The 6 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For 2022: Tried & Tested

Best Hootsuite Alternatives

Are you looking for the best Hootsuite alternative to manage your social media presence?

Maybe you want a social media tool with more features, a better user interface or sensible pricing for teams & reporting.

Or maybe you want nothing to do with a company that makes deals with ICE and lies about it.

In this post, I’ll break down the best Hootsuite alternatives that I have personally tested and provide a summary of each tool so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get started:

(Note: this post contains affiliate links)

The best Hootsuite alternatives compared

  1. Sendible – Great all-round Hootsuite alternative. It handles everything you need to monitor your social accounts, schedule updates and run reports. Includes streams and a unified social inbox for maximum efficiency. Ideal for solopreneurs and cost effective for agencies.
  2. Agorapulse – Another great social media tool. The best interface of any Hootsuite alternative on this list. Reply to mentions, schedule social posts, run reports and more. Ideal for teams and freelance social media managers.
  3. TweetDeck – Powerful free alternative to Hootsuite but only supports Twitter.
  4. Sprout Social – Excellent feature set. Mostly geared towards large businesses and enterprise customers.
  5. Tailwind – The best social media platform for Pinterest. Also supports Instagram.
  6. Buffer Publish – Good free plan but rather limited even on paid plans.

Now, let’s take a look at each Hootsuite alternative in more depth:

1. Sendible

Sendible is my top pick for Hootsuite alternatives. 

Sendible Homepage

You can connect all of your favorite social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

Just like in Hootsuite, you can view social media streams but you get the addition of a social media inbox that collates all messages, tweets, and comments into a single feed. This feature alone saves myself and my assistant hours each week!

The idea here is that you won’t miss out on any important messages. And for those who use a VA for social media or work as part of a team, you can assign any social updates to your team.

Sendible also offers industry leading scheduling functionality. This includes a social media calendar, queues, content libraries, and publishing from RSS feeds. There’s even a content curation feature allowing you to find content to share with your audience.

Then there’s the reporting and analytics functionality. You can create custom reports for each social network to get an idea of how your social presence is progressing.

What if people are sharing your content without tagging your username? Social listening is included so you can keep tabs on your brand.

Sendible is an incredible tool. I highly recommend you sign up for a free trial and see for yourself!

Key features:

  • Engage with your audience via social streams or a social inbox.
  • Easy publishing of social media content.
  • Powerful scheduling functionality including social calendar, queue’s, content library, RSS auto publishing and more.
  • Create custom reports.
  • Social listening to uncover brand mentions.
  • Team collaboration and user accounts built-in.
  • Mobile app to manage your accounts on the go.

Price: Starts at $29/month with a 14-day free trial available.

Learn more in our Sendible review.

2. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is another great Hootsuite alternative that comes with a bunch of powerful features and a focus on simplicity.

AgoraPulse New Homepage

With Agorapulse you can manage all aspects of your social media efforts.

There isn’t a streams feature like with Hootsuite. Instead, you get a social media inbox. I prefer this because it is a huge time saver compared to using streams.

You can schedule updates, engage with your audience, run keyword searches for brand mentions across social and create detailed reports.

There are, however, several features that standout. 

There is an inbox assistant for tweets that allows you to set up rules for specific actions. For example, if a certain keyword is mentioned in a tweet, you can automatically assign it to a team member. This can be quite the time saver.

Agorapulse will also categorize your followers to help you find brand ambassadors and highly engaged fans.

Given the price point and feature set of AgoraPulse, it is an ideal fit for teams and agencies.

Key features:

  • Social media inbox to monitor and engage with your audience.
  • Schedule updates to popular social networks.
  • Social media monitoring is included.
  • Built-in collaboration features allow you to assign tasks to your team members.
  • Create detailed reports with ease.
  • Includes access to Social Media Manager School – an in-depth training course to level-up your social media marketing skills.

Price: Free plan available – paid plans start at €99/month (discount offered when purchased annually).

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3. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a great alternative for those who are only using Hootsuite to manage Twitter.


If you like how Hootsuite’s streams work, you will feel right at home with TweetDeck.

You can customize each column within your streams by adding your messages, mentions, new followers, Twitter lists and more.

TweetDeck also includes basic social scheduling functionality. 

Considering the excellent price point of absolutely nothing (yes, it is 100% free!), you can get a lot of use out of this tool.

This does mean you will need other tools if you need to use other social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Linkedin. Still, it is ideal for those focused solely on Twitter.

Key features:

  • Supports Twitter.
  • Create custom social streams.
  • Manage your Twitter messages.
  • Schedule tweets from within the app.
  • No need to sign up for a new tool.

Price: Completely free.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media tool that is best suited to large teams and enterprise companies.

Sprout Social Homepage

If you need an alternative to Hootsuite’s business or enterprise plans, Sprout Social is a great fit.

You get access to a unified social inbox and powerful scheduling functionality. A social calendar will keep your team organized. The built-in CRM/task management features make team management & content approvals easy.

Then there’s various types of reporting. Higher plans have access to competitive reportsm, trend analysis, etc. There are even response time reports which are great for teams.

And on the higher plan, you’ll find advanced features such as chatbots & automation tools – a very nice addition to the platform.

Sprout Social was my social media tool of choice for a good while and while they had an excellent platform, their focus on larger businesses and enterprise customers did not align with my own needs.

Due to how their plans are priced, costs can jump up quickly. For example, my costs would have doubled if I added just 1 team member.

If I needed 5 user accounts, my $99/month would have turned into $495/month.

Key features:

  • Publish and schedule your content.
  • A social inbox means you won’t miss any mentions or comments.
  • Built-in social calendar for better organization.
  • Powerful reporting functionality – additional reports available on higher plans.
  • Custom workflows for content approvals.
  • Chatbots and automation tools.

Price: Starts from $99 per month per user. A 30-day free trial is available.

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5. Tailwind

Tailwind is a social media tool that specializes in the more visual social platforms – Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind New Homepage

I can’t comment much on the Instagram side of Tailwind but when it comes to Pinterest – there is no other tool that comes close. 

You can schedule pins to your boards, group boards or even loop pins for resharing. Then view analytics to see how things are performing.

What I love about Tailwind is how they focus on baking Pinterest best practices into their platform. For example, you get a warning when you’ve already shared a pin to a board, or if you try to share to more than 10 different boards. 

This helps to keep your Pinterest account in good favor.

Then there are other features such as Tailwind Create which makes it easy to create pins directly within the platform.

My favorite feature is Tailwind Communities. Join communities based on different topics and you’ll find plenty of pins to share. You will also be able to share your pins with the community so you can get more shares and grow your audience.

Key features:

  • Supports Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Powerful social media scheduling.
  • Insightful analytics.
  • Pinterest best practices baked into the platform.
  • Tailwind Communities makes it easy to grow your audience on Pinterest.
  • Create eye-catching pins using Tailwind Create.

Price: Starts from free with limited features. Upgrade to a paid plan to unlock additional features.

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6. Buffer Publish

Buffer Publish is a simple scheduling tool that supports popular social networks and includes a limited free plan.

Buffer Homepage

If you are looking for an alternative to Hootsuite’s free plan, Buffer Publish is a nice option.

But it is important to remember that it is a simple scheduling tool that does not include social streams or any way to engage directly with your audience. You can add posts to your ‘Buffer’, set a posting schedule or schedule posts at specific times.

Analytics is included so you can see how your posts are performing.

The user interface is excellent and there is a limited free plan, making it ideal for those new to social media tools.

Paid plans are available but the pricing 

Key features:

  • Supports popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Simple social scheduling and analytics.
  • Mobile app to share on the go.
  • Integrates nicely with external content curation platforms like Quuu.

Price: Free for 1 user, 3 social profiles and 10 scheduled posts. Paid plans start at $15/month but are still fairly limited in terms of the number of posts you can queue up.


For me, it boils down to Sendible and AgoraPulse as an all-round Hootsuite alternative. For me, they both tie first place but serve certain use cases better.

AgoraPulse is easier to use and has the best social inbox but Sendible does have a few extra features. For example, you get the benefit of a social inbox and streams. However, it takes a bit longer to learn.

Both are extremely well suited to agencies and in-house teams but Sendible has pricing plans to accommodate solopreneurs.

They’re robust, sensibly priced and offer great support. They also receive regular feature updates to coincide with the latest social media trends.

If you want to manage your efforts on Pinterest, Tailwind is the best solution. I’d recommend using that in conjunction with Sendible or AgoraPulse.

However, if you just want to schedule social media updates, Buffer Publish is a nice free option but it is heavily limited in terms of the number of posts you can schedule.

You could upgrade to a paid plan but at that point, it would make more sense to go for an all-in-one social media management platform like Agorapulse.

If you want a 100% free Hootsuite alternative – the best option is TweetDeck. The only serious limitation is that it only works with Twitter. Regardless, there are no limitations on posts you can schedule which is great.

Ultimately, the best Hootsuite alternative is the one that serves your needs best. So consider the features you need, your budget and whether or not your needs may change in the near future. You may find it best to go for a tool that gives you growing room rather than migrating tools in the future.

Most social media tools offer a free trial or a limited free plan so you can get a feel for how the tool can fit with your social media strategy.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase.

Best Hootsuite Alternatives