20 Best Products To Sell On Amazon In 2023 (According To Data)

Best Products To Sell On Amazon

Curious about the best products to sell on Amazon?

We were curious, too, so we did the research to find out. In this article, you’ll find a list of products that sell well on Amazon.

Each list item contains data on average revenue, price and more.

Let’s get into it.

Best products to sell on Amazon: the data

Every item on this list contains the following data:

  • Number of Listings – The number of products that appear when you enter the item as a keyword into Amazon’s search bar.
  • Search Volume – The number of searches the product receives on Amazon on a monthly basis.
  • Average Revenue – The average annual revenue each listing for a particular product receives.
  • Average Price – The average cost per item across all listings for a product.
  • Average Best Sellers Rank (BSR) – An indication of how well a product sells. Best selling products have lower numbers.

Finding the number of listings each product has was easy. All we needed to do was enter the product as a keyword into Amazon’s search bar.

For search volume, we used Ahrefs’ Amazon keyword tool.

Average revenue, price and BSR came from a tool called Helium10. This is a fantastic product research tool for Amazon sellers.

Not only does it help you find the average revenue, price and BSR of a broad niche market, it also helps you find noncompetitive niches to target within those broad niches and can even help you spy on your competition.

You can even view data on specific products, which can help you find top selling items to target.

The products listed below are arranged from the lowest number of listings to the highest. Every product on this list sells well on Amazon, but some are more competitive than others.

Arranging them from lowest to highest number of listings allows us to list these products from least to most competitive.

Most popular categories on Amazon

And before we get to our list, here are Amazon’s best selling categories:

  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Books
  • Camera & Photo
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Patio, Lawn & Garden
  • Pet Supplies
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Toys & Games
  • Video Games

The best products to sell on Amazon

Products on this list:

  • Cat litter
  • Wifi extender
  • Wireless charger
  • Posture corrector
  • Tablets
  • Cat food
  • Mascara
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Neck massager
  • Car phone holder
  • Sheet set
  • Strapless bra
  • Stainless steel water bottle
  • Shampoo
  • Smartwatch
  • Scented candles
  • Computers
  • Nail polish
  • Socks
  • Toys

1. Cat litter

cat litter amazon
  • Number of Listings: 500
  • Search Volume: 200,000
  • Average Revenue: $226,666.13
  • Average BSR (lower is better): 20,309
  • Average Price: $36.46

Yep, cat litter is one of the most profitable products on Amazon. It only has over 500 listings, which is pretty low for the platform.

It also has a high search volume and average revenue. Plus, at an average price of $36, it has a low cost of investment (COI) to get started.

Top brands include Fresh Step, Dr. Elsey’s, Cat’s Pride, Arm & Hammer, and Tidy Cats.

The top listings promote clumping formulas.

Departments: Cat Litter & Housebreaking, Cat Litter, Dog Supplies, Dog Housebreaking Supplies, Pet Supplies

01 Selling Cat Litter On Amazon Statistics

2. Wifi extender

wifi extender amazon
  • Number of Listings: 700
  • Search Volume: 150,000
  • Average Revenue: $104,032.39
  • Average BSR: 22,104
  • Average Price: $106.71

At only 700 listings, wifi extenders are another untapped market on Amazon. They have a semi-high search volume of over 150,000 and a decent average revenue.

The top listings cover ranges well over 1,500 square feet. They also cover dozens of devices and offer connection speeds of over 750 Mbps.

Top brands include TP-Link and Netgear. Many listings are unbranded.

Departments: Computer Networking, Repeaters, Whole Home & Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

02 Selling WIFI Extenders On Amazon Statistics

3. Wireless charger

wireless charger amazon
  • Number of Listings: 1,000
  • Search Volume: 204,000
  • Average Revenue: $62,585.76
  • Average BSR: 15,612
  • Average Price: $33.07

Wireless chargers don’t pull in the same amount of revenue as the first two products on this list, but they have a low number of listings to compete with and a high amount of interest on Amazon with over 200,000 searches per month.

Some listings only work with specific devices, such as the latest iPhones from Apple. Others are compatible with all devices.

Many top listings are made by a brand called Anker. Others are by lesser known brands or are unbranded.

Departments: Cell Phone Chargers & Power Adapters, Cell Phone Wireless Chargers, Cell Phone Charging Stations

03 Selling Wireless Chargers On Amazon Statistics

4. Posture corrector

posture corrector amazon
  • Number of Listings: 1,000
  • Search Volume: 50,000
  • Average Revenue: $37,440.82
  • Average BSR: 109,616
  • Average Price: $23.86

Posture correctors are one of the least competitive products on Amazon with just over 1,000 listings.

They have a moderate amount of interest and a low COI, making them an ideal addition for Amazon sellers who already sell related products.

Most listings are advertised as being made for both men and women, and the majority are adjustable.

Departments: Braces, Splints & Supports, Back Braces, Shoulder Supports & Immobilizers, Industrial & Scientific, Occupational & Physical Therapy Aids, Traction Equipment

04 Selling Posture Correctors On Amazon Statistics

5. Tablets

tablets amazon
  • Number of Listings: 2,000
  • Search Volume: 154,000
  • Average Revenue: $88,493.75
  • Average BSR: 30,999
  • Average Price: $147.06

Tablets are one of the best electronic devices to get started with. They have a small amount of competition on Amazon and a lower COI than other types of devices.

They also have a semi-high amount of interest with over 150,000 searches per month.

Many of the top listings have 8 or 10-inch screens and 32GB of storage. Top brands include Amazon’s Fire line of tablets, iPads from Apple and popular Samsung Galaxy Tab models.

Other top listings are for unbranded Android tablets.

Departments: Computers & Tablets, Computer Tablets, Amazon Devices, Fire Tablets, Amazon Device Accessories, Gaming Controllers

05 Selling Tablets On Amazon Statistics

6. Cat food

cat food amazon
  • Number of Listings: 3,000
  • Search Volume: 150,000
  • Average Revenue: $325,402.71
  • Average BSR: 2,535
  • Average Price: $33.66

Cat food is one of the best products to start selling on Amazon. It has a lower number of listings, a semi-high search volume and one of the largest average revenues on this list.

It also has one of the best BSRs as well as a low COI.

The top listings are a mix of dry and wet food varieties in poultry and fish-based flavors. Top brands include Friskies, Purina One, Fancy Feast, Meow Mix, Blue Wilderness and IAMS.

Almost all of the top listings sell cat food in bulk, such as 24 wet food cans or 22-pound bags of dry food.

Departments: Dry Cat Food, Wet Cat Food, Canned Cat Food, Cat Food Pouches, Wet Dog Food, Canned Dog Food

06 Selling Cat Food On Amazon Statistics

7. Mascara

mascara amazon
  • Number of Listings: 3,000
  • Search Volume: 88,000
  • Average Revenue: $41,443.68
  • Average BSR: 17,746
  • Average Price: $13.69

Mascara is one of the best products to sell on Amazon for beauty stores. It has a low amount of competition and doesn’t cost much to stock up on as its average sale price is only $13.

It also has a decent amount of interest on the platform with over 88,000 searches per month.

The top mascara listings are black and promise to increase lash volume. Popular brands include Essence, Maybelline, L’Oreal Paris and Covergirl.

Departments: Eye Makeup, Mascara, Beauty Tools & Accessories, Makeup Brushes & Tools

07 Selling Mascara On Amazon Statistics

8. Bluetooth speaker

bluetooth speaker amazon
  • Number of Listings: 4,000
  • Search Volume: 331,000
  • Average Revenue: $243,204.92
  • Average BSR: 55,914
  • Average Price: $80.74

Bluetooth speakers are another great electronic product to sell on Amazon.

At over 4,000 listings, they’re not the most competitive devices on the platform. Plus, they have a huge amount of interest and an average revenue over $200,000.

The top listings for bluetooth speakers are waterproof and portable. Some advertise a 100-foot bluetooth range.

Popular brands include Anker and JBL.

Departments: Portable Cell Phone & MP3 Player Speakers & Audio Docks, Portable Bluetooth Speakers, MP3 & MP4 Player Accessories

08 Selling Bluetooth Speakers On Amazon Statistics

9. Neck massager

neck massager amazon
  • Number of Listings: 5,000
  • Search Volume: 40,000
  • Average Revenue: $81,332.81
  • Average BSR: 60,660
  • Average Price: $55.98

Like posture correctors, neck massagers would make a decent addition to an Amazon shop that sells similar products.

They have a good amount of interest on the platform and a moderate average revenue.

Top listings are a mixture of electric and manual massagers. Electric massagers provide heat therapy and have multiple modes. Most advertise a shiatsu-style massage.

The majority of listings are unbranded.

Departments: Health Care Products, Electric Massagers, Electric Back Massagers, Manual Massage Tools, Manual Back Massagers

09 Selling Neck Massagers On Amazon Statistics

10. Car phone holder

car phone holder amazon
  • Number of Listings: 5,000
  • Search Volume: 55,000
  • Average Revenue: $50,358.36
  • Average BSR: 6,983
  • Average Price: $17.52

Car phone holders have a moderate search volume and average revenue but a fairly decent average BSR.

They also have an average price of $17, so they don’t cost much to invest in.

There’s a lot of variety in the top listings for car phone holders. Most are compatible with all smartphone models.

However, some are made to be installed on your air vent while others use suction cups so you can install them anywhere, including your dashboard or window.

All listings are unbranded or from lesser-known brands.

Departments: Cell Phone Automobile Accessories, Cell Phone Automobile Cradles, Cell Phone Mounts, Hood Scoops & Vents, Hood Vents, Automotive Consoles & Organizers, Dash-Mounted Holders

10 Selling Car Phone Holders On Amazon Statistics

11. Sheet set

sheet set amazon
  • Number of Listings: 8,000
  • Search Volume: 14,000
  • Average Revenue: $238,184.80
  • Average BSR: 58,436
  • Average Price: $51.03

Sheet sets have one of the lowest search volumes on this list, but their average revenue is over $200,000, so you can really do a lot even with a smaller amount of interest.

Most of the top listings are for queen and king-sized beds. Many have over 20 colors and patterns to choose from.

Thread counts for the majority of listings range from 300 to 1,800.

There’s a lot of variety in brands for sheet sets. Almost every listing is from a different brand with the exception of Amazon Basics, which has a few listings.

Departments: Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases, Sheet & Pillowcase Sets

11 Selling Sheet Sets On Amazon Statistics

12. Strapless bra

strapless bra amazon
  • Number of Listings: 7,000
  • Search Volume: 42,000
  • Average Revenue: $55,383.56
  • Average BSR: 120,306
  • Average Price: $26.27

Like other products on this list, strapless bras make a decent addition for Amazon sellers who already sell similar products rather than being a store’s core product.

They’re not too competitive. Plus, they have a low COI and can potentially add over $50,000 in revenue to your store.

Top listings are available in neutral colors. Some are padded, some are wirefree and some advertise a “smoothing underwire.”

Common brands include Vanity Fair, Maidenform and Delimira, but most listings are by a different brand from the next.

Departments: Women’s Bras, Everyday Bras, Adhesive Bras, Women’s Minimizer Bras

12 Selling Strapless Bras On Amazon Statistics

13. Stainless steel water bottle

stainless steel water bottle amazon
  • Number of Listings: 8,000
  • Search Volume: 41,000
  • Average Revenue: $133,014.70
  • Average BSR: 31,269
  • Average Price: $23.72

Stainless steel water bottles receive a moderate amount of interest on Amazon. However, they have an average revenue over $100,000 and don’t cost much to invest in, so they’d be a great addition for sellers who also sell fitness and outdoor products.

The majority of listings have colorful exteriors. Most are insulated, either with double or triple walls.

Some have vacuum seal lids with included straws while others have screw caps.

Departments: Sports & Outdoor Recreation Accessories, Water Bottles, Insulated Beverage Containers, Insulated Bottles, Insulated Cups & Mugs, Campaign & Hiking Equipment, Camping & Hiking Hydration & Filtration Products

13 Selling Stainless Steel Water Bottles On Amazon Statistics

14. Shampoo

shampoo amazon
  • Number of Listings: 10,000
  • Search Volume: 145,000
  • Average Revenue: $93,618.52
  • Average BSR: 17,232
  • Average Price: $21.52

Shampoo sells quite well on Amazon. It has a decent amount of interest at over 140,000 searches per month, and its average revenue is just shy of $100,000.

Plus, at an average price of $21, it’s not too expensive to get into.

Shampoo for dry, damaged hair and scalp care is popular among the top listings.

Top brands include TRESemm√©, L’Oreal Paris, Garnier Fructis and OGX.

Departments: Shampoo & Conditioner, Hair Shampoo, Shampoo & Conditioner Sets, 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, Hair Conditioner, Health & Household, Hair Loss Products, Hair Regrowth Shampoos, Hair Care Products

14 Selling Shampoo On Amazon Statistics

15. Smartwatch

smartwatch amazon
  • Number of Listings: 10,000
  • Search Volume: 50,000
  • Average Revenue: $52,799.12
  • Average BSR: 34,295
  • Average Price: $89.35

Smartwatches are a suitable addition for an Amazon store that already sells electronics.

They have a moderate amount of interest, but they’re one of the cheapest electronic devices to buy upfront when you stay away from expensive models.

Plus, they’ll add around $70,000 in revenue to your store.

The majority of listings are advertised as fitness trackers that can monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen level, step count and sleeping patterns.

Most listings are unbranded or from lesser-known brands. However, Samsung and Fitbit did make the first page of results.

Departments: Wearable Technology, Smartwatches, Activity & Fitness Trackers, Electronics & Gadgets, Men’s Smartwatches, Women’s Smartwatches, Heart Rate Monitors, GPS Units

15 Selling Smartwatches On Amazon Statistics

16. Scented candles

scented candles amazon
  • Number of Listings: 10,000
  • Search Volume: 32,000
  • Average Revenue: $52,799.12
  • Average BSR: 78,191
  • Average Price: $19.14

Scented candles don’t have as much competition as you’d think they would. They do have a lower amount of interest, though, and they can potentially add around $50,000 in revenue to your store, so they’d do better as an addition to your store.

Plus, at an average price of $19, they’re not an expensive product to invest in.

Listings are a mixture of large, singular candles and packs of smaller candles. Some are made with soy wax while others are made with traditional paraffin.

Top brands include Yankee Candle, Village Candle and CANDLE-LITE.

Departments: Candles, Jar Candles, Candle Sets, Pillar Candles, Alternative Medicine Products, Aromatherapy Candles

16 Selling Scented Candles On Amazon Statistics

17. Computers

computers amazon
  • Number of Listings: 20,000
  • Search Volume: 51,000
  • Average Revenue: $104,418.64
  • Average BSR: 32,756
  • Average Price: $899.44

Computers are a tricky product to sell anywhere, but especially on Amazon. They’ll sell for an average price of around $900 each, but this means you’ll likely spend a lot investing in them, so you’ll need to be careful.

The top listings are a mixture of laptops and desktop sets where everything is included. That means the computer itself, keyboard and mouse, an LED or LCD monitor, and even speakers.

One interesting thing to note is that although computers have an average price of around $900, the  majority of listings on the first page are available for under $300.

Some are new. Others are “renewed.”

Top brands include Dell, HP, Lenovo and Apple.

Departments: Computers & Tablets, Tower Computers, Traditional Laptop Computers, All-in-One Computers, Mini Computers, 2 in 1 Laptop Computers

17 Selling Computers On Amazon Statistics

18. Nail polish

nail polish amazon
  • Number of Listings: 20,000
  • Search Volume: 96,000
  • Average Revenue: $64,802.09
  • Average BSR: 16,961
  • Average Price: $15.52

Nail polish is another fantastic product for Amazon stores that sell beauty products.

They have a bit more competition than other beauty products on this list, but they don’t cost much to invest in and can add over $60,000 in revenue to your store.

Plus, they have a decent amount of interest at 96,000 searches per month.

Many of the top listings are for gel-based polishes. Some are for singular colors while others are small to large sets.

Top brands include Sally Hansen, Modelones and Beetles.

Departments: Nail Polish, Gel Nail Polish, Nail Art Accessories, Nail Decoration Kits, Nail Care Products

18 Selling Nail Polish On Amazon Statistics

19. Socks

socks amazon
  • Number of Listings: 40,000
  • Search Volume: 262,000
  • Average Revenue: $114,979.05
  • Average BSR: 30,826
  • Average Price: $16.29

We start getting into more competitive products with socks as they have over 40,000 listings on the platform.

However, they also have a huge amount of interest at over 260,000 searches per month. Plus, they have a low COI and may add over $110,000 in revenue to your store.

Most listings are in neutral colors and are either crew or low-cut.

Top brands include Fruit of the Loom, Dickies, Hanes and adidas.

Departments: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Men’s Athletic Socks, Women’s Athletic Socks, Men’s Liner & Ankle Socks, Women’s No Show & Liner Socks, Men’s Calf Socks, Men’s Running Socks, Girls’ Activewear, Boys’ Activewear, Women’s Activewear, Men’s Activewear, Men’s Sports & Recreation Socks

19 Selling Socks On Amazon Statistics

20. Toys

toys amazon
  • Number of Listings: 100,000
  • Search Volume: 172,000
  • Average Revenue: $166,071.04
  • Average BSR: 9,701
  • Average Price: $22.82

Toys are the most competitive product on this list, but they have one of the best BSRs.

Plus, they’re not as expensive to invest in as you’d think. They also have a healthy amount of interest and can potentially add over $160,000 in revenue to your store.

Most listings are for educational, remote control or simulation toys. Fidget toys are also popular.

Top brands include LEGO and VTech, but most toys are unbranded or by lesser-known brands.

Departments: Toys & Games, Novelty Toys & Amusements, Sports & Outdoor Play Toys, Baby & Toddler Toys, Kids’ Electronics, Kids’ Drawing & Writing Boards, Electronic Learning & Education Toys, Plush Interactive Toy Figures

20 Selling Toys On Amazon Statistics

Final thoughts

So, what can new sellers learn from this data?

Pets is a popular product category especially if you focus on cats. Cat litter and food are both not highly competitive and also are cheap to invest in.

If we look at the best selling items on this list; cat food, toys and car phone holders are the winners.

Here are our top picks from this list:

  • Cat litter
    • Lowest number of listings
    • Search volume and average revenue both over 200,000
    • Not an expensive product type to invest in
  • Wifi extender
    • Low number of listings
    • Semi-high search volume
    • Average revenue over $100,000
  • Wireless charger
    • Low number of listings
    • High search volume
    • Low cost of investment
  • Cat food
    • Lower number of listings
    • Semi-high search volume
    • Average revenue over $300,000
    • One of the best BSRs on this list
    • Low cost of investment
  • Bluetooth speaker
    • Lower number of listings
    • High search volume
    • Average revenue over $200,000

And before we sign off, we wanted to share a few interesting points we discovered while analyzing all of this data.

The first is that a higher average price doesn’t necessarily mean a higher average revenue.

For instance, computers have an average price of around $899 but an average revenue of just over $100,000. Meanwhile, cat food has an average price of around $33 but an average revenue of over $300,000.

The other two points we picked up on are that search volume and average BSR do not necessarily have an affect on a product’s average revenue.

Some products have a low search volume but a high average revenue and vice versa.

The same is true for average BSR.

We hope this article has helped you find a new product to target on Amazon, and we wish you luck!

Finally, if you found this article useful, be sure to check out the other articles in this series and beyond: