-tos and weekly webinarsA limited number of SEO documents per month
Supports over 13 languagesCustomer response times can be slow
Off and on-page SEO statistics and reports
Scalable–if you have multiple sites 


Paid plans start at $69/month. Get two months free with annual billing. A free demo is also available.

#7 – Serpstat

Serpstat is a versatile all-in-one SEO platform with project tracking, comprehensive backlink research, and competitor insights.

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The platform enables you to view your paid (or organic) keyword position and analyze daily findings using the Keyword Rank Checker tool. 

Serpstat details metrics such as domain rank, site visibility, keyword difficulty, top keywords, and Pay Per Click (PPC).

Integrations include Google Sheets and Chrome–there are also helpful Firefox and Opera browser extensions too.

Key features 

  • White Label reports – Create white-label reports that are customized for your clients and easily display your logo and branding.
  • On-page analysis – Get SEO reports and audits that examine a single page’s SEO meta tags, images, and content optimization opportunities against competitors. The best part here is the detailed recommendations.
  • Backlink checker – A series of tools that determine the quality, quantity, and backlink health of your website (as well as your competitors).
  • Keyword Rank Checker – Measures your website’s search positions (daily) across both mobile and desktop. Learn which SERP features will skyrocket your traffic.

Advantages and disadvantages

Get listed in Google’s snippets Can be overwhelming with over 50 tools
Audit your site or individual page and create custom reportsCredit restrictions for specific tools
Detailed backlink analysis tools that can scan up to 500 pages
Continuously improving features 


A free version is available. Paid plans start at $69/month, save up to 20% with annual billing. Get started with a 7-day free trial.

#8 – Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a reputable, no-frills SEO tool that includes keyword research, rank tracking, link and SERP analysis.

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Content creation starts with your keywords, and Moz Pro makes it accessible to beginners with both search volume and organic click-through rates (CTR) available.

You can dive deeper with the Keyword Suggestions functionality that lets you filter and find potential opportunities, view questions, and track specific keywords.

Moz Pro shines at providing bite-sized snapshots of SERP analysis (and competitive insights) across multiple different search engines.

Integrations include Google Analytics and a Chrome browser extension.

Key features

  • Keyword Explorer – Uncover the right keywords, build keyword lists, and quickly understand complicated keyword metrics.
  • On-page optimization – Access SEO recommendations and content suggestion instructions, ensuring you’re always topically relevant.
  • Custom reports – Personalize your reports with notes, use templates, and automatically schedule them. You can share specific data, results, and trends (over a set time) via PDF or CSV formats.
  • Link explorer – Track new links and access proprietary metrics such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Spam Score.

Advantages and disadvantages

Solid SERP analysisNot the cheapest option
Link Explorer offers an index of over 40 trillion linksCould be more intuitive
Offers straightforward guides and 24/7 chat support 
Unlimited on-page grader reports 


Paid plans start at $99/month, save 20% with annual billing. Get started with a 30-day free trial.

#9 – Rank Math (WordPress only)

Rank Math is a robust SEO plugin for WordPress that optimizes your website’s technical and on-page SEO.

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The tool tracks your SEO performance, keyword ranking (and position) and details any indexing issues using GSC directly inside WordPress.

Rank Math’s Schema Markups help search engines and users understand the purpose of your content and enable you to improve both your CTR rate and traffic.

Integrations include Elementor, GSC, and Google Analytics 4.

Key features

  • Dashboard analytics – Track your performance, keyword ranking, and position straight from WordPress.
  • Schema Generator – Offers over 20 pre-built templates and the ability to build your own custom templates.
  • Content AI – Works alongside you in the editor and provides helpful suggestions based on your target keyword.
  • Advanced snippets – Allows you to preview post snippets before they appear across search engine results pages. You’ll get a good idea of how they’ll look across social media platforms too.

Advantages and disadvantages

Works for personal and client websitesContent AI credits are limited
Supports WooCommerceSupport can be a mixed experience
Allows you to import markups from any URL
Tracks your keyword position over 12 months 


A free version is available. Paid plans start at $70.80 (including VAT) on the annual subscription. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Discovering the best on-page SEO tools for your business

All of the on-page SEO tools we’ve listed have their strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re struggling to decide which is the best for you, consider your keyword research needs, budget, and overall SEO strategy.

You may also find out posts on SEO content writing tools and SEO audit tools useful.

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