138 Proven Prize Ideas For Your Next Giveaway

Proven Prize Ideas For Your Next GiveawayPin

Are you in need of a few good giveaway prize ideas for your next giveaway?

In this post, we’ve listed over 130 unique prize ideas for your next contest or giveaway.

We’ve arranged the list by themes and categories, and we also share tips on what makes a good giveaway prize at the end.

The most effective giveaway prize ideas

Industry-specific prize ideas

Industry specific prize ideasPin

Industry-specific prizes are prizes that are specific to your business and the industry you operate in.

For instance, if you operate in the retail industry, you might consider giving away a gift card for your business’ own store.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas for your next giveaway that you can optimize for your own business.

1. Gift card for your business’ store.

2. Your most popular product.

3. Your latest product.

4. A large supply of products.

5. A gift box full of your best products, accessories and merchandise.

Giveaway prize ideas for holiday events

Giveaway prize ideas for holiday eventsPin

Here are some awesome prizes you can giveaway during different holidays throughout the year.

New Year’s prize ideas

6. Journal.

7. Daily planner.

8. Popular self-help books, such as Atomic Habits by James Clear.

9. Calendar related to your business or niche.

Valentine’s Day prize ideas

10. Gift card or coupon for a free dinner for two.

11. Date night gift basket.

12. Candy-based gift basket. Heavy on the chocolate.

13. His and hers fragrance sets.

14. Anti-Valentine’s Day Prizes

Easter prizes

15. Once again, candy. Lots of it.

16. Mystery prizes hidden in plastic eggs of all sizes.

Halloween prizes

17. Horror/thriller/flasher-themed movie night bundle, including copies of movies in these genres and a small gift basket of movie snacks.

18. Horror video games.

19. Halloween-themed snack bundle, such as Halloween-themed Oreos, Halloween-theme Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, gummy worms, etc.

Christmas prizes

For end-of-the-year giveaway prizes, it’s best to pick something from the industry-specific list from earlier, but maximize the prize you offer.

The prizes should be big-ticket items.

So, if you want to give away a gift card, make it $200 or more.

Spring giveaway prize ideas

Spring giveaway prize ideasPin

Let’s tackle some giveaways that only make sense for specific seasons.

20. Spring cleaning care package full of cleaning products.

21. Indoor gardening starter kit.

22. Spring-friendly merchandise, such as windbreakers and sweatpants.

23. Rainy day care package, including books, tea bags, etc.

24. Car cleaning care package.

Summer giveaway prize ideas


25. Summer-friendly merchandise, such as t-shirts, shorts and baseball caps.

26. Water bottles, such as bottles from Yeti.

27. Top-rated grill.

28. Cookout or picnic care package with included cooler.

29. A fancy pair of sunglasses.

Fall giveaway prize ideas

pumpkin spicedPin

30. More merchandise. Offer hoodies, sweaters and beanies this time.

31. Pumpkin spiced care package.

32. Fall-themed scented candles.

Winter giveaway prize ideas


33. Cold weather care package.

34. Hot chocolate mix and mug set.

35. Holiday cookie gift basket.

Subscription-based prize ideas

wrapping bookPin

Have you ever wanted to delve into the subscription service industry? A light giveaway that includes a subscription as a prize is a great way to test it out.

Instead of offering a full-fledged subscription service, you can simply offer a subscription to one or a few customers.

Here are some great prizes for subscription-based offerings.

36. Book of the month club.

37. Extra, exclusive content if you’re a content creator.

38. Free membership to your site.

39. If you offer products customers need to restock, offer to send them one once a month for 12 months.

40. Gift basket full of industry-specific goodies. Send one to the winner every month or quarter.

B2B prize ideas

office suppliesPin

Some of you work in a business-to-business industry in which consumers are not your target market. Therefore, a lot of the prizes on this list don’t apply.

Here are a few prize ideas you can use for a B2B giveaway.

41. One-on-one consultation.

42. Free access to your services on a one-time basis.

43. Free access to your application for a year, or a free upgrade.

44. One year’s supply of office supplies.

Travel contest prizes

mountain travelerPin

A lot of the prizes on this list so far have been small in nature. That is, they’re on the cheaper side or require you to give away a very small portion of your product.

Giveaways with travel prizes are great for when you want to go bigger and bolder and really raise awareness for your business.

They’re more expensive, but because consumers love saving on travel, you’ll likely receive much higher engagement rates for this type of giveaway.

Here are some travel prize ideas:

45. Gift card for a popular airline in your region.

46. Camping equipment set.

47. Fancy luggage set.

48. A romantic getaway for two.

49. Travel package to a major amusement park for an entire family.

50. General travel packages. That is, paid airline fees, paid hotel fees, etc.

Back-to-school season prize ideas

back to schoolPin

Parents of underage kids and college kids alike spend a lot during back-to-school season.

Whether it’s something as simple as school supplies or as extravagant as new wardrobes and tech devices, consumers spend a lot to get their children ready for new school years.

As such, it may not be a bad idea to include back-to-school supplies and other fun prizes in your giveaway schedule for the year.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

51. High-end laptop.

52. Supplies for the entire school year.

53. Amazon, Target or Walmart gift card or free shopping spree so students can get what they need.

54. High-end backpack or messenger bag.

55. Gift basket full of studying materials, including supplies, noise-canceling headphones, snacks, scented candle or mood light, pomodoro timer, etc.

Wedding season prize ideas

wedding cakePin

Wedding season is a long, mid-year time period that typically lasts from May to October of every year.

Consumers spend a lot during this season, whether it’s the married-couple-to-be spending money on the event itself or guests spending money on outfits, plane tickets and hotel rooms.

Weddings are momentous occasions, but they can also be pretty tough on the wallet. That’s where you can come in.

Here are some giveaway ideas for weddings:

56. Wedding gift for attendees to give to newlyweds.

57. Fully paid honeymoon trip.

58. Set of disposable cameras.

59. High-end wine or champagne set.

60. Fully paid wedding expense, such as the cake, floral arrangements, catering, etc.

Sports season prize ideas

game dayPin

No matter where you are in the world, you likely have a sport or specific league your country follows at the same time of every year.

Sports fans spend a lot on their favorite sport, from fan gear and game day snacks to tickets to games.

Here are prize ideas that work for any sport:

61. Tickets to a game/match.

62. Gear for a sports team, including jerseys/kits.

63. Gift basket full of game day snacks and appetizers.

64. Tailgating equipment.

65. Sports video game, such as the latest FIFA, NBA2K and Madden titles.

Category-specific giveaway prize ideas

Restaurant prizes

restaurant foodPin

Dining out can be expensive. Not to mention, everyone likes free food. As such, offering restaurant-based prizes for your giveaway is a no brainer.

This mainly involves offering free meals in one way or another, but you can also partner with a local restaurant to get a little more creative with your giveaway.

Maybe you can give patrons an opportunity to name a new menu item at a local restaurant or something similar.

Here are some more lightweight prize ideas for restaurants:

67. Gift card for a specific restaurant.

68. Coupon for two at a specific restaurant.

69. Gift card for a popular fast food restaurant in your region.

70. Free meals for a year at a specific restaurant.

71. Free cocktails at a specific bar or restaurant.

Entertainment prize ideas

concert crowdPin

The entertainment industry is one of the largest industries in the world that includes everything from music to movies, tv shows and video games.

Consumers spend a lot on these categories by buying albums, attending concerts, going to movie theaters to catch the latest flicks and even building high-end gaming systems to play the latest video game titles.

Here are a couple of awesome prize ideas for the entertainment industry:

72. Concert tickets to the hottest act at the moment (mainstream or indie, whatever would work for your audience), or tickets to events like Coachella or Lollapalooza.

73. Blu-Ray copy of a popular concert.

74. Gift basket for a particular artist, including CD, vinyl and cassette copies of their latest album as well as a hoodie and t-shirt from the artist’s shop.

75. Fandango gift card so consumers can choose which movies they want to go see.

76. At-home movie theater experience bundle, including a projector, soundbar and streaming device.

77. Smaller movie night bundle, including copies of the latest movie titles and a gift basket full of movie night snacks.

78. Fan bundle for the hottest tv show at the moment, including copies of the show on Blu-Ray, some type of figurine or toy prop from the show, and merch, such as hoodies, beanies and t-shirts.

79. One-year gift subscription to PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass.

80. Copy of the latest video title.

81. Big video game bundle, such as a gaming PC, Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X, or even a smaller bundle that offers a gaming chair and headset.

Prize ideas for parents

baby nurseryPin

The “kids” industry is a pretty profitable one. We saw it first in the back-to-school season section.

Parents spend a lot on their kids, and it goes well beyond back-to-school spending.

There are essentials for taking care of babies and small children, events and attractions to keep kids entertained, sporting activities and other hobbies to keep their kids busy outside of school, and more.

Plus, parents need a little rest and relaxation themselves.

Here are some prize ideas for parents:

82. New baby bundle, including a crib, diaper bag, bottles, car seat, changing station and diaper genie.

83. One-year’s supply of diapers, complete with multiple diaper sizes.

84. Toy bundle, including early learning activities.

85. Annual zoo pass to the best zoo in your area.

86. Getaway package to an amusement park, such as Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios, etc.

87. One year tuition to an activity, such as karate or a training camp for a sport.

88. New washer and dryer set, plus a year’s supply of laundry detergent.

89. Prizes for moms, such as a bath bomb set or at-home spa/self-care kit.

90. Prizes for dads, such as a barbecue set.

91. Cleaning set, such as a new vacuum or a Swiffer bundle.

Pet care prize ideas

pet carePin

Don’t forget about pet parents while you’re planning a giveaway event. While owning a pet may not cost as much as raising children (provided you aren’t facing hefty vet expenses to care for a sick or injured pet), pet owners still spend a lot on feeding, grooming and entertaining their pets.

As such, there’s a lot of potential in the pet care prize category. Here are some of our favorites:

92. Gift card to Chewy.

93. One year’s supply of a top-rated pet food.

94. Grooming set for dogs and cats.

95. Cat tree for cat owners.

96. Dog walking bundle, including a leash, cleanup bag keychain and a portable water bowl.

97. Toy bundle for dogs and cats.

98. Enclosure setups for other popular animals, including bearded dragons, ball pythons, ferrets, etc.

Fitness prize ideas

fitness equipPin

Fitness is a topic everyone should be interested in, and there’s no better way to encourage consumers to take part in it than to give away products they can use to take part in fitness activities.

This could mean everything from workout clothing to equipment consumers can use to become more active.

Here are some fitness prize ideas:

99. Annual membership to a popular gym in your region.

100. Heavy weightlifting machinery, such as something from the Bowflex brand.

101. Weightlifting set, such as an adjustable bench, adjustable dumbbell set, a long weightlifting bar plus matching weights.

102. Workout bundle, including a water bottle and protein powder.

103. Workout accessory bundle, including outfits, gym towel, sandals for the shower and a gym bag.

104. A Peloton bike and membership.

105. Yoga bundle, including yoga mats, yoga outfits, incense, essential oils and a diffuser.

106. Cycling bundle, including a bike, helmet, pads and bike repair kit.

107. Hiking care package, including hiking shoes, snacks and CamelBak bag.

108. Gift card to a sporting goods store.

Health and wellness prize ideas

spa kitPin

Like fitness, health and wellness is a topic that should be on everyone’s minds. And again, a give away is a great way to remind consumers about the importance of their own health.

Here are some prize ideas for the health and wellness category:

109. Bloom bundle or a similar green powder.

110. Skincare bundle, including cleansers, moisturizers, epsom salt and lotions.

111. Sick day bundle, including cold and flu pills, aspirin/Tylenol/Advil, tea bags, etc.

112. Massage chair.

113. Men and women’s hygiene bundle, including body wash, loofahs and at-home spa treatments.

114. Period bundle for women, including tampons, pads, Midol and a hot water bottle.

115. Household first aid kit for treating minor wounds.

116. Gift card for BetterHelp for improving mental health.

117. Gift card to a wellness store, such as Grove.

118. Humidifier, dehumidifier and air purifier set.

Home and garden prize ideas


Home improvement and gardening are two common household activities, even for folks who live in apartments.

From doing everyday repairs to tending to a full-fledged garden, there’s a lot consumers need to worry about as far as taking care of their homes goes.

Here are some giveaway prize ideas for the home and garden category:

119. Gift card to a popular home and garden store in your region.

120. Toolset bundle from a specific tool brand, such as DeWalt, Stanley or Milwaukee.

121. Specific-room makeover bundle, such as a kitchen makeover, bathroom makeover, entertainment room makeover, etc.

122. New living room set, including sofa, chairs, coffee table and a TV stand.

123. New bedroom set, including a mattress, bed frame, nightstands and dresser.

124. Gardening tool set.

125. Succulent or cactus starter kit.

126. Full-fledged greenhouse.

127. Indoor gardening kit, including a small greenhouse, grow lights, etc.

128. All-season lawn care services.

129. Whole house flooring makeover, including new tiles, carpet, hardwood floors, etc.

Automobile prize ideas

car paint jobPin

Cars are a major part of our lives, especially for American consumers.

There are a lot of car-related prizes you can give away because of this. It can be as extravagant as a new car to something as simple as floor mats.

Let’s take a look at the automobile prize ideas we have in store for you:

130. New car, SUV or truck.

131. Set of new tires.

132. All-expenses paid car tune up and repairs.

133. Gift membership to the AAA car service.

134. Gift card to Scrub-a-Dub.

135. Car washing and body care set.

136. Winter car care package, including new windshield wiper blades, winter tires, anti-rust spray for the bottom of the car, floor mats to catch wet snow and salt, etc.

137. Garage makeover.

138. Gift card to a regional gas station.

139. Small camper trailer for weekend getaways.

What makes a good giveaway prize?

There are two primary goals you can set for a giveaway:

  1. Boost awareness and sales for a new product.
  2. Boost brand awareness and increase engagements across social media channels.

The prize you choose should be dependent on your goal.

If your goal is to boost awareness and sales for a new product, your giveaway should be related to that product. Really, it should be the product itself.

If you want to boost awareness on social media with viral giveaways, choose a great giveaway prize that’s unrelated to your brand and high in demand.

The right prize is something that’s relevant enough to your audience for them to want it and popular enough for them to really want it by engaging with your brand on social media.

To really light a fire under your target audience, choose something that’s valuable, either in price or need, and expensive enough for consumers to want to get it for free.

That last part is very important. The best prizes are free, so above all else, a giveaway should be a giveaway. Participants shouldn’t have to pay to receive their item, so make sure that whatever prize you choose will not come with a hidden cost to your participant.

Lastly, you don’t need to focus on a single prize idea. You can also come up with a grand prize and several smaller prizes strategy to increase participants’ chances of winning something.

Final thoughts

That concludes our list of contest prize ideas as well as the tips we have on choosing a prize.

We also have articles dedicated to giveaway themselves, including our post on the best social media contest tools or our post on the best giveaway plugins for WordPress.

After you choose a tool (we’re partial to SweepWidget here at Blogging Wizard), the next big step is to decide which entry methods you want to use.

Take a look at your chosen social media contest tool to see what your options are.

Entry methods provide the perfect opportunity to see boosts in engagements across all of your social media platforms. They require participants to like your post on Instagram or follow you in order to enter the giveaway.

If you want to focus on boosting engagements for a specific social media platform, choose a single platform for your entry methods.

All you need to do is launch the giveaway campaign after that. Create your landing page as well as your marketing materials for the giveaway, and deploy it, perhaps with a social media scheduling tool.