PromoRepublic Review 2024: Is This Tool Any Good?

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Do you spend more of your time creating social media posts than you do actually planning and promoting your strategy as a whole?

Do you need a social media management tool that saves you time?

PromoRepublic is a social media publishing tool that can help you manage your publishing schedule for multiple social media platforms more efficiently.

In this PromoRepublic review we’re going to show you everything this tool has to offer.

It has a few unique features that other tools don’t offer. So, let’s jump right in.

What is PromoRepublic?

PromoRepublic is a web and mobile application that allows you to manage publishing for social media.

Here is a list of the top features PromoRepublic has to offer:

  • Publish to Facebook, Instagram (personal and business accounts), Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Business
  • Calendar for managing publishing schedule
  • Library of content templates and curated articles
  • Social inbox tool to manage direct interactions
  • Autopilot AI creates a publishing schedule for you automatically
  • Re-queue posts
  • Graphic design editor
  • Collaboration features
  • Post statistics and advanced analytics
  • Connect up to 30 social media pages
  • Invite up to 15 users
  • Support for custom plans in enterprise pricing
  • Enterprise customers can store content, manage ads more effectively and manage local social media marketing strategy

What features does PromoRepublic offer?

PromoRepublic’s features are contained within the tools the app offers, all of which are easy to get to in the interface.

In this PromoRepublic review we’ll be covering the following features:

  • Dashboard
  • Adding a Post
  • Calendar
  • Social Media Inbox
  • Post Ideas
  • Editor
  • Statistics


PromoRepublic has one of the cleanest interfaces of any social media management app. Its global layout uses only a top menu, leaving the rest of the viewport open for the part of the app you want to work with instead of cluttering the space with a sidebar menu.

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The interface is broken up into different sections where each tool/service PromoRepublic offers resides: Calendar, Post Ideas, Editor, Statistics, Inbox and Services.

You can also search for templates on the fly and use quick-action buttons to add a new post, check your notifications or contact the app’s support team.

Adding a post

The post editor in PromoRepublic helps you manage your social media publishing schedule more efficiently by allowing you to select multiple social media platforms when you create a new post.

You can add text (including URLs), emojis, images, GIFs and videos to posts.

You can even customize each post individually. This helps you stay under Twitter’s 280-character limit while also far exceeding it for the Facebook and Instagram versions of your post.

You can even add a separate image to Instagram without having to create a separate draft entirely. This is different from how apps like Iconosquare and Sprout Social function.

PromoRepublic even allows you to add a first comment to Instagram posts.

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When you’re done, you can publish the post immediately, schedule it for later or add it to the content queue, a predetermined publishing schedule you can customize for each content type.

You can also requeue the post, though this option is disabled for Twitter due to the platform’s terms on duplicate content.


The calendar tool in PromoRepublic looks a little jumbled the first time you use it. That’s because its AI looks at the posts you’ve published on your connected social media platforms and generates a schedule for you automatically.

promorepublic calendarPin

The labels you see are content types the app uses to categorize your posts automatically when you schedule them. They are Blog Posts, Promotional, Educational, Engaging, Motivational & Fun (one label), and Other.

Fortunately, there’s a simple button you can click in the three dot menu of the Calendar UI to hide inactivate content types.

You can also edit the schedule the app has chosen for you and choose to schedule each category for different times or disable them entirely.

The Calendar UI is also versatile in that you can view your schedule for all social media platforms as a whole or each one individually. You can also switch between weekly and monthly views.

What’s important to note is that most social media calendar tools don’t include any sort of AI functionality. This makes it one of PromoRepublic’s most unique features.

Social media inbox

PromoRepublic’s Inbox tool is a growing component of the app and is mostly optimized for Facebook, though a strong show of support is there for Instagram as well.

For Facebook, you can manage comments, direct messages and reviews. Reviews are organized into positive and negative categories, though you can manage them all from one screen as well.

Post ideas

PromoRepublic has thousands of content suggestions you can use to create posts on the fly. They’re all stored within the Post Ideas section of the app. Primary categories include Upcoming Events, Recommended for You, Animated, Stories, Articles, Quotes, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Templates within each category are also organized into different niches. For instance, niches for Article templates include Business & Finance, Food, Travel, Sports, Beauty, Technology and more.

The way templates work is simple. You click on a template, and the app opens the new post UI in another tab. This allows you to edit the post however you want before you actually schedule or publish it.

Article templates aren’t really “templates.” They’re links to real trending content PromoRepublic has stored in the Post Ideas section. It’s essentially a mini content curation tool.

And yes, the templates in the Stories category are templates for Instagram stories.

If you aren’t happy with your chosen template as is, PromoRepublic has a built-in graphic editor, which brings us to our next section.

This is a nice addition to the tool. It’s a unique feature that we haven’t come across in other social media publishing tools.


PromoRepublic’s graphic design tool is kind of like having Canva built into the app’s interface. You can edit any template you find in the Ideas section, upload your own image or create an image from scratch.

promorepublic editorPin

You’ll start by selecting the type of image you’d like to create:

  • Facebook square
  • Facebook post
  • Facebook cover
  • Facebook ad
  • Twitter post
  • Instagram post
  • Instagram story
  • LinkedIn post
  • Pinterest graphic
  • Shopify
  • Google Business post

The app will resize the editor frame to the correct dimensions, such as 820 x 312px for Facebook covers.

Plain colored backgrounds are not an option. You have to choose one of the app’s background images if you don’t upload your own. Fortunately, there’s a search bar you can use to narrow down your list of options.

Once you have a background image picked out, you can add text and objects on top of it. Dozens of web-friendly fonts are available to choose from, and they’re all familiar if you’ve ever used Canva or Google Fonts.

Objects are available in over 20 categories, including Shapes, Lines, Frames, Word Stickers, Banners, Labels, Buttons, Emojis, Speech Bubbles, Web Icons and more.

promorepublic editor objectsPin

Once you’re done creating your image (or need more time to complete it), you can save it. It’ll then appear in the Saved section. The tool doesn’t have an auto-save feature, so this step is necessary if you don’t want to lose your work.

You can also download the image or click Use to schedule a post with it straightaway.


The Statistics section is a simple round-up of all of the posts you’ve published in a specified timeframe along with all of the stats you’ve received for each. These are only likes/favorites and comments for Instagram and Twitter.

promorepublic statisticsPin

For Facebook, these stats are reach, organic reach, ad reach, clicks, visits, likes, comments and shares. You can sort the posts you see in this section by the most or least amount of each metric.

You can also hit Repost on any post if you want to reshare it.

PromoRepublic pricing

PromoRepublic has two main plans and a custom enterprise plan. There’s also a lite plan that costs $108/year ($9/month). It gives you access to three social media pages as well as the social media calendar tool and library of content suggestions (Post Ideas).

For those who primarily need a social publishing tool, this could be enough. The content suggestions library is a fantastic feature that can save a lot of time.

The company’s primary plans are Small Business and Agency. Small Business costs $59/month. You get 10 social media pages and one user.

This plan includes most features within PromoRepublic’s core tools. It excludes shareable folders, collaboration features, reports, and a customer success manager.

These features are included in the Agency plan, which costs $99/month. You also get access to 30 social media pages and 10 users.

PromoRepublic also offers add-ons for content and white labeling. The Content Bundle add-on includes on-brand visuals that are editable and available in multiple formats, including PNG images, animated GIFs and videos. Post templates are included as well. Pricing starts at $250.

Unsurprisingly, the white label add-on offers custom-branded reports. However, you may also be surprised to learn it also offers hosting on your own domain, customized emails and onboarding training. You’d need to reach out to PromoRepublic to confirm pricing for that.

PromoRepublic review: pros and cons

PromoRepublic is amazing as a social media publishing tool. Its post editor has a simple UI that makes it easy to schedule posts for different platforms at once. Plus, unlike other tools, you can easily optimize your post for each social media platform individually without having to create another draft.

You can even add a separate image to Instagram separately without leaving the editor and having to create a separate draft, something other tools (that are even more expensive) require you to do in order to comply with Instagram’s aspect ratio requirements.

The autopilot AI PromoRepublic uses with the Calendar tool is amazing if you have a hard time creating a social media publishing schedule on your own. The app sets this up automatically as you connect your profiles for the first time, so you don’t need to waste time configuring this on your own.

Plus, it’s great that you can set up your own schedule anyway if you already know exactly when you want to publish certain types of posts.

A couple of PromoRepublic’s more unique features include its Post Ideas section and proprietary graphic design editor. The Post Ideas section helps you save time with thousands of ready-made templates you can publish to social media as is or quickly edit to make your own.

There’s even a Recommended for You section to make things that much easier.

Plus, this section contains hundreds of curated articles you can share with your audience when you don’t have posts of your own to share or you want to become your audience’s primary source of content, whether that’s your own or content from your niche as a whole.

The graphic design tool is also pretty impressive. Its very similar to Canva’s free plan, which should give you a pretty good idea of how easy to it is to use.

It even has an incredibly large library of objects you can add to your image, so you likely won’t need to source icons from third-party sources.

A few drawbacks of using PromoRepublic:

The labels PromoRepublic uses to categorize your posts automatically are useful. They help you understand the types of posts you create and make it easy to establish a publishing schedule for your social media marketing strategy.

Even so, I would much rather prefer to have custom content categories in the way SocialBee allow you to. Not everyone has the same strategy for social media, and the pre-configured labels PromoRepublic uses do not reflect that.

So far, the inbox feature only allows you to manage direct interactions, such as comments and direct messages. You’d need to use another tool, such as Sendible, to track social media posts that include your brand name but don’t tag you directly.

PromoRepublic review: final thoughts

As you can see from our PromoRepublic review, it is a fantastic social media publishing tool that will help you manage your social media schedule more efficiently.

The built-in library of social media content is one of our favorite features. In fact, we haven’t seen this feature in other tools. And while we don’t recommend republishing this content “as is”, it is easy to customize & publish on the fly.

Even so, it’s quite expensive as just a social media publishing tool, so it may not be a good fit for everyone.

If you want more of an “all in one” type of tool that helps you manage every aspect of your social media marketing strategy, we highly recommend giving Sendible a try.

PromoRepublic is best suited for busy bloggers and social media managers who need a more efficient way to create posts on the fly.

There’s even a White Label add-on agencies can use to manage clients’ publishing schedules without PromoRepublic’s branding (and pricing plans) getting in the way.

The app offers a 14-day trial on both of its primary plans if you’d like to see if it’s a match for you and your team.

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