26 Latest Facebook Live Statistics For 2024: Usage And Trends

Facebook Live Statistics

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These are our most interesting statistics about Facebook Live:

  • In the first two years of Facebook Live Videos there were collectively over 2 billion views. (Source: SocialInsider)
  • $50 million was paid to celebrities to use Facebook Live when it was first released. (Source: Fortune)
  • Facebook Live videos drive around 3 times more engagement than traditional videos. (Source: Live Reacting)

Facebook Live usage statistics

Facebook Live is a hugely popular part of the Facebook platform. Here are some statistics that tell us more about just how many people are taking advantage of the Live function.

1. Live video use on Facebook increased by over 50% in 2021

Facebook Live has shown significant and consistent growth ever since the feature was rolled out, and this growth in usage shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, in 2021 alone, the number of live videos on Facebook increased by 50%.

Facebook is a huge player in the live streaming market, and more and more creators and brands are choosing the platform as the place to share their live content.

Source: Socialnsider

2. There were over 2 billion views on Facebook Live Videos in the first 2 years after it was rolled out

Facebook Live was fully rolled out for everybody to use in 2016. From that point, users immediately began flooding the platform with videos of all varieties. By 2018, live videos on Facebook had racked up over 2 billion views collectively.

Unfortunately, there have been no official statistics posted by Facebook in the last few years to show how many Facebook Live views have now been recorded. However, it’s clear that the platform has continued to grow in popularity. 

Source: Engadget

3. 1 in 5 videos posted on Facebook is live

Pre-recorded video content on Facebook is still more popular than live videos. However, Facebook Live makes up for a good percentage of videos on the platform. Around 1 in 5, or 20% of videos published on the platform are live.

1 in 5 videos posted on Facebook is live

Source: Facebook for Business

4. In the spring of 2020, Facebook Live viewer sessions increased by 50%

Spring of 2020 was a tough time for many people, as COVID-19 plunged countries around the world into extended lockdowns. However, many social platforms saw rapid growth during this time. 2020 was the year for digitally connecting, and this gave rise to a huge uptick in Facebook Live usage.

In Spring of 2020 alone, there was a 50% increase in Facebook Live content with many people utilizing the platform to stay entertained and host events. Facebook Live is played host to a range of unique live streaming events from quizzes, virtual concerts, and game nights. The live stream functions provided the perfect setting for people to socialize digitally and safely during a difficult time.

Source: Facebook1

5. Searches for ‘Facebook Livestream’ have increased by 330% since Facebook Live’s inception

Facebook Live has undoubtedly grown substantially since its inception in 2015. Facebook has become a go-to source for live content, and many people even use search engines like Google to find out more about Facebook Live.

According to an article published on LinkedIn, there has been a huge increase in searches for ‘Facebook Livestream’ since 2015. Around 330% to be exact. This is a testament to Facebook Live’s rapid growth and popularity. 

Source: LinkedIn

6.  Facebook paid over $50 million to celebrities to use Facebook Live

When Facebook Live was first introduced, Facebook was keen to make it a big competitor in the live streaming space. As a result, they pumped a lot of money into promoting the new feature. According to Forbes, Facebook spent around $50 million on getting celebrities to try out the platform. They also reportedly spent a further $2.5 million encouraging BuzzFeed and New York Times to use Facebook Live to share content.

Source: Fortune

Facebook Live engagement statistics

When it comes to creating video content, it’s all about engagement. Here are some Facebook Live statistics that shed some light on what’s expected when it comes to engagement.

7. Facebook Live videos drive around 3X more engagement than traditional videos

Whether you’re using Facebook Live for business then your goal is probably to create content that encourages engagement. On Facebook, this can be measured through comments, likes, and reactions.

According to an article published by Live Reacting, live videos on Facebook are better for driving engagement than regular pre-recorded content. Creators can expect around 3X more engagement on live content than its traditional counterpart.

Facebook Live videos drive around 3X more engagement than traditional videos

Source: Live Reacting

8.  People comment 10X more on live videos than regular videos on Facebook

Commenting is also much more prevalent on Facebook live videos than it is on pre-recorded content. In fact, people comment 10X more on average.

When it comes to live streaming, viewers have the option to interact with the creator in real-time and this encourages many more people to have their say. If you want to increase your comments and engagement even more in live streams, consider running mini-contest and giveaways throughout the stream or asking your audience questions.

Source: Live Reacting

9. Facebook Live videos are watched around 3X longer than regular videos

Although there are far more regular videos than live ones on Facebook, it seems that many users favor the live format. According to Facebook Newsroom, live videos are watched around 3X longer than often than regular videos.

This is partly due to the fact that live videos tend to be on the longer side. However, the fact that live viewers remain engaged in the content for longer periods of time proves the popularity of live videos.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

10. Facebook Live was the most used video platform is the most used live video platform

In 2021, there is a range of options available for live streamers including Twitch, YouTube, IGTV, and more. However, an article by Go-Globe found that Facebook Live is the clear favorite when it comes to consuming live content.

The article stated that it was the most used live video platform in the world, and this could be due to the fact that Facebook is somewhat of a one-stop-shop for content and networking of all varieties, rather than a dedicated live streaming platform.

Source: Go-Globe

11. Longer Facebook Live videos have a higher engagement rate than shorter ones

Although the general trend when it comes to video content seems to be “the shorter the better”, the same rule doesn’t apply to live streaming.

According to an article published by SocialInsider, longer is better when it comes to Facebook Live. And when we say longer, we don’t just mean 10 or 20 minutes. The study found that live videos that last over an hour have the highest engagement rates — 0.46% on average. 

Source: SocialInsider

Facebook Live and marketing statistics

Facebook Live can make up an essential part of marketing and sales for businesses. Here are some Facebook Live marketing and revenue statistics that show us how marketers are using live video on Facebook.

12. Facebook Live is the leading live video platform amongst marketers

Using live video as part of a marketing strategy is still quite uncommon. However, the majority of marketers that are taking advantage of the potential of live video content choose Facebook Live as their go-to platform. A study by Social Media examiner showed that around 30% of the marketers utilizing live videos are streaming on Facebook Live.

Source: Social Media Examiner

13. 82% of people prefer to see live videos from brands than text-based posts…

Live video is a great way to bridge the gap between brands and consumers, and it can allow them to interact in a natural and organic way. Consumers love this kind of thing, and the statistics show as much. According to Live Stream, 82% of people prefer to see Livestream content from brands that regularly post social media posts. For this reason, live streaming is becoming a talked-about medium in marketing, but adoption is slow.

Source: Live Stream

14…But only 12.8% of brands posted live video content to Facebook in 2020

Despite evidence to show that consumers are keen to see live content from brands, many marketers are still yet to get the message. According to a graph published by Statista, only 12.8% of marketers posted Facebook Live videos in 2020. The study suggests that this is down to the fact that brands prefer to edit their content and brush it up before publication as it provides them more control over their brand image.

But only 12.8% of brands posted live video content to Facebook in 2020

Source: Statista1

15. Over 80% of businesses use Facebook to post video content

Despite brands being slow on the uptake of live video, the majority of brands post some sort of video content on Facebook. Statistics posted by Buffer show that 80% of businesses use Facebook to post video content. With so many brands using video functions on Facebook already, it surely won’t be long before they start to include Facebook Live in their video content strategy.

Over 80% of businesses use Facebook to post video content

Source: Buffer

16. 28% of marketers will use Facebook Live in their marketing this year

Although brands seem a little hesitant to jump on the Facebook Live bandwagon, statistics from Hootsuite show that a good proportion of marketers are considering taking the plunge. 28% of marketers reported that they will use Facebook Live as part of their content strategies this year. However, this figure has decreased by around 4% on last year’s figures.

Source: Wyzowl

Facebook Live trends statistics

Facebook Live is loved by users and businesses alike, and there are many new trends that crop up. Here are some Facebook Live statistics relating to current trends on the platform,

17. The most-watched Facebook Live video ever is ‘Chewbacca Mom’

Facebook Live features a variety of different content types, from shopping channel-esque streams to live quizzes and more. However, like on many other social media platforms, one of the most popular types of content is viral funny videos.

In fact, the most viewed video even on Facebook Live was ‘Chewbacca Mom’. If you haven’t seen the feel-good viral hit, it features a mum thoroughly enjoying a roaring Chewbacca mask. The video is captioned ‘The simple joys in life…’ and has racked up over 2.9 million views to date.

The most-watched Facebook Live video ever is ‘Chewbacca Mom’

Source: Facebook2

18. The third most-watched Facebook Live Video of all time was the 2020 election countdown

Although we all love a bit of family-friendly, wholesome content, Facebook Live is also a hub for more serious topics such as live news and politics. According to an article published by MediaKix, the BuzzFeed 2020 election countdown stream ranked 3rd when it came to the most-watched Facebook Live videos of all time.

The stream racked up over 50 million views in the run-up to the nail-biting election, and it was shared around 800,000 times.

The third most-watched Facebook Live Video of all time was the 2020 election countdown

Source: MediaKix

19. Facebook rolled out ‘Live Chat with Friends’ which encourages engagement with live videos

Facebook is keen to keep improving and evolving Facebook Live and they regularly implement new features. One of the most recent developments is the ‘Chat with Friends’ feature. This allows users to create private chat rooms when viewing Facebook live videos.

In an age when most people need to connect virtually, this feature helps users to create personalized events with friends such as watch parties for live videos. Not only does it offer a unique opportunity for users, but it also encourages engagement, which is great for creators too.

Source: Facebook3

20. Facebook users prefer watching videos without sound

Videos without sound are extremely popular with Facebook users. In fact, most users prefer to watch videos without sound as it allows them to consume videos in quiet places or when commuting. However, this fact is troublesome for Live video creators, as there is no way to caption videos whilst live streaming.

When creating live stream content, creators have to account for this fact but there are things you can do. For example, you can use visual aids within your video, or have an assistant responding to comments with text-based messages.

Facebook users prefer watching videos without sound

Source: Digiday

21. Facebook operator Nicola Mendelsohn predicted that Facebook would be text free by 2021

Although Mendelsohn’s prediction was a little off (there is still a lot of text-based posts on Facebook) this proves how prevalent video is becoming on the platform. Video content like live streams are set to increase in popularity on the platform in years to come.

So if you’re including Facebook in your marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to consider using video features like Facebook Live to stay ahead of the trends.

Source: Quartz

General Facebook video statistics

The stats below relate to Facebook video in general, including live content. The facts below can help you plan your Facebook Live content. 

22. Over 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day

This statistic speaks for itself. A whopping 100 million hours of video is watched every day on Facebook, and many of these videos are live streams. I think it’s safe to say that Facebook users love video, and this makes creating Facebook Live or Facebook video content a great option for businesses.

While this figure is nowhere near as high as YouTube, it’s still a significant amount. So, if you’re active on YouTube, it’s worth considering including Facebook videos into your strategy.

Source: Facebook Insights1

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23. Facebook native videos generate 10x more shares than YouTube videos

According to statistics published by Forbes, native videos that are posted directly using the Facebook platform are 10x more effective than those shared from outside sources such as YouTube.

This is great news for Facebook Live users as it seems to prove that Facebook is more likely to promote native content. The study surveyed over 6.2 million accounts and found that native videos were shared 1055% more than videos from YouTube.

Facebook native videos generate 10x more shares than YouTube videos

Source: Forbes

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24. Shorter captions generate the best engagement rates

When creating your Facebook Live videos, consider captioning them with a short and eye-catching tagline.

According to statistics, videos with less than 10 words in the caption have a 0.15% higher engagement rate than those with longer captions. Facebook users are keen to know the key information about your video and don’t want to read paragraphs of text to find it.

Source: Socialinsider

25. 75% of Facebook video watching now happens on mobile

When planning content for live streams, it’s important to consider who is watching and what device they are watching on.

With around 75% of all Facebook videos being watched on mobile, it’s important to ensure that your content is going to be enjoyable for viewers even on a small screen. For example, it may be a good idea to stand closer to the camera when recording, so that the viewers can easily see what’s going on.

Source: Facebook Insights2

26. The average CTR of video posts is around 8%

If you’re keen to get live stream viewers clicking through and visiting your website or other social pages this stat is important. Interestingly, smaller accounts on Facebook have a much higher click-through rate when it comes to video content. Profiles with less than 5000 followers have an average CTR of 29.55% from video content.

Source: SocialInsider

Facebook Live statistics sources

Final thoughts

So there you have it – the top Facebook Live statistics you need to know.

Facebook Live is growing in popularity amongst marketers and users. With high engagement rates and watch time for Facebook Live videos, it could be the perfect addition to your marketing strategy.

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