What To Tweet: 29 Engaging Ideas For Twitter Posts

What To Tweet - Twitter Post Ideas

Are you running out of ideas for Twitter posts? Do you need some inspiration?

It’s only natural for social media marketers to run out of tweet ideas. This is true for people who have been running social media platforms for years and those who are fairly new to the game. 

Regardless of experience, people will run out of post ideas sooner or later.

And since 52% of Twitter users in the United States use the platform every day, you can’t afford to stop posting updates about your business.

Luckily, some Twitter users have developed techniques that let them publish posts consistently to keep Twitter engagement high. And now, you too can use the same techniques to develop engaging tweet ideas for your brand.

In this post, you’ll discover tips on how you can develop engaging tweet ideas for your Twitter account.

How to schedule tweets

Before we jump into tweet ideas, let’s quickly talk about scheduling tweets.

Do you need to use a social media scheduler? Well, honestly, you don’t. 

But having access to a scheduler goes a long way toward being more productive. After all, you’ll need all the help you can get if you’re going to be preparing a ton of tweets for the next couple of days, weeks, or even months. 

Social media schedulers will play an important role in developing tweet ideas since they give users the ability to plan their posts in advance. In addition, they’ll help you be more organized and consistent.

There are tools like Pallyy and TweetDeck that offer a free plan if you don’t want to pay monthly subscription fees for a social media scheduler straight away.

If you’d rather use another tool, then have a read of our comparison of tweet schedulers.

Tweet ideas for better Twitter engagement

What sort of tweet content will you need to publish to get more engagement out of your followers? And if you’re running out of tweet ideas, what other types of tweets can you post so your Twitter account won’t grow stale?

Note: We also have a guide on how to trend on Twitter if you need help growing on the platform. There’s also a post on how to grow your Twitter audience using Twitter marketing tools that you can check out.

Here are some tweet ideas that you could use to fill up your social media content calendar.


No surprises here. Most businesses use Twitter to make company announcements — as they should. However, there are still those that limit the announcements they make for fear that it could turn off some of their Twitter followers.

But the key is moderation. If you only post announcements, then your followers will get tired of your posts and might even consider unfollowing your account. To avoid this from happening, space your announcements apart. And make sure that all your announcements are things your followers care about.

Behind the scenes

Twitter followers like having an inside look into how a business operates. They want to see what happens when there are no customers around. How are the products being developed? What do employees do when the store hours are over? What’s everyone in the office really like?

Posting behind-the-scenes tweets—whether as text, images, or videos—are a great way for customers to know you more as a company. It also humanizes your company and makes you seem more approachable and relatable.

Blog post

Do you have a company blog? You should seriously consider having one if you don’t. And when you do have a blog, make sure you promote all new posts in your Twitter feed. 

Not only is blog promotion a good way to fill up your content calendar, but it also helps drive traffic to your website. And once your followers are on your website, they can easily explore other pages including those that promote all your products and services.


Upcoming events should be promoted on Twitter. And you shouldn’t limit yourself to public company events either. If your company has been invited to be part of a bigger event, you can mention it in one of your posts. 

If your company won an award, for example, and you’ll be attending the awarding ceremony, this is something worth tweeting about.

You can even promote events that your community will be hosting especially if your products are heavily featured.


Your followers have questions that only you can answer. So why not use Twitter to help them better understand your company along with its products and services?

If a question comes up often, it’s only right that you take the time to clarify whatever it is that’s confusing your customers. And if you don’t think you can give a satisfying answer in one tweet, then you can include explainer images or videos. You can even create a landing page and link to it in your tweet.

Funny tweets

Posting funny things is never a bad option — unless you don’t have a good grasp of your audience’s humor. Otherwise, your tweets might come off as cringe which is the last thing you want.

Also, making jokes about controversial topics is almost never a good idea. You’re bound to alienate part of your audience. Or worse, you could find yourself trending online for all the wrong reasons.

That said, light jokes that don’t deviate from your company’s branding will result in positive interaction with your target audience.

GIFs and memes

GIFs and memes are also welcome on Twitter. But even more so than funny tweets, you’ll need to have a good understanding of how GIFs and memes should be used. That means you should know internet culture and how GIFs and memes work for them to have the full and intended effect.

You also have to keep in mind that a funny meme would only work if there’s context. So you should only post them if you can make them relate to your brand.

Holiday posts

Here’s another way you could fill up holes in your content calendar. Schedule holiday greetings for all your Twitter followers. And don’t limit yourself to the most popular holidays. Grab a copy of all holidays and use that for reference.

You may want to pick and choose your holidays though. Not all holidays will work with the type of audience you have. And going overboard with holiday greetings might make you sound insincere.

Also, take note of which countries your core audience is from as they might have holidays you may not be aware of.

Promotional images

Business owners should be posting different promotional images whenever they can. These could be lifestyle shots showing how your products can make a difference in a potential customer’s life. Or they could be photos of influencers using your products in the real world.

Other promotional images can include an exploded view of your product. These refer to product images that show what a product is like on the inside. These types of images are especially popular for Twitter accounts that are in the tech space.

Industry news

If you are in an industry that’s frequently innovating, then publishing industry news in your Twitter feed could be a great way to engage your audience. A good tweet idea would be to find a topic that your followers would want to know and add your take on the subject.

This will inspire a healthy discussion among your followers which will mean more engagement for your account. Twitter’s algorithm likes these sorts of community interactions. Plus it makes you a thought leader in your product category.


Infographics are a great way to share information in an easily digestible format. You can use infographics made by others. But if you’re going to reference graphics from other sources, just make sure you give them the credit and link back to the original source. 

However, it’s always better to create your own infographic using data you’ve gathered yourself. Why? Because when other people use your infographic, they’re going to link back to you. And that means more exposure for your business. It will also increase your brand authority.

Inspirational tweets

Some people are done with retweeting cheesy, inspirational tweets. But there are still users who like them. There are ways to make inspirational tweets sound better though. And there are companies that have made inspirational or motivational quotes a part of their branding because of how people receive them.

If inspirational tweets seem like a great fit for your business, there’s no reason not to make them a regular part of your Twitter content calendar.

Job openings

There are businesses that have a corporate Twitter account which is more for its employees and investors rather than its customers. That’s where they’ll usually post tweets like job openings and such.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t post job openings on your customer-facing Twitter profiles. There are even a few benefits to doing it this way. For starters, you’ll make your audience feel excited about the future of the company. And you might end up hiring people that are already fans of your product to begin with.

New hire announcements

You can announce new hires through your Twitter account especially if you just hired someone that’s well-regarded in your field of expertise. For example, hiring a new CEO that has massive experience working for a respected organization is definitely worth announcing.

Some hirings can also telegraph to customers where the company is headed which could be a good thing. A new hire that specializes in a specific field could mean drastic changes to a product offering which could inspire confidence among loyal customers.


Polls are another way that you can engage with your community. But more than the interaction, polls are useful for gaining insight into what your customers think about you and your products. You can use the data you gather from your followers to improve your company.

Or you can simply use polls for fun. It’s definitely up to you.

Some businesses even use polls to promote product features. Have a poll about which features your customers think are most useful and you’ll probably find one or two comments from users saying they didn’t even know the feature existed.

Pro tips

Here’s another good tweet idea: pro tips. You’re the expert at using your products. So there’s no one better to give useful tips on how your products can be used so that users can make the most out of them.

And if you use persuasive words, your audience will definitely follow your sage advice. Not only are you helping them, but you’re also highlighting your products’ best features.

Product launches

Do you have upcoming launches for either new products or features? Then tweet them to the public. Not only will these tweets hype up the product launch, but they can also drive up the demand. 

And the nice thing about product launch tweets is that you don’t have to do just one tweet. Yes, you can do several as you get closer to the launch date. In fact, you’re gonna want to do more of these tweets as the launch date gets nearer.

Product promotion

It goes without saying that you should regularly promote your products on your Twitter feed. That’s the whole reason why business owners create a Twitter account to begin with.

You’ll want to add some variety though. If all you do is promote products, it might result in people unfollowing you. So it’s best to mix in other types of Twitter content. 

Promo codes or sales

Flash sales, promo codes, and sale announcements do well on Twitter. If you ask a new follower why they follow a Twitter business account, that person would probably say that they’re looking forward to these types of posts.

Everyone likes to save money. So use it to incentivize people to follow your Twitter account.


You could be doing a great job answering frequently asked questions. But have you considered asking the questions yourself?

Questions should not be confused with polls. With polls, you’re providing a set of answers that followers have to choose from. With questions, your followers can create their own answers by leaving comments.

This type of Twitter post is useful if you want to start conversations with fans of your product and increase engagement.


A Twitter post can be as simple as posting a retweet. Of course, you’ll want to retweet something that your audience will care about. If your customers give you shout outs, you can retweet those as a sign of acknowledgment and gratitude.

If anything, retweets are a fantastic solution for those that can’t seem to come up with anything. When you’re mentally blocked and can’t find your way out of it, consider retweeting until you recover.


All growing brands will get a review from customers at one point. If you stumble on a product review that you like, why not tweet about it? Not only is positive press about your brand good for business, but it’s also great content for your feed.

And while this may not seem appealing to most businesses, you can also tweet negative reviews with the idea that you’re acknowledging the faults in your products and promising to fix all issues to the best of your ability.


This may not work for everyone. But if you’re known in your community and people are aware that you’re the owner of your business, you can get away with posting selfies (or videos of yourself). You’ll want to make your selfies relevant though. 

Post selfies with your employees. Have pictures of yourself in your store. You can even post pictures of yourself with your customers. 

If you’re the main reason why people love your brand then you’ll want to show them that you’re hands-on with the business.

Service updates

You should tweet about any type of service interruption especially if it will affect your customers for some time. Yes, this is not the type of tweet that business owners want to post. But it’s an important tweet to make nonetheless.

Is your site undergoing maintenance? Is your physical store closed because of an emergency? Is there no one available to answer customer inquiries? 

If there’s any type of business emergency that directly impacts your operations, tweet about it immediately. And try to reassure your followers that you’re on top of the situation. Provide updates as the day goes on.


Will posting statistics help a brand gain more followers? It can. In particular, it will help you become a thought leader in your community. And people trust thought leaders along with the products they sell.

But you have to get your numbers right. If you don’t, then your tweets will have the opposite effect. Not only should you cite your sources, but you should also check where they’re getting their numbers from.


Product testimonials are great especially when they come from people that your followers recognize. You can have a graphic designer come up with an eye-catching image that incorporates the quote which you can then tweet out.

Imagine finding ten or twenty customer testimonials. If you tweet testimonials once a week, you could have one day blocked off on your content calendar for weeks. 

Throwback content

If you’re really struggling with tweet ideas, then why not use Twitter ideas that worked for you before? If you have old blog content that performed well or other Twitter content that had your followers buzzing, you can create similar posts.

You’ll want to stick with evergreen topics though. Unless there’s been an update, there’s almost no point in bringing up a topic that nobody cares about anymore. You’ll have to focus on old content that is still relevant today.

Trending hashtags

You can also go over the list of trending hashtags for the day and see if there’s one that you can tweet about. Remember that trending hashtags are ongoing conversations. If you’re going to jump into one, you’ll have to make sure that your tweets don’t feel out of place.

And you better make sure that you have a full understanding of what the hashtag is all about. While a hashtag might seem simple, you could be hopping into a topic that’s really sensitive. If that’s the case, you’ll have to be careful about what you say. 

Note: We have a guide on how to create the ideal Twitter hashtags for your own posts. Are you afraid of making a mistake on Twitter? Here’s a list of common Twitter mistakes and how to fix them.


There are businesses that are afraid to post videos. Why? Because they think all videos should look professional. While that would definitely help, you can post videos as long as they’re clear enough for the audience to understand.

The latest phones should be enough to capture clear audio and video. So even a vlog-style product update can be a good Twitter post. Even better, this type of video won’t require editing. So you don’t even need any technical knowledge to post video tweets.

Final thoughts

Twitter has a fast-paced social environment, and if you want to keep up with the crowd you need to have content on the go everyday.

Hopefully this list of Twitter post ideas will keep you going and staying in the game.

If you’re new to Twitter and don’t have an account yet, check out this post: How To Choose A Twitter Handle.

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