8 Proven Facebook Giveaway Ideas To Generate Maximum Engagement, Traffic, And Sales

Proven Facebook Giveaway Ideas

Facebook giveaways are a powerful way to increase engagement on your Facebook page, drive traffic to your website and generate sales.

But with so many brands doing them, it can be tough to come up with fresh ideas that will resonate deeply with your audience.

That’s why we’ve collected some of the best Facebook giveaway examples from around the web, so you can get inspired and create campaigns that perform well for you — no matter your industry or niche.

Let’s dive right into the case studies.

The best Facebook giveaway ideas

Note: Some of these giveaways used “tag a friend” as an entry method. However, it’s currently against Facebook’s policies to use this entry method in giveaways on their platform.

Mason Cash – online kitchenware store generating crazy engagement numbers

Our first Facebook giveaway idea comes from Mason Cash, a household name when it comes to kitchenware. They run regular Facebook contests that get thousands of comments, likes, and shares!

Mason Cash


A kitchen bundle including a mixing bowl, baking tray, bench scraper, slotted spoon, spatula — valued at over £85.

Entry methods

Like, share, comment, follow, and tag a friend. 

Contest period

26 days.


1.2K likes, 1.5K comments, 1K shares. 


Mason Cash ran a timely Christmas Facebook giveaway starting at the beginning of December. Their prize focused on more innovative kitchen supplies, which are the perfect gift for someone looking to up their cooking skills. 

Being an e-commerce store, Mason Cash used Facebook “shop this photo” feature to give users quick and easy access to all the products listed in the Facebook giveaway. Undoubtedly, they drove traffic to their store by using this feature, together with their engagement. 

They’ve left the closed competition on their page to show users that their Facebook giveaways are legit. As added credibility, Mason Cash commented, congratulating and tagging the competition’s winner. You can also see that users were pretty hyped about the prizes.

Mason Cash - Proof

Lastly, Mason Cash is a UK company and thus restricted entrants to those living in the UK. This can be harder to monitor directly on Facebook as users can enter from anywhere in the world. 

If they were to use a self-hosted giveaway app like SweepWidget, they could use the geotagging feature to restrict participants to the UK through their IP address, saving them a ton of time screening entries. 

Raise Your Garden – lifestyle blogger creating ravings fans through monthly Facebook contests

Our second Facebook giveaway idea is from Raise Your Garden; a gardening and lifestyle blog run by Laura Kuziomko-Sproull. Laura does a couple of Facebook giveaways a month to engage and grow her audience on social media and her website.

Raise Your Garden Posts Facebook
Raise Your Garden Posts Facebook 2


6 piece kitchen towel set — valued at $50.

Contest period

6 days.

Entry methods

  • Like page and share post on FB timeline 
  • Follow the Turkish Towel Company (the supplier of the kitchen towels)
  • Sign up for the Raise Your Garden newsletter


155 likes, 134 comments, 128 shares.


The first thing that stands out about Laura’s Facebook contest is her copywriting. She writes her Facebook giveaway description with enthusiasm and doesn’t shy away from “selling” the prizes. 

“Swoon over the thrilling 7 color choices! Pretty & practical made from 100% Turkish Cotton. Machine wash. What set would you choose if you win??”

She uses unusual words, numbers, practicality, and finishes with a question.

Laura lists the value of prizes in the description, which she uses in all of her campaigns so contest participants can get an idea of the value. 

This campaign offers two winners, which increases the odds of winning as a participant. Having multiple prizes and winners is an excellent strategy for enticing more entires. 

Lastly, this is an example of how you can partner with brands to provide a prize in exchange for accessing your audience. For Laura, there’s no cost, and for the brand, they get to reach a new traffic source. It’s a win-win. 

Annie Troe – Artist, driving engagement through video and simplicity

Our third Facebook giveaway idea is from Annie Troe, an internationally renowned licensed artist who operates out of Omaha, Nebraska. Annie leverages video to capture the interest of her Facebook audience and beyond.

Annie Troe - Artist


A signed 8″x10″ Original Fall painting.

Entry methods

Leave a comment on the post.

Contest period

3 days.


102 comments, 824 views, 25 likes.


Annie published a brief 90 second Facebook video to show the prize. She’s just holding the camera with one hand while she show’s the viewer the front and back of the painting with the other hand—nothing too fancy here.

She explains that she uses random.org, a free random number generator, to select a randomized winner.

The entry method is wildly simple compared to the other case studies on this list. Annie has one action, leave a comment. However, participants can leave up to 10 separate comments during the contest period.

So she’s banking on the fact that more comments will increase the post’s organic reach. Having such a simple entry method reduces the friction for participants to enter the competition.

Annie clarifies that the giveaway is exclusive to Facebook, which focuses her campaign on the platform. She takes the opportunity to promote other products and services in the giveaway description.

Lastly, Annie adds a list of hashtags at the bottom of her description to reach folks beyond her follower base.

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The Sculpted Vegan – Selling fitness programs through Facebook competitions

World-renowned fitness icon Kim Constable founded the Sculpted Vegan and is our fourth example of a Facebook giveaway idea. Her no-BS attitude has inspired people all over the globe to reinvest in their health and begin a fitness journey. Kim is also a savvy marketer who uses high-ticket prizes to drive product sales on social media.

The Sculpted Vegan Butt Camp


Cash – valued at $42k.

Entry methods

Sign up for a $97 8-week fitness program.

Contest period

8 weeks.


62 comments, 71 likes + program sales.


While this isn’t a Facebook giveaway designed to grow Kim’s Facebook page, it’s a competition that leverages Facebook to drive customer acquisition. This is an example of using social media to achieve tangible business results.

Kim and her team do not muck around with prizes. The lucky winner and runner-ups have a chance to win $20,000, $10,000, $5000, $3000, $1000, or $500 — making the entry fee look tiny.

What’s more, they post the winners on Facebook, including their body transformation photos creating immense social proof for the next competition.

The Sculpted Vegan Posts Facebook

The 8-week butt camp challenge has become an iconic Facebook giveaway competition in the fitness space as it promises two of the strongest human desires, a great-looking body and money in the bank. Just look at the opening copy for the contest:

Start your 2022 off the right way—with a juicy butt, slimmer waist, and more money in the bank.

(Who could say no to that?)

Enough said.

Century Prowud – Creating Facebook fans through branded hashtag competitions

Century was founded in 1986 with a vision of providing innovative solutions for the wood and wood-related industries. They create theme-based Facebook competitions that push their brand and culture forward.

Century Prowud


5 gift vouchers for the Century Prowud store.

Entry methods

  • Share pictures, videos, and text messages to complete the sentence – #MyDiwaliMadeOf_____
  • Tag Century Prowud on Facebook

Contest period

7 days.


96 comments, 146 likes, 44shares, 324 views


For context, Diwali is a festival celebrated by Hindus worldwide. It’s a time of year when people come together to celebrate, eat good food, and light fireworks.

Century Prowud has done a fantastic job of creating a theme around Diwali, specifically through the hashtag #MyDiwaliMadeOf.

Naturally, followers want to share media and messages about how their families celebrate Diwali, so this competition has a sense of community and togetherness. By following the hashtag, you can participate in celebrating with people worldwide.

Diwali submission

Century Prowud shares their Facebook contests through short videos like other examples on this list. It’s a 10-second video using still images and graphics. You don’t need to get on camera to communicate your Facebook giveaway.

Two posts are created to promote the Facebook giveaway, an “announcement post” and a “last chance to enter” post. 70% of their engagement came in the second post, showing us that the cut-off date created urgency, thus more submissions.

Here’s an example of the “competition has ended” post.

Diwali competition closed

All the media, graphics, and copywriting flow synergetically, creating a cohesive experience for contest participants.

Owlkids – a shift from fun Facebook giveaway ideas to immersive self-hosted competitions

Owlkids is dedicated to encouraging a life-long love of reading. They publish books and magazines for kids of all ages. Facebook giveaway campaigns are a staple of their marketing budget — which has interestingly evolved over the years. Let’s start with looking at Owlkids’ conventional Facebook giveaways.

Owlkids Facebook giveaway idea


Children’s book and beanie.

Entry methods

Like, share, and tag a friend.

Contest period

24 hours.


143 comments, 111 shares, 144 likes.


The example above is a pretty straightforward Facebook contest. Nevertheless, it pulled excellent engagement numbers, showing that Owlkids know what prizes resonate with their audience.

However, when you follow the trail of Facebook giveaways on the Owlkids Facebook page, you’ll notice in 2020, they stopped focusing on growing their Facebook page and started running contests on their website.

Owlkids Facebook

As Facebook prefers to keep users on its platform, it’s not surprising that this external link isn’t getting any likes, shares, or comments.

But when you click through to the self-hosted giveaway, you’ll see that participants need to complete a fairly comprehensive form to enter the contest. There’s also the option to submit the design digitally or mail a physical copy to Owlkids.

Owlkids Chickadees Hockey Mascot Contest Owlkids

Owlkids’ new approach to Facebook giveaways has likely resulted in fewer submissions. Still, we can also assume that the quality of their leads has drastically improved as they have more data about prospects and an email address to communicate directly.

If you’re interested in professional self-hosting your giveaways, you can use a tool like SweepWidget to design and publish high-converting landing pages with multi-platform entry methods built-in. 

SweepWidget also has a WordPress plugin if you prefer to manage it from your dashboard without building end-to-end giveaway pages from scratch.

Normando The Magician – magical Facebook contest ideas

Normando Macalinao is a Filipino magician known as “Normando the Magician.” He also uses his magic to yield incredible giveaway results on his Facebook page.

Magician Giveaway


Cash — valued at Php 2,000 (approx $40 USD).

Entry methods

Like, follow, share, and tag friends.

Contest period

7 days.


29k comments, 2.3k likes, 2k shares.


The main reason for high engagement numbers is that Normando gamifies one of his entry methods. Users need to mention/tag a friend in the comments, and 1 mention = 1 comment. There’s no cap on how many comments a user can make on the post encouraging viral repeat entries. 

This specific example is 1 of 3 giveaways Normando ran on his page in 30 days. The contests received tens of thousands of Facebook comments and thousands of likes and shares.

Being a professional performer, Normando usually announces the winners on a Facebook live event where he also spends time hanging out with his audience and doing magic tricks. 

Normando The Magician Facebook

Giveaway competitions and live events have turned into a routine that his followers look forward to seeing.

Skyscraper Solutions – Trivia giveaways with crazy good results

Skyscraper Solutions is an Indian agency that provides a wide range of services, including designing, development, digital marketing, and social and political campaign management. They’ve also mastered trivia giveaways to engage their followers and boost organic reach for their business.

Skyscraper solutions giveaway


Gift vouchers – value unknown.

Entry methods

  • Answer the question in the comments.
  • Share the post on your wall.

Contest period

6 days.


1.7k likes 713 comments, 186 shares.


Skyscraper Solutions ran a one-answer trivia question every day for 6 days. All of the posts received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments and shares.

They also did an excellent job of cross-promoting the other questions in the competition to create buzz and momentum. For example, after posting question 3, they mention that the next question will be posted tomorrow at 12 pm.

Unlike the previous example with Normando, The Magician, Skyscraper Solutions limits each submission to one per person per post.

Skyscraper Solutions Facebook

As for the quiz itself, it’s a simple multiple-choice format which makes the competition approachable for folks to join in and have some fun.

The winner announcement is on a YouTube live video.

Key takeaways from the best Facebook giveaway ideas

If we were to zoom out and see commonalities across these campaigns, here’s what you need to consider for your next Facebook giveaway idea:

  • Make your prize highly relevant to the desires of your audience. Relevance is more important than cost. But if you’re stuck, cash always works.
  • Create themed campaigns during popular holidays or customs.
  • Use a random winner generator tool like random.org or SweepWidget.
  • Experiment with gamifying some of your entry methods by removing the cap on the number of submissions.
  • Use Facebook video to share your giveaway and announce winners.
  • Don’t be afraid to use Facebook to drive traffic to an entry-level product, a blog post or a self-hosted giveaway landing page.
  • Keep your contest period short. Most of the campaigns in this list run for 7 days or less.
  • Run multiple daily giveaway quizzes to build excitement around your contest.
  • Offer multiple prizes to increase the odds of winning.
  • And don’t forget to share a reminder post near the cut-off time for your giveaway. You’re likely missing out on a bunch of last-minute entries!

Hopefully, after seeing these real-world examples, you’re feeling excited and confident about nailing your next Facebook giveaway ideas to grow your traffic, engagement, and sales.

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