8 Best SEO Reporting Tools Compared (2024)

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Are you looking for the best SEO reporting tools to keep your SEO campaigns organized?

Keeping track of your SEO KPI’s is essential, and you’re going to need an effective tool that helps you to track and create detailed reports that you can share with clients and use for your own review. 

With so many tools to choose from, finding the right one for your business can be a challenge, but we’ve done the hard work for you.

In this post, I’ll be comparing the best SEO reporting tools available that will allow you to create SEO reports easily and efficiently.

What are the best SEO reporting tools?

Here’s a quick summary:

  1. SE Ranking – Best all-in-one SEO reporting tool.
  2. Raven Tools – Best dedicated SEO reporting tool.
  3. SEO PowerSuite – Best software-based SEO reporting tool.
  4. SEMrush – Best overall marketing toolkit including SEO reporting features.
  5. Databox – Best for compiling data from a range of tools.
  6. Supermetrics – Great for organizing data to create SEO reports and spreadsheets.
  7. Google Data Studio – Powerful free SEO reporting Tool.
  8. Mangools – Great for sending quick rank updates reports.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the SEO reporting software on this list:

#1 – SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an SEO reporting tool that doubles as a powerful all-in-one SEO software solution. It’s perfect for businesses of all sizes and is complete with a highly customizable report creation tool that allows you to create professional reports with just a few clicks.

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Using the tool, you can choose a time period, drag and drop the modules you want to include, and add your business logos and branding to the headers and footers of each page. You can also add notes to any of the modules.

You can choose to autogenerate and send reports on a regular schedule to yourself or clients via email, or manually download and distribute them.

On top of this, you can enjoy all the functions required for SEO like a ranking tracker, website audit, and backlink checking. If you’re looking for a powerful tool that covers all your SEO needs, this is it.

The SEO reporting feature is available with all price plans, so it also offers great value for money for an all-in-one tool.


Plans start from $23.52/month. Prices vary depending on how often you will use the ranking check feature, how many keywords and websites you’ll be tracking.

SE Ranking offers a 14-day free trial. (No credit card required).

Learn more in our SE Ranking review.

#2 – Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a dedicated tool for creating SEO and marketing reports. Raven Tools is popular with marketers and white label SEO companies as you can add your own or your client’s branding to the reports.

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Raven Tools makes it easy to compile in-depth SEO reports using metrics drawn from backlink profiles, Google Analytics and Search Console, site-auditor results, and more. You can even import your own data sets and metrics from Google sheets. If you’re managing more than just SEO for your own business or your clients you can also add data from social media and ad campaigns too.

Once the reports are created, you can also schedule regular reports or set it as a ‘one-time’ report and finish it up with a cover page and table of contents.

Raven Tools is perfect for busy marketers as it offers hassle-free white label reporting features that make it super simple to create multiple reports monthly.


Prices start from $39 per month ($468 yearly prepaid) or $49 monthly.

You can try Raven Tools classic for 7 days for free. (No credit card required).

#3 – SEO Powersuite

SEO PowerSuite is a software solution that combines rank tracking, link management, backlink research, and website auditing tools to create a powerful and useful SEO reporting tool.

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Unlike most of the tools on this list, SEO PowerSuite is a software package, as opposed to a SAAS tool. This means that you’ll pay once yearly for a license and will enjoy unlimited use of the package and all of its features.

For big businesses that are looking to generate regular reports for multiple websites and projects, SEO PowerSuite provides a value for money option that ticks all the boxes. Instead of paying a monthly fee to access enterprise versions of SAAS products like Raven Tools or SE Ranking, you can save money by purchasing a yearly license for SEO PowerSuite.

SEO PowerSuite is jam-packed full of features that will meet all your SEO needs, as well as efficient report creation.


Prices start from $0 but the unlimited enterprise version is $499/year.

Learn more in our SEO PowerSuite review.

#4 – Semrush

Semrush is a popular “marketing toolkit” that offers a great option to businesses looking for an all-in-one solution.

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Not only does it have all the necessary features of an SEO tool such as rank tracking, link building, and keyword research tools but it also has a bunch of content, advertising, and market research tools for you to take advantage of. And if that wasn’t enough, it has an easy-to-use reporting tool included in the price too.

The ‘My Reports’ tool allows users to compile PDF reports that are visually appealing and customized. Using the tool you can either create custom reports from scratch or use templates that make it quick and easy to throw together a report at the last minute.

Once you’ve created a report, you can schedule them to automatically send to your team or your clients on a regular basis to provide updates and information at selected intervals. Also, if you opt for the business subscription you can also Whitelabel your reports so that they look branded and professional.

Semrush is more ideally suited to small businesses and entrepreneurs, as the cheaper plan only includes 5 scheduled PDF reports per month. The business plan includes 50, which may be suitable for larger businesses that don’t need unlimited reporting.


Prices start from $129.95/month for the Pro Plan and increase to $499.95/month for the Business Plan.

You can try Semrush Pro or Guru for free for 7 days.

Read our Semrush review.

#5 – Databox

Databox is an analytics tool that allows users to integrate a range of different tools to create organized visual SEO reports. Databox works by pulling data from your existing SEO tools and compiling them onto “Databoards” that can then be used to compile SEO reports.

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Databox is preloaded with 70+ 1-click integrations with commonly used SEO tools such as SEMrush, Moz, Google Analytics, Search Console, Ahrefs, and more.

Databox is great for tech businesses as you can create white-labeled databoxes which are essentially fully branded dashboards containing reports that can be presented on your own web app on a custom domain, instead of sending emails or paper reports. There is also an archive of over 200 pre-built report templates for users to take advantage of.

Databox markets itself as making SEO data easier to visualize by compiling all of your data in one place on an easy to use dashboard. If you are working with a large team and you need to organize your data in a way that makes it easier to generate reports, Databox could be the tool for you.


Databox offers a free plan that includes 3 users, data sources, and data boards. If you’re in need of more than this, prices start from $49/month.

#6 – Supermetrics

Supermetrics isn’t exactly an SEO reporting tool, but it’s a super useful tool to have if you need to compile data and move it around between dashboards and spreadsheets on different platforms.

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Supermetrics integrates with Google Data Studio to pull in data from all of the most important tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Analytics, and more. You can also integrate Supermetrics with Google Sheets or Excel to quickly and easily create spreadsheets.

Supermetrics is a great tool to utilize if you’re sourcing data from many different locations and you don’t want the hassle of manually compiling the data into Google Data Studio to create a report. It makes life that little bit easier and could save you hours of time when creating reports.


Supermetrics varies depending on which platform you’d like to integrate it with. Prices for Google Data Studio start from €39/month. For Google Sheets or Excel, prices start at €99.

You can also try Supermetrics for free for 14 days. (No credit card required).

#7 – Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is Google’s obligatory offering into the SEO reporting tool world. Whilst some people herald it as a confusing tool to use, it’s an effective piece of kit that can be used to create visually stunning informative reports that would make even an SEO newbie look like a professional.

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Google Data studio can pull data from 500+ data sources and works really well in tandem with other Google products like Google Analytics or Search Console. You can also use the tool to set up scheduled reports or download reports to be sent out manually.

The main perk of Google Data Studio is that it’s completely free, making it perfect for entrepreneurs and cash strapped start-ups. It’s also easy to share reports digitally as you can just provide links to your reports to clients or team members like you can with Google drive.

It’s also one of the most popular SEO reporting tools on the web, so it’s quite easy to find templates that you can reuse to make life a little easier when designing your reports.


Google Data Studio is a free-to-use tool.

#8 – Mangools

Mangools isn’t a traditional SEO reporting tool, but it is a super simple to use tool that can make sharing certain metrics with your team more efficient. Mangools hosts a range of SEO tools covering keyword research, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and SEO metrics and insights.

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Mangools’ rank tracker can also give you daily updates of where your pages are ranking in the SERP’s. You’ll even get email notifications about any important rank changes to any of your pages, meaning you can keep your finger on the pulse and ensure that all your pages get the rankings they deserve.

If you want to quickly and easily share this ranking information with your clients or your team, you can use the Rank Tracker dashboard to share an interactive report link that will show them how the pages are doing that day.

This is a great tool to use, especially if you want to keep your clients in the loop about rankings between their regular scheduled reports. It also offers great value for money and is one of the cheapest tools on the list.


Free plan available. Paid plans start at €29/month, save 35% with an annual subscription. Mangools offer a 48-hour full refund policy.

Read our Mangools review.

Finding the best SEO reporting tools for your business

I know what you’re thinking, “all of these tools look awesome – how do I know which one is right for my business?” The questions below should help you to decide what you need from your SEO reporting tool.

  • Are you in need of an all-in-one SEO solution?
  • How often do you create reports?
  • Do you want to compile reports using data from the tools you already have?
  • Do you need to be able to quickly share up-to-date ranking info?
  • Do you want to pay monthly or yearly?
  • What’s your budget?

By taking into consideration all of these key questions, you should be able to decide which of the tools is most suitable for your business and your goals. And remember, almost all of these tools offer free trials, so give them a go and see which one is the easiest to use and has all the features you need.

Our advice is to check out SE Rankings, Raven Tools, and SEO PowerSuite to help you decide which tool is right for you.

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