15 Best Selling Items On eBay For 2024 (Original Research)

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What are the best selling items on eBay?

eBay has been known as an online marketplace where general consumers can sell or auction off used goods for decades.

It’s now a fully-fledged ecommerce platform for new and used products alike.

Anyone can choose a product to sell, become an eBay seller and start selling on the platform.

In this post, we’ve rounded up the best selling products on the eBay marketplace.

Best selling items on eBay: the data

The following data is listed for each product below:

  • Sell-through rate (STR) – A measurement of how fast items are selling. Zik Analytics, the tool we used to uncover this metric, provides this example: “a STR of 500% means that, on average, each listing has gained 5 sales.”
  • Number of listings – The number of results that return when you search for each item on eBay.
  • Successful listings – A metric showcasing the number of listings that have made at least one sale. This is shown as a percentage.
  • Average price: The average sales price for each item.

Because STR is a metric depicting how fast each product is sold, the list below is arranged from highest to lowest STR.

However, we also required each item to have a successful listings rate of at least 70%.

This is because we found some products had high STRs but lower rates of successful listings.

This means that although these items sell fast when they do sell, many listings failed to sell even a single product.

The best selling items on eBay

  1. Cables
  2. Men’s Clothing
  3. Fragrances
  4. Computers
  5. Car Phone Holder
  6. Wireless Charger
  7. Necklaces
  8. Supplements
  9. Vitamins
  10.  Socks
  11.  Fans
  12.  Women’s Clothing
  13.  Bracelets
  14.  Action Figures
  15.  Smartwatch

1. Cables

cables ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 38,680%
  • Number of Listings: 2.1 million
  • Successful Listings: 96%
  • Average Price: $6.55

Cables are a hot item on eBay with over 2.1 million listings.

They also sell incredibly well. Their STR is well over 30,000%, which means that the average listing makes at least 300 online sales in 30 days (this is as far back as Zik Analytics’ data goes).

At an average price of $6.55, that’s a sales potential of around $1,900 every day per cable listing in your online store.

Plus, the majority of cable listings on eBay are successful.

Best Selling Items On eBay - 01 CablesPin

The first page of search results mainly features listings for type-C USB cables, particularly charging cables for smartphones.

However, other categories include cables for cars, musical instruments, various consumer electronics and bicycles.

Unfortunately, with over 2 million listings to compete with and an average listing price of $6.55, this market may not be worth getting into.

It’s highly competitive, and your return on investment (ROI) may be low.

2. Men’s Clothing

mens clothing ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 17,700%
  • Number of Listings: 13 million
  • Successful Listings: 89%
  • Average Price: $13.19

Men’s clothing products make up a good portion of the top selling products on eBay with over 13 million listings on the marketplace.

They have an impressive STR, and most listings sell at least one item.

Best Selling Items On eBay - 02 Mens ClothingPin

T-shirts are the most popular item in this category by far. The entire first search results page is filled with various listings for men’s t-shirts.

Some are plain while others are graphic tees.

Other popular selling categories include activewear, jackets and coats, and pants.

However, at over 13 million listings, men’s clothing may be far too competitive of a niche to target as even its smaller categories are saturated on eBay.

3. Fragrances

fragrances ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 16,213%
  • Number of Listings: 810,000
  • Successful Listings: 93%
  • Average Price: $28.12

Fragrances are surprisingly one of the top selling items on eBay. They’re a hot product in the beauty category.

Their STR is over 15,000%, and most listings are successful on the platform.

Best Selling Items On eBay - 03 FragrancesPin

Many of the fragrances on the first search results page are for men, but fragrances for women are just as popular.

Many are for top selling brands, such as Calvin Klein, Armani and Versace.

Smaller markets exist for unisex fragrances and fragrances meant for younger consumers.

At over 800,000 listings, fragrances are not as competitive as the top two items on this list, but it’s still a fairly saturated market.

However, at an average product price of $28, it may be worth breaking into it.

4. Computers

computers ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 14,525%
  • Number of Listings: 43,000
  • Successful Listings: 83%
  • Average Price: $328.19

Computers sell very well on eBay, even if they aren’t one of the most popular products on the platform.

They have a STR well over 14,000% but only about 50,000 listings on the marketplace.

Selling Computers On eBayPin

Most listings on the first results page for this item are desktop computers from popular brands like Dell and HP.

However, Macs have a market as well.

Because computers have a lower number of listings on the marketplace, they may be a great niche to target.

This is especially true given that the average price of a listing is $300.

5. Car Phone Holder

car phone holder ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 12,757%
  • Number of Listings: 83,000
  • Successful Listings: 94%
  • Average Price: $7.80

Car phone holders are one of the best selling products on eBay, enough to appear as one of the top five top selling items on this list.

Their STR is over 12,000%, and most listings sell at least one item.

Selling Car Phone Holder On eBayPin

Many car phone holders on the first search results page attach to a car’s rearview mirror or dashboard. Others attach to a car’s window.

Some are only compatible with specific brands while others are universal.

Many rotate a full 360°.

Like computers, car phone holders aren’t as competitive of a niche on eBay as they would be on other marketplaces.

Plus, they sell incredibly well.

6. Wireless Charger

wireless charger ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 9,597%
  • Number of Listings: 120,000
  • Successful Listings: 90%
  • Average Price: $12.23

Wireless chargers are top selling items on eBay as well as trending tech products in general.

While they only return around 120,000 listings and don’t have the highest STR on this list, a STR of over 9,000% is still remarkably good.

Selling Wireless Charger On eBayPin

Many chargers on the first results page are magnetic and 3-in-1. This means they have the ability to charge the user’s smartphone, smartwatch and wireless earphones at the same time.

Some chargers are only compatible with specific smartphone brands while others are universal.

Because there are only 120,000 listings for wireless chargers on eBay, they may be a good product to target on the platform.

Plus, they have an average product price of $12, which is almost twice as much as the average product price of car phone holders.

7. Necklaces

necklaces ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 8,655%
  • Number of Listings: 790,000
  • Successful Listings: 97%
  • Average Price: $9.58

Necklaces have always been a hot item to sell, and luckily, the ecommerce wave has done nothing to hinder their popularity.

It’s only natural that they’d become one of the best selling products on eBay.

Selling Necklaces On eBayPin

Many of the necklaces on the first results page have crosses, gemstones or crystals attached to them. Some are simple chains.

Others have pendants attached or feature unique designs.

At over 790,000 listings, necklaces are a bit competitive on eBay. This means you’ll need to do a bit of research if you want to find success in this market.

8. Supplements

supplements ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 8,562%
  • Number of Listings: 100,000
  • Successful Listings: 89%
  • Average Price: $18.81

Supplements are another surprising item on this list.

There are only around 100,000 listings for supplements on eBay, but they have a STR of over 8,000%.

Selling Supplements On eBayPin

Many supplements on the first results page target specific health problems, such as anxiety, blood pressure, cholesterol and sexual wellness.

Others market specific ingredients or sets of ingredients, including minerals and herbs.

Weight management and dietary supplements are some of the biggest product categories for supplements.

Supplements as a whole only have around 100,000 listings on eBay and an average selling price of around $18. This makes them good candidates for your eBay store.

9. Vitamins

vitamins ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 8,439%
  • Number of Listings: 120,000
  • Successful Listings: 86%
  • Average Price: $12.89

Vitamins are a subcategory of supplements, and they’re also one of the top selling items on eBay.

They have about the same STR as supplements and a few thousand more listings.

Selling Vitamins On eBayPin

Many items on the first search results page market specific vitamins and minerals.

Some are marketed as “multivitamins” while others are marketed as vitamins that target specific health problems, such as “vitamins for hair, skin and nails.”

Even with those extra 20,000 listings, vitamins are still one of the least competitive items on this list, making them another decent product to target.

10. Socks

socks ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 7,639%
  • Number of Listings: 740,000
  • Successful Listings: 84%
  • Average Price: $9.22

Socks are one of the top selling products to sell on any online platform, but they’re also one of the hottest products on eBay.

There are over 700,000 listings for socks on the platform, and they have an impressive STR.

Selling Socks On eBayPin

The majority of socks on the first results page are plain and in various colors. Some are meant for athletic activity.

Most socks on this page are marketed for men, which means there may be an untapped niche among the market for women’s socks.

This is good as the socks market is a bit saturated on eBay at over 700,000 listings.

Plus, their average selling price is on the lower end, so you’ll need to find smaller niches within this market to succeed, anyway.

11. Fans

fans ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 6,671%
  • Number of Listings: 76,000
  • Successful Listings: 96%
  • Average Price: $78.75

Fans have been constant in our lives ever since they were invented. They keep us and our electronics cool and remove steam and obnoxious fumes from poorly-ventilated areas.

As such, fan technology is always changing while our interest in them remains the same.

Selling Fans On eBayPin

This is why their popularity on the eBay marketplace is unsurprising.

However, the first page of search results is so varied for this item, it’s impossible to spot a single trend.

There are fans of all sizes and types. Some are portable. Some are heavy duty. Some are even bladeless.

A few are from best selling brands like Honeywell and Lasko while others are unbranded.

Even with this uncertainty, fans are still a great contender for selling on eBay.

They have a lower number of listings and high sell-through and successful listings rates.

12. Women’s Clothing

womens clothing ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 6,473%
  • Number of Listings: 13 million
  • Successful Listings: 82%
  • Average Price: $8.75

Here’s another comparison we can make on the same list.

Women’s clothing is one of the top selling items on eBay. However, the STR for men’s clothing is almost three times as high.

Selling Womens Clothing On eBayPin

The successful listings rate and average price are higher for men’s clothing as well.

It’s also harder to spot trends for women’s clothing.

Sure, the majority of results for this item are tops, but the types of tops on the first page vary greatly.

There are blouses, dresses, tank tops, t-shirts and everything else in between.

Because this is one of the most competitive items on this list, make sure you do a lot of research if you decide to try and break into this market.

13. Bracelets

bracelets ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 6,311%
  • Number of Listings: 1.4 million
  • Successful Listings: 92%
  • Average Price: $5.40

Bracelets are another jewellry item that sell well on eBay.

Selling Bracelets On eBayPin

The majority of bracelets on the first results page don’t target a specific gender. Even so, there are a few noticeable trends.

Most listings are for leather or beaded bracelets. Others are for plain metal bracelets or bracelets that feature gemstones.

All in all, this is not a great contender for new eBay sellers as it’s a highly competitive market with a low ROI.

14. Action Figures

action figures ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 6,180%
  • Number of Listings: 1.5 million
  • Successful Listings: 75%
  • Average Price: $12.89

This shouldn’t be a surprising item to find on this list. Action figures have been a popular item for collectors to profit from for decades.

It’s only natural for them to be one of the top selling items on eBay.

Selling Action Figures On eBayPin

There aren’t many trends to spot aside from the obvious: every action figure on the first page of results depicts a character from a work of fiction.

One trend is surprising, though. The majority of action figures on that first page are in brand new condition, and the vintage ones don’t sell for more than $15.

In fact, this is a good reason to steer clear of this market, at least from a broad standpoint.

1.5 million listings is a lot of products to compete with.

Plus, at an average price of $12, your potential for ROI is low.

15. Smartwatches

smartwatch ebayPin
  • Sell-Through Rate: 5,139%
  • Number of Listings: 210,000
  • Successful Listings: 89%
  • Average Price: $86.69

Smartwatches are a trending tech product that took a while to catch on. Now, they’re one of the top selling items on eBay.

They have a decent STR rate, and most listings have sold at least one item.

Selling Smartwatches On eBayPin

The majority of smartwatches on the first page of search results are made by Apple or Samsung.

Others are unbranded or from lesser-known brands.

There’s also a lot of variety in the condition of these watches, a healthy mix of used and brand new listings.

When it comes down to it, smartwatches are a decent product to sell on eBay.

They have a great STR and a lower number of listings.

Plus, while $86 seems surprisingly low of an average price for this type of product, you’ll still have a decent ROI in comparison to other products.

Final thoughts on the best selling products on eBay

Okay, you know what sells well on the eBay marketplace. Now, you need to know what to do with this data.

We gave hints on how to handle each individual product here and there, but let’s touch base on how to interpret this data and move forward from here.

It’s not enough to choose the product with the highest STR, purchase inventory for it and immediately market it on eBay.

The number of listings a product has is a major factor as well. In actuality, it’s probably a larger factor than sell-through rate.

This is because the number of listings a product has is a big indicator of how competitive that product is.

It’s simple math: the more listings a product has, the more products you’ll need to differentiate your product from on a given ecommerce platform.

Choose products with lower numbers of listings instead. The lower, the better.

Once you find a product, do a bit of research to find specific versions of that product that aren’t marketed as much as others.

This is fairly easy. Just make note of every version of that product you find, and do research through eBay’s search function to see which version has the fewest listings.

It’s just a matter of filling your inventory with quality versions of that product and creating optimized listings after that.

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