15 Best Selling Items On Etsy In 2024 – Original Research

Best Selling Items On Etsy

Are you having a hard time figuring out what to sell on Etsy?

Etsy is one of the best places to sell online products, especially handmade items.

You may have an idea of what you want to sell. But as you fill your Etsy shop with high-quality items, keep in mind that you may not see the results you want if you don’t apply recommended strategies for Etsy SEO.

Targeting non-competitive keywords is one of the best strategies a new Etsy shop can use to get ahead.

In this post, we’ve dug through the data to uncover the top selling items on Etsy.

Let’s go over this data, how we found it and how you can use it.

What to sell on Etsy: A quick word on the data below

Each item below has the following data points:

  1. Number of listings: The number of results each item returns on Etsy.
  2. Average searches: How many times the item was searched on Etsy (on average).
  3. Average clicks: How many clicks the item received on Etsy (on average). A click is recorded when a buyer inputs a keyword into Etsy, then clicks on one of the items in the results.
  4. Average click-through rate (CTR): The percentage of the number of searches that turned into clicks. The higher this percentage is, the better.
  5. Average price: The price Etsy sellers ask for each item (on average).
  6. Most competitive keywords: A brief list of related keywords that return a high number of results.
  7. Popular tags: The tags Etsy sellers use the most for each item.
  8. Least competitive keywords: The top 10 related keywords that return the lowest number of results.

Data Point 1 was found through extensive research of Etsy’s online marketplace.

Data Points 2-8 were discovered through eRank, a keyword research tool for ecommerce.

The tool finds Data Points 2-4 by analyzing data for each keyword over a 12 month period.

The other data points were found by analyzing the top 100 Etsy listings for each keyword.

The top 5 best selling items on Etsy

  1. Beads – 8 million listings | 102% CTR | $20.00 average price
  2. Pins – 2.2 million listings | 87% CTR | $15.00 average price
  3. Pendants – 5.3 million listings | 83% CTR | $34.13 average price
  4. Stickers – 3.7 million listings | 82% CTR | $3.50 average price
  5. Books: 2.6 million listings | 81% CTR | $13.10 average price
Top 5 Best Selling Items On Etsy

The best selling items on Etsy

The items listed below return the highest number of results on Etsy. They’re listed from highest to lowest click-through rate.

  1. Beads
  2. Pins
  3. Pendants
  4. Stickers
  5. Books
  6. Paintings
  7. Mugs
  8. Charms
  9. Dangle & Drop Earrings
  10.  Decals
  11.  Dresses
  12.  Wall Decor
  13.  Prints
  14.  T-Shirts
  15.  Gifts

1. Beads

Here are our statistics on bead related listings:

  • Number of listings: 8,036,493
  • Average searches: 14,449
  • Average clicks: 14,692
  • Average CTR: 102%
  • Average price: $20.00

Note: Great keyword for handmade items.

The keyword “beads” returns over 8 million listings on Etsy.

Most listings are for bulk supplies of beads in various styles and types. Others are for handmade jewelry crafted with beads.

The most popular related keywords for beads include beads for jewelry, bracelet beads, silver beads, necklace beads, gemstone beads, glass beads, crystal beads and gold beads.

The top listings for this keyword sell jewelry of all kinds made with beads.

Popular tags: beads, seed beads, round beads, blue beads, spacer beads, bead necklaces

Selling Beads On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for beads

  1. greek worry beads
  2. beard beads
  3. islamic prayer beads
  4. rudraksha beads
  5. crystal waist beads
  6. dreadlock beads
  7. buddhist prayer beads
  8. smiley face beads
  9. door beads
  10.  african waist beads

2. Pins

Here are our statistics on pin related listings:

  • Number of listings: 2,237,978
  • Average searches: 24,605
  • Average clicks: 21,416
  • Average CTR: 87%
  • Average price: $15.00

Note: Can be a decent keyword for vintage items.

There are over 2.2 million pin listings on Etsy. The majority are for enamel pins, which Etsy sellers create using custom designs.

The most competitive keywords for pins include brooch pins, patches and pins, enamel pins, flower pin, lapel pin, collectable pins, hat pins, cute pins and vintage lapel pin.

Popular tags: hat pin, enamel pin, lapel pin, hat pins, pins, stick pin, enamel pins

Selling Pins On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for pins

  1. disney trading pin
  2. pokemon pin
  3. bee pin
  4. insect pin
  5. safety pin
  6. pin cushion
  7. bobby pins
  8. scarf pin
  9. butterfly pin
  10.  pride pin

3. Pendants

Here are our statistics on pendant related listings:

  • Number of listings: 5,266,023
  • Average searches: 14,238
  • Average clicks: 11,780
  • Average CTR: 83%
  • Average price: $34.13

Note: Can be a decent keyword for vintage items.

There are over 5 million listings for “pendants” on Etsy.

The results are split between necklaces that have pendants attached and pendants sold without a chain or cord.

The most popular keywords related to “pendants” are pendant necklaces, silver pendant, vintage pendant, stone pendant, pendant chain and gemstone pendant.

Many of the keyword’s top listings sell gemstone pendants.

Popular tags: pendant necklace, cremation pendant, silver pendant, pendants

Selling Pendants On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for pendants

  1. urn pendant
  2. carnelian pendant
  3. wooden pendant
  4. amber pendant
  5. cremation pendant
  6. tree of life pendant
  7. butterfly pendant
  8. turquoise pendant
  9. pearl pendant
  10.  diamond pendant

4. Stickers

Here are our statistics on sticker related listings:

  • Number of listings: 3,735,795
  • Average searches: 109,391
  • Average clicks: 89,168
  • Average CTR: 82%
  • Average price: $3.50

Note: Great keyword for handmade items.

Like pins, stickers have been an amazing source of revenue for artists on Etsy. There are over 3.7 million sticker listings on the marketplace, and they have a fantastic click-through rate of 82%.

Sticker listings that aren’t created by the sellers themselves are typically custom made and feature anything customers want to make stickers out of.

The most popular sticker-related keywords include decal sticker, vinyl stickers, scrapbook stickers, laptop stickers, planner stickers, car sticker, bumper sticker, cute stickers and water bottle sticker.

The top sticker listings feature characters from popular franchises, cute versions of ordinary objects and motivational phrases.

Popular tags: sticker, vinyl sticker, waterproof sticker, laptop sticker, water bottle sticker, laptop stickers, die cut stickers

Selling Stickers On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for stickers

  1. outer banks stickers
  2. y2k stickers
  3. stoner stickers
  4. duck sticker
  5. weed sticker
  6. alien sticker
  7. frog sticker
  8. vsco stickers
  9. skateboard sticker
  10.  mirror stickers

5. Books

Here are our statistics on book related listings:

  • Number of listings: 2,562,853
  • Average searches: 13,719
  • Average clicks: 11,045
  • Average CTR: 81%
  • Average price: $13.10

Books are quite popular on Etsy with over 2.5 million listings available. They have a click-through rate of 81%, so they sell well, too.

As with many things on Etsy, not all books on the platform are meant to be bought and read.

Some are simply decor intended to make bookshelves appear more populated. Others enable bookworms to color coordinate their bookshelves.

The most popular (and most competitive) book keywords on Etsy include vintage books, book decor, white books, black books, children’s books, antique books and book journal.

Many listings on the keyword’s first page market a “blind date with a book.” These are wrapped books and are intended to get Etsy shoppers to try new books without being able to judge their covers.

Popular tags: decorative books, books by color, book stack, book decor, books by the foot, book, book bundles

Selling Books On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for books

  1. baby milestone book
  2. designer books decor
  3. vow books
  4. books by the foot
  5. book bracelet
  6. book nook
  7. baby memory book
  8. coffee table books
  9. book log
  10.  book organizer

6. Paintings

Here are our statistics on painting related listings:

  • Number of listings: 3,449,518
  • Average searches: 8,131
  • Average clicks: 5,754
  • Average CTR: 71%
  • Average price: $14.98

Note: Great keyword for handmade items.

At more than 3.4 million listings, paintings are a hot item on Etsy.

Unfortunately, the platform is not a great place for traditional artists to make money. The average price of a painting on Etsy is $14.98.

The most competitive keywords related to paintings are painting print, canvas painting, acrylic painting, original paintings, abstract painting, watercolor painting, kitchen painting and oil painting.

Many of the top listings for paintings on Etsy are watercolor.

That’s not to say that you can’t make money from paintings, but you’ll have to work harder to make your products stand out.

Popular tags: decorative painting, oil painting, paint by number kit, paint by number, paint by numbers, watercolor painting, tole painting

Selling Paintings On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for paintings

  1. islamic painting
  2. paint by numbers kit
  3. tole painting
  4. 5d diamond painting
  5. cactus paintings
  6. wildflowers painting
  7. body painting
  8. sunflower painting
  9. fruit painting
  10.  painting from photo

7. Mugs

Here are our statistics on mug related listings:

  • Number of listings: 2,464,951
  • Average searches: 28,097
  • Average clicks: 19,924
  • Average CTR: 71%
  • Average price: $18.17

There are over 2.4 million mug listings on Etsy, the majority of which are for coffee mugs. You have to scroll through quite a few pages to find beer mugs.

Many of the listings on the first page are split between personalized mugs and mugs with funny phrases and imagery.

The most competitive keywords for mugs are coffee mugs, ceramic mug, funny mugs, black mug, christmas mugs, mom mug, tea mug, personalized mugs, dad mug and travel mug.

Popular tags: mug, mugs, beer mug, campfire mug, pottery mug, mom mug, coffee mugs

Selling Mugs On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for mugs

  1. baseball bat mug
  2. shaving mug
  3. bat mug
  4. soup mug
  5. initial mug
  6. color changing mug
  7. custom beer mug
  8. japanese mug
  9. campfire mug
  10.  magic mug

8. Charms

Here are our statistics on charm related listings:

  • Number of listings: 4,438,565
  • Average searches: 11,843
  • Average clicks: 7,820
  • Average CTR: 66%
  • Average price: $8.00

Etsy has over 4 million listings for charms.

Most charms are sold on their own but are sometimes marketed for specific use cases, such as bracelets and necklaces.

The most competitive keywords for charms are jewelry charms, silver charm, necklace charms, gold charm, bracelet charms, heart charm, custom charm and purse charm.

The top listings sell charms in sterling silver, gold and steel with no other colors.

Popular tags: charm, slime charms, heart charm, jewelry charms

Selling Charms On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for charms

  1. anime phone charm
  2. apple watch charms
  3. stethoscope charm
  4. origami owl charms
  5. slime charms
  6. snap charms
  7. photo charm
  8. croc charms
  9. kawaii charms
  10.  car charm

9. Dangle & Drop Earrings

Here are our statistics on dangle & drop earring related listings:

  • Number of listings: 2,613,955
  • Average searches: 3,832
  • Average clicks: 2,367
  • Average CTR: 62%
  • Average price: $22.00

Note: Decent keyword for vintage items.

At over 2.6 million listings on Etsy, dangle and drop earrings account for a large portion of jewelry Etsy sellers sell on Etsy.

Many listings are named “dangle and drop earrings” or simply “dangle earrings.” The term “drop earrings” doesn’t seem to be used as much.

The most competitive keywords related to dangle and drop earrings include earrings for women, silver earrings, gold earrings, handmade earrings, boho earrings, stud earrings and vintage earrings.

Many of the top listings for this item sell earrings made from gemstones.

Popular tags: earrings, statement earrings, drop earrings, boho earrings, dainty earrings

Selling Dangle & Drop Earrings On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for dangle & drop earrings

  1. starburst earrings
  2. korean earrings
  3. mismatched earrings
  4. bee earrings
  5. peridot earrings
  6. citrine earrings
  7. aquamarine earrings
  8. aesthetic earrings
  9. leopard earrings
  10.  skull earrings

10. Decals

Here are our statistics on decal related listings:

  • Number of listings: 2,078,232
  • Average searches: 7,793
  • Average clicks: 4,760
  • Average CTR: 61%
  • Average price: $5.99

There are over 2 million listings for decals on Etsy.

Most Etsy sellers sell vinyl decals that have transparent backgrounds and are waterproof. They can be another source of revenue for an artist’s Etsy shop that sells custom designs.

The most competitive keywords for decals include vinyl decal, laptop decals, car decals, wall decals, custom decal, window decal, water bottle decal, tumbler decal and nursery decals.

Popular tags: car decal, vinyl decal, laptop decal, decals, wall decal, iron on decal, dog decal, car window decal

Selling Decals On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for decals

  1. mirror decal
  2. patriotic decals
  3. disney decal
  4. cat decal
  5. nail decal
  6. bathroom wall decals
  7. macbook decal
  8. halloween decal
  9. waterslide decals
  10.  funny car decal

11. Dresses

Here are our statistics on dress related listings:

  • Number of listings: 2,374,760
  • Average searches: 7,726
  • Average clicks: 4,558
  • Average CTR: 59%
  • Average price: $34.95

Note: Decent keyword for vintage items.

There are over 2.3 million listings for dresses on Etsy.

The most competitive keywords for dresses are dresses for women, vintage dresses, white dresses, wedding dresses, blue dresses, floral dresses, baby dresses, summer dresses, boho dresses and long dresses for women.

Popular tags: dress up

Selling Dresses On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for dresses

  1. flowy dresses for women
  2. disney dresses for women
  3. cotton maxi dresses
  4. graduation dresses
  5. fairytale dresses
  6. church dresses
  7. sun dresses for women
  8. maxi african dresses
  9. goth dresses for women
  10.  corset dresses

12. Wall Decor

Here are our statistics on wall decor related listings:

  • Number of listings: 12,255,027
  • Average searches: 95,711
  • Average clicks: 51,874
  • Average CTR: 54%
  • Average price: $16.41

The keyword “wall decor” returns an impressive number of over 12 million Etsy listings.

Most Etsy sellers sell wall art for all rooms of the home as well as the office.

The top listings for this keyword sell printable wall art in various styles.

Popular tags: wall hanging, wall art, home decor, large wall art, wood wall art, dorm decor, wall decor

Selling Wall Decor On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for wall decor

  1. minecraft wall decor
  2. rattan wall decor
  3. harry potter wall decor
  4. evil eye wall decor
  5. 3d flower wall decor
  6. mason jar wall decor
  7. glam wall decor
  8. over the bed wall decor
  9. master bedroom wall decor
  10.  woven wall decor

13. Prints

Here are our statistics on print related listings:

  • Number of listings: 11,479,129
  • Average searches: 34,079
  • Average clicks: 18,193
  • Average CTR: 53%
  • Average price: $26.00

Note: Can be a decent keyword for vintage items.

Prints are very popular to sell on Etsy, returning over 11 million results on the Etsy marketplace.

While the term “print” typically means a physical reproduction of a work of art, such as your own personal copy of the Mona Lisa, many Etsy sellers make prints available as digital downloads of art and decor.

These are typically offered as PDF files.

However, an Etsy shop will earn much more from high-quality physical prints shipped directly to customers.

Some of the most popular prints to sell on Etsy include art prints, wall prints, digital prints, poster prints, kitchen prints and vintage prints.

Popular tags: animal print, leopard print, cow print, digital print, print, indian block print

Selling Prints On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for prints

  1. polaroid prints
  2. woodblock prints
  3. matisse prints
  4. mushroom prints
  5. 4×6 prints
  6. patent prints
  7. national park prints
  8. indian prints
  9. japanese prints
  10.  pop art prints

14. T-Shirts

Here are our statistics on t-shirt related listings:

  • Number of listings: 5,838,898
  • Average searches: 10,394
  • Average clicks: 4,132
  • Average CTR: 40%
  • Average price: $19.00

The keyword “t-shirts” returns over 5 million listings on Etsy.

Some are for custom shirts in which sellers allow you to input custom text and choose specific options for style and color.

Others are for t-shirts with set designs.

Some of the most competitive keywords for t-shirts include unisex t-shirt, womens shirt, graphic shirt, funny shirt, kids shirt, birthday shirt and cute shirt.

Popular tags: shirt, t shirt, kids shirt, funny t-shirt

Selling T-Shirts On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for t-shirts

  1. hamilton shirt
  2. peter pan shirt
  3. big sis shirt
  4. ally shirt
  5. big brother shirt
  6. texas shirt
  7. yoga t-shirt
  8. dinosaur shirt
  9. orange shirt day 
  10.  lgbt shirt

15. Gifts

Here are our statistics on gift related listings:

  • Number of listings: 29,474,420
  • Average searches: 198,975
  • Average clicks: 75,195
  • Average CTR: 38%
  • Average price: $5.00

Note: Great keyword for handmade items.

Gifts are the most popular item on Etsy with over 29 million listings. That’s more than twice the number of listings as the second most popular item, wall decor.

Being the most popular item on Etsy, it’s not surprising that the first page of results for this keyword is extremely broad. Almost every listing targets a different niche, so much so that it’s impossible to spot a pattern.

One thing’s for certain: you can always expect to find seasonal results. That is, expect to see more feminine results around Mother’s Day, masculine results around Father’s Day, romantic gifts in February, etc.

The most popular listings for this item include gifts for women, birthday gifts, gifts for men, gifts for kids, Christmas gifts and kitchen gifts.

It’s a great keyword for selling handmade items.

Popular tags: gift bag, gift wrap, printable gift tags, gift tags, thank you gift tag

Selling Gifts On Etsy Statistics

Top 10 least competitive keywords for gifts

  1. one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend
  2. schitts creek gifts
  3. harry styles gifts
  4. 60th birthday gifts for women
  5. occupational therapy gifts
  6. scorpio gifts
  7. 40th birthday gifts for women
  8. harry potter gifts
  9. gifts for teenage girls
  10.  corgi gifts

Starting your own Etsy business

We’ve just been through the top 15 best selling items on Etsy, and each of these can be viable Etsy store ideas for you to pursue.

But how do you become an Etsy seller?

How to become an Etsy seller

To become an Etsy seller you’ll need to head over to Etsy and scroll to the bottom, and click on “Sell on Etsy.”

Sell On Etsy

Next you’ll be asked to create an Etsy account, or you can log in via your email or social media.

Once you’ve completed that you’ll be directed to a progress screen starting with “shop preferences.” Throughout this 6-step process you’ll enter details such as:

  • Online store preferences for currency and location
  • Give a name for your Etsy shop
  • Enter product listings – photos, videos, description, shipping costs etc.
  • Add payment details and setup billing
  • Setup your shop security
Become An Etsy Seller

Once you’ve entered all these details you’ll be able to preview your Etsy store before making it live.

Once you’ve launched your online business, you’ll need to know how to stand out on Etsy. Learn how in our guide to Etsy SEO.

How can I supply my products for my Etsy store?

Etsy focuses on selling items that are vintage (items being at least 20 years old), handmade and craft supplies.

The top Etsy sellers CaitlynMinimalist (over 38k sales), ModParty (over 27k sales) and Beatboat1 (over 27k sales) have received 10s of thousands of sales in the past 30 days (as at 11th August 2022). Each of them specialize in unique, custom and handmade products that relate to jewelry supplies, special occasions and weddings. 

However, you don’t need to create your own products from scratch – you can design custom merch and partner with a print-on-demand supplier like Printful. Printful makes it easy because it integrates directly with Etsy.

With a print on demand supplier you can create anything from custom t-shirts, to wedding invitations and party decorations.

Etsy has a strict policy on reselling, therefore, you cannot purchase items from your local shop such as paint, feathers, beads and blank canvases and sell them individually as your own.

This is because items need to be either designed and/or created by you the owner. Therefore, you can combine the blank canvas, beads and feathers to create a new custom handmade item which you can then sell.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out our post on things to make and sell. This will help you figure out which types of products to sell.

What fees are there with Etsy?

There are several Etsy fees you should be aware of when setting up your Etsy shop. These are the main fees:

  • Listing fee – This fee occurs for every item you sell.
  • Transaction fee – 6.5% is charged for every item you sell.
  • Etsy ads & offsite ads (optional) – This helps promote your listings and Etsy business on & offsite. You can set a minimum and maximum budget.
  • Etsy Plus (optional) – Monthly subscription service by Etsy to helps businesses grow their brand
  • Payment processing fee – Fee charged by a third party such as Stripe or PayPal. This is charged separately from Etsy’s transaction fee.

Are there any Etsy alternatives I should consider?

If Etsy isn’t the right place to build your own online store, what other sites are out there where you can create your own website and sell items?

Shopify – One of the most well-known ecommerce platforms on the market. You can create an online business to sell your products. Monthly subscription fee applies, however, transaction fee is lower than Etsy if you use Shopify payments.

Sellfy – Is an ecommerce platform that is purpose built for selling merchandise such as mugs and t-shirts, as well as digital products such as memberships, courses and ebooks. You can sell physical products, digital products, subscriptions, and more. Print-on-demand included.

Big Cartel – Specializes in serving the needs of artists and creators, although it can be used to sell any sort of products. Monthly subscription fee applies, however, no transaction fees.

Amazon Handmade – We’re all familiar with the infamous Amazon company, however, what you may not know is that they have a “Handmade” program where sellers can sell handcrafted products to customers from around the world. Upload listings for free with a 12.24% charge per sale.

Who are currently the top Etsy sellers?

According to Marketplace Pulse as of 11th August 2022 the top Etsy sellers are based in the United States, dominating the top 7 positions.

CaitlynMinimalist is currently in top position having made 38,448 sales in the last 30 days. Worldincensestore is in 25th position having made 11,847 sales in the last 30 days.

Top 25 Etsy sellers

Out of the 25 top Etsy sellers, the best items to sell on Etsy seem to come in these 3 categories:

  • Craft Supplies & Tools (6)
  • Jewelry (5)
  • Paper & Party Supplies (5)

Final thoughts

Figuring out the best items to sell on Etsy will make it a lot easier to make your own Etsy store successful – understanding demand and popularity.

So, if you’re an Etsy shop owner, how should you use this data?

As a new Etsy shop owner, try to avoid the most popular keywords for an item. Create items for the least competitive keywords instead, and target them in product titles and descriptions.

You should also use the average price listed for each item, or experiment in your own Etsy shop by listing your item at a higher or lower price point than the average price.

More experienced Etsy shop owners may be able to rank for competitive keywords, but Etsy states that things like community ranks and badges do not affect your Etsy SEO.

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