9 Best WordPress Giveaway And Contest Plugins (2024 Comparison)

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Are you on the hunt for giveaway and contest plugins for WordPress?

Giveaways are one of the most effective ways to grow your following or generate buzz for a new launch.

In this post, we list the best WordPress plugins to use to host a giveaway and even provide key features, pros, cons and pricing details for each.

Since there aren’t many dedicated WordPress giveaway plugins on the market, some of the options on this list are SaaS apps that integrate with WordPress through a simple connector plugin.

Keep this in mind as you work your way through the list.

The best WordPress giveaway plugins – comparison


The top three plugins in this list, including our choice for the best WordPress giveaway plugin.

  • SweepWidget – Best giveaway plugin for most users. SaaS app with a free plan + WordPress plugin for easy integration.
  • Woorise – Best lead generation tool overall. Run giveaways, quizzes, surveys and more. Free plan + WordPress plugin.
  • RafflePress – Best dedicated WordPress giveaway plugin.

1. SweepWidget

SweepWidget is a giveaway tool that has a Wordpress giveaway plugin.

sweepwidget homepagePin

It’s used by over 10,000 brands around the web, including Rakuten, Bitcoin.com and Rare Beauty.

The giveaway tool has been used to generate more than 60 million leads, 300 million actions and 250 million social engagements.

It does this by allowing its users to enable more than 90 million entry methods from over 30 social media platforms when they create giveaways.

One case study cited by the brand explains how YouTuber Greg the Gameaholic was able to receive 40,000 additional leads and over 24,000 new social media followers by hosting a giveaway with SweepWidget.

He also increased his ad revenue by 400%.

Key features

  • Includes more than 90 entry methods.
  • Support for over 30 social media platforms.
  • Captures email addresses and exports them to your email marketing service automatically.
  • Drag-and-drop builder for customizing colors and other styles.
  • Instant coupons and rewards, which you can use to incentivize participants.
  • Viral sharing options for referrals.
  • Leaderboards to incentivize participants to use more entry methods.
  • Social login.
  • Giveaway winners can be chosen manually or randomly.
  • Scheduled giveaways.
sweepwidget uiPin


  • Unlimited campaigns and entries for all plans, even the free plan.
  • Has an integrated WordPress plugin and Shopify app.
  • Pricing is mostly based on the many websites you need to use the plugin for instead of website traffic or number of entries.
  • Lets you make individual entry methods mandatory.
  • Includes ability to add custom form fields.
  • Lets you moderate and disqualify entries.
  • Multiple security options, including Google reCAPTCHA, anti-cheating, rules generator, limiting number of entries per IP address and more.
  • Includes support for more than 20 CRM services.
  • Includes support for Google Analytics and Zapier.
  • Developers can customize the giveaway widget itself with custom CSS.
  • White label option available.


  • Refund is denied if your giveaway received more than 25 entries.
sweepwidget giveaway formPin


Pricing for SweepWidget starts at $29/month or $290/year.

Pricing is primarily based on the number of websites you need the plugin for, but some features do differ between plans.

All plans come with a 14-day refund policy, so long as your giveaway has fewer than 25 entries.

A limited free version is also available.

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2. Woorise

Woorise is a WordPress giveaway plugin that’s used by over 20,000 brands, including Starbucks, Adidas, Cloudways and Tupperware.

Woorise HomepagePin

As a SaaS app, it connects to your WordPress site via a connector plugin.

It’s a hybrid platform as it also allows you to create forms, quizzes, landing pages for lead generation and payment forms.

We’re going to focus on its feature as a giveaway plugin, but keep in mind that it has many additional features geared towards its other uses as well.

Key features

  • Drag-and-drop visual builder that resembles WordPress’ user interface (UI) for the block editor.
  • Lets you choose a winner at random with a single click, or pick one manually.
  • Built-in analytics.
  • Instant prizes.
  • Bonus entries. This feature rewards participants for taking specific actions, such as referring a friend, or filling in certain fields.
  • Photo contests with voting capabilities.
woorise uiPin


  • Unlimited campaigns available on all plans.
  • Free trial available.
  • Premade templates included.
  • Entry management is simple.
  • Email notifications send entry summaries to your inbox. This feature includes conditional logic and tags.
  • Geotargeting lets you decide how your forms behave based on where in the world participants are located. You can also restrict participants from individual countries altogether.
  • Includes fraud detection via Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Integrates with many CRM solutions.
  • White label option included.
  • Zapier integration available.
  • Supports custom CSS.


  • Pricing is based on the number of entries you need per month, which can get expensive. For example, unlimited entries costs $1,200/month or $11,520/year when other solutions on this list offer unlimited entries for free.
  • Strict refund policy, the terms of which are buried in the company’s Terms & Conditions rather than being readily available on the pricing page.
woorise giveaway formPin


Pricing for Woorise starts at $29/month or $276/year.

Some features differ between plans, but pricing is primarily based on the number of entries you need per month.

A limited free plan is also available as is a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan (the highest pricing tier).

While you can request a refund at any time, Woorise has a strict refund policy to protect itself from users who only want to use the plugin for a single giveaway.

You will only receive a refund on your latest payment if you have no active campaigns running, you have not used any paid features and your past campaigns ended before your plan’s renewal date.

There is a one-month refund policy for annual subscriptions, but this is only valid if you haven’t run a live campaign, yet.

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3. RafflePress

RafflePress is a dedicated WordPress giveaway plugin.

rafflepress homepagePin

It’s owned by Awesome Motive, the same company behind WPBeginner, MonsterInsights, OptinMonster, SeedProd and more.

RafflePress was co-founded by Awesome Motive founder Syed Balkhi and SeedProd creator John Turner.

Thomas Griffin, the co-founder of OptinMonster, serves as an advisor.

Like Woorise, it can be used to present polls and surveys to your audience, but again, we’re going to focus on its purpose as a giveaway plugin.

Key features

  • Drag-and-drop-builder.
  • Pre-built templates for launching giveaways faster.
  • One-click entries to reduce the number of steps users need to take to enter.
  • Dedicated landing pages that remove distractions from giveaway forms.
  • Social sharing for referrals.
  • Image giveaways available.
rafflepress uiPin


  • Unlimited entries and campaigns on all plans.
  • Over 20 entry methods are included, all related to social media engagements or specific actions connected to your website, such as visiting a page.
  • Allows you to make specific entry methods mandatory.
  • Lifetime plan available.
  • Lenient refund policy. You can request a refund within 14 days no matter what.
  • Distribute multiple prizes.
  • Includes support for a number of different CRM services.
  • Email notifications keep you up to date with entries.
  • Reports available for entries.
  • Includes support for custom CSS.
  • Higher tiers include support for Zapier.


  • No coupon rewards.
  • White labeling not available.
rafflepress formPin


Plans start at $39.50 for the first year.

RafflePress offers a discount on the first year, then charges a much higher rate every time you renew.

For RafflePress’ base plan, that renewal price is $79/year after your first year of $39.50.

A lifetime plan for unlimited sites is also available as is a limited free version.

All plans are backed by a 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

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4. Contests by Rewards Fuel

Contests by Rewards Fuel is one of the best WordPress contest plugins.

contests by rewards fuel homepagePin

You can use it to create an average giveaway, but it also lets you run video submission contests, “listen and win” contests, and more.

The tool has a dedicated WordPress plugin, but it’s also available for Shopify.

It’s been used to host contests for WGN America, BD Outdoors and various radio shows.

Key features

  • Over 35 entry methods.
  • Integrates with over 14 platforms.
  • Promotion features, including a pre-launch landing page.
  • Ongoing campaigns that pick winners every day, week or on a pre-configured schedule.
  • Video contests.
  • Trade show contests.
  • Listen and win contests for radio stations and podcasts.
  • Form-first contents for generating leads.
  • Statistics.
contests by rewards fuel uiPin


  • Unlimited WordPress site licenses available on all plans.
  • Unlimited contests and entries available on all plans.
  • Multiple options for prizes and winners.
  • Includes country targeting features.
  • Age verification available.
  • Custom CSS and HTML accepted.
  • Zapier integration included.
  • Exports email addresses to Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, iContact and Vertical Response.


  • Strict refund policy that’s buried in the app’s terms and conditions.
  • Styles are a little dated in comparison to other options on this list.
  • Needs more integrations, including integrations for more email marketing services and CRMs.
contests by rewards fuel formPin


This plugin has a limited free plan.

Pricing for the premium version starts at $13.95/month or $139.56/year.

More advanced features, such as video contests and picking a winner automatically at the end of a contest, are only available on the highest pricing tier.

The plugin has a strict two-day refund policy that’s only valid if you haven’t used the plugin. Otherwise, refunds are only issued if the developer confirms it to be defective.

Fortunately, a demo is available to try as is the free version.

5. Gleam

Gleam is a marketing platform made up of a few different SaaS apps: Rewards for providing customers with instant redeemable rewards for completing specific actions, Captures for generating leads and Galleries for showcasing a responsive gallery on your site.

gleam homepagePin

There’s also a fourth app called Competitions, which we’ll be focusing on, specifically Gleam’s WordPress giveaway plugin.

It allows you to host contests and giveaways that have multiple prizes and winners.

The app has been used to generate more than 5 billion entries from over 1 million contests, including contests created by Shopify, Trivago, HubSpot and Razer.

Key features

  • Over 20 entry methods.
  • Connects to over 20 platforms.
  • Easy-to-use editor.
  • Supports up to 500 winners and 50 prizes per competition.
  • Pre-built templates for different campaign types.
  • Includes viral sharing options.
  • Multiple ways to pick a winner, including an Instagram comment picker.
gleam uiPin


  • Unlimited campaigns and entries for all plans, even the free plan.
  • Includes fraud detection and Smart CAPTCHA.
  • Comes with many integrations with Google Analytics, Zapier, email marketing services and CRMs.
  • Custom CSS supported.
  • White label option.
  • Priority support available with some tiers.


  • Plans are only available on a per-site basis, which can get pretty expensive if you want to use the app on multiple sites.
  • Refunds are only eligible if you didn’t launch a campaign. While this policy protects Gleam from users who “dine and dash,” so to speak, it doesn’t protect users who genuinely don’t like the app or have issues with it.
  • WordPress plugin is outdated. It would be best to use their embed links instead of installing their plugin.
gleam formPin


Pricing for Gleam’s Competitions app starts at $49/month.

There’s a smaller plan that’s cheaper at $120/year, but you can only purchase it annually.

There’s also a limited free plan.

Each plan is dependent on the features you need as well as the number of prizes and winners you need per competition.

You can also get access to all four Gleam apps (Competitions, Rewards, Captures and Galleries) for as low as $97/month or $948/year.

A 30-day refund is only available if you never went live with a campaign.

6. Simple Giveaways

Simple Giveaways, as the name implies, is a giveaway plugin that’s lightweight and easy to use.

simple giveaways headingPin

Its UI is built right into the WordPress editor, so it’s quite intuitive and easy to pick up as well.

In spite of its simplicity, it’s a pretty powerful plugin that offers everything you need to host a giveaway.

Key features

  • 15 entry methods.
  • UI built directly into WordPress.
  • Pre-built templates.
  • Bonus entries for completing extra actions.
  • Multiple prizes and winners, including instant prizes.
  • Multiple ways to pick winners.
  • Social login for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Social sharing to create viral giveaways.
  • Reports for giveaway statistics.
simple giveaways uiPin


  • Has a dedicated block for the block editor.
  • Giveaway form can appear as a popup on your site.
  • Exports email list to CSV or an integration with your email marketing service.
  • Includes fraud protection via Google Captcha and Math Captcha.
  • Has email automation capabilities, including reminding participants about a giveaway’s end date.
  • Integrates with email marketing services.
  • Integrates with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.


  • While affordable, the plugin needs more entry methods.
  • Needs integrations for CRMs and Zapier.
simple giveaways formPin


Simple Giveaways has a limited free version.

Pricing for the premium version starts at $49/year for a single site license.

All purchases are backed by a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

7. ShortStack

ShortStack is a marketing app that’s primarily used as a contest and giveaway solution.

shortstack homepagePin

It’s used by over 8,000 businesses, including such big names as Netflix, PetSmart, LiveNation, UFC, Valvoline, Tootsie Roll and Frontier Airlines.

While it’s not the most intuitive option on this list and you’ll need to design your giveaways outside of WordPress, then embed them using the block editor’s Custom HTML block, it’s still a pretty powerful option to choose.

It has lead generation and landing page features, but we’re going to focus on features that allow you to create social media contests.

Key features

  • Over 10 entry methods.
  • Instant win contests.
  • Video contests.
  • Photo contests.
  • Bonus entries for referrals.
  • Multiple ways to pick winners, including a random winner picker and user voting.
  • Email automation.
  • Analytics for lead generation and contest statistics.
shortstack uiPin


  • Fantastic option for teams.
  • Ability to showcase giveaway as a popup.
  • You’re able to filter entry methods based on the way participants fill out your form.
  • Many integrations available for email marketing and CRM services.
  • Google Analytics and Zapier integrations included.
  • White label option.


  • The app’s editor has a learning curve.
  • Pricing structure is a little complicated. It’d be easier to choose between pricing tiers if they differed by the number of participants or team members you can have.
  • Could use more entry methods, especially for the price.
  • Analytics not available in first pricing tier.
shortstack formPin


Pricing for ShortStack starts at $99/month or $948/year.

Some features differ between plans, but pricing is mainly based on the number of entries you need with the base plan offering up to 10,000 entries.

ShortStack also has a free trial that allows for 20 participants and unlimited pageviews.

It gives you access to most features available in the Agency plan so you can give the platform a try.

8. Woobox

Woobox is an intuitive marketing app that’s designed to generate leads through interactive forms.

woobox homepagePin

You can use it to create everything from general email opt-in forms to quiz and survey forms.

More importantly, as far as this article is concerned, you can use it to create giveaway forms.

The app is pretty popular and has been used by such companies as Spotify, Hot Wheels, the NFL, Cabela’s, Fossil, American Airlines, Riot Games and Fiji Water.

Note that the app itself isn’t a dedicated WordPress plugin.

They do have a connector plugin, but all it does is let you embed your forms on your WordPress site with a shortcode.

You’ll need to build your form with the tool’s web app instead.

Key features

  • 10 entry methods.
  • Drag-and-drop builder.
  • Giveaways.
  • Instant wins.
  • Multiple ways to pick a winner, including a random winner picker and a comment picker for Instagram and Facebook.
  • Lets you accept submissions for contests.
woobox uiPin


  • Unlimited campaigns on all plans.
  • Unlimited participants available for most plans.
  • Simple pricing structure.
  • Another fantastic option for teams.
  • White label option.
  • Custom CSS and HTML supported.
  • Exports data and integrates with key marketing services.


  • No refunds. Even worse, the pricing page has no warning about sales being final.
  • Needs more entry methods.
woobox formPin


Woobox has a free forever plan that gives you access to limited features and up to 100 participants/month.

Pricing for the premium version starts at $37/month or $384/year.

All plans are more or less the same, but you get access to more advanced customization features and additional team members on the higher-priced tiers.

Woobox does not offer refunds.

9. Easypromos

Easypromos is a marketing platform that comes with a number of different tools for you to promote your brand and generate new leads and followers in the process.

easypromos homepagePin

It’s been used to create more than 2 million promotion campaigns, including by such companies as Black and Decker, Real Madrid, and Movistar.

Like other solutions on this list, it doesn’t have a dedicated WordPress plugin.

Instead, its WordPress plugin can be used to generate a shortcode or widget that allows you to showcase the giveaway forms you create with Easypromos on your site.

Key features

  • Multiple campaign types to choose from.
  • Dozens of entry and form types available.
  • Instant prizes.
  • Accepts files for submission contests.
  • Multiple ways to pick a winner, including social media comment pickers.
easypromos uiPin


  • Clean UI.
  • Integrates with email marketing and CRM solutions.
  • Integrations for Google Analytics and Zapier included.
  • White label option.
  • Custom CSS available.


  • Refund policy is not consumer friendly.
  • Can get expensive, especially if you want to customize your forms with CSS.
  • Some popular email marketing services, such as ConvertKit, are not supported.
easypromos formPin


You can sign up for Easypromos and give the app a try for free, then purchase a plan when you’re ready to launch.

Otherwise, pricing starts at $29/month or $299/year.

You can also pay for certain campaign types on a per-campaign basis.

The company does not have a money-back guarantee. Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis instead.

Final thoughts

Giveaways, as we mentioned earlier, are one of the most effective ways to increase your following.

That’s even more true when you use a giveaway tool.

They allow you to tie key engagement actions, such as subscribing to your email list or liking an Instagram post, into actions for entries, giving your audience incentives to engage with your posts.

With a giveaway plugin, you get an easy way to set up these sorts of campaigns. Some of the plugins on this list even come up with pre-built templates.

The forms these plugins generate help your followers determine when giveaways end and what entry methods they’ve completed.

Best of all, these plugins help you choose and notify winners.

Many of the options on this list are similar at first glance, so you’ll need to consider a few specific features in order to pick one.

Specifically, consider your budget and the entry methods you need.

Also, consider what sort of integrations you need, including the email marketing and CRM services you use.

With that said, be sure to read the posts we’ve listed below for more help with giveaways and social media marketing.

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