10 Powerful Tools To Monitor Your Social Media Presence

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Are you looking for the best social media monitoring tool?

Maybe you want to monitor what your competitors are publishing on social media, find opportunities to recommend your service, or use social listening to avoid a potential PR nightmare.

In this article, you’ll discover the best social media monitoring tools on the market. You can use them to monitor your brand, keep an eye on competitors, respond to reputation issues quickly, or generate leads. Social listening made easy.

You’ll also find some recommendations towards the end of this post, based on specific use-cases you may be interested in.

Let’s get started:

The best social media monitoring and listening tools for your business

1. Awario


Awario is a powerful social media monitoring tool that gives you advanced targeting options to track mentions, keyword phrases, and competitor mentions. Awario not only tracks what people are saying, but they track what people have already said using their historical tracking system.

You can join in the conversation as it happens and reply to people on social media using the web app.

Awario looks at nine sources online – various social media sites, blogs, forums, news and Q&A sites – to monitor keyword phrases related to your brand or your competitor’s brand.

Once you log in, you’ll come to a dashboard of analytics highlighting the projects you’re running.

Awario Dashboard

To help you make sales, you can search for a keyword based on your service. For example, if you sell logo design services, you can create a project in Awario to find mentions on the web about “good logo designer,” “hire a logo designer,” or even “freelance logo designer.”

Monitor your profiles, blogs, forums and more. When someone mentions your key phrase, you can act on that almost immediately – making this one invaluable feature worth the price of the tool alone.

When creating your project, you can pick which social media site to monitor, which countries and which language to monitor – as well as use advanced Boolean search operators for a more targeted search.

Awario Project

Awario has a free 14-day trial, and for more features, you can subscribe to Awario for as little as $19/month for 10 alerts, 50,000 mentions, and 5,000 historical mentions.

2. Brand24


Brand24 is another great social media listening tool that allows you to monitor mentions across the web. Allowing you to find opportunities for brand growth, and avoid potential PR issues.

With tracking analytics, Brand24 can let you know of sudden changes in discussion volume that are happening online. This can alert you to protect your business image in real-time.

Brand24 provides you with listening tools to help you find leads and attract leads to your products or services. You can search for key topics, discussion or trends around your industry as well as monitor and compare the social mentions of competitors.

Prices start at $49 per month for a single brand.

Learn more in our Brand24 review.

3. Sendible

Sendible Feature

If bouncing from one social media profile to the next – and going all over the place to share content with your social media following is bogging you down – try using an all-in-one social media management tool like Sendible.

With comprehensive reporting, a place to monitor all of your social media profiles, and the ability to schedule your posts and monitor social listening, Sendible can amplify your presence on social media.

Sendible Social Listening

And as a business, if social media plays a pivotal role in your overall marketing strategy, having a comprehensive tool like Sendible can give you insight into which keywords are more effective, popular hashtags to use, and optimal times to post.

Sendible works well for agencies with a roster of clients to manage. When adopting Sendible into a businesses’ marketing strategy, it streamlines the social media posting process and saves time for their clients.

“In the past, Isango! were running between accounts, logging in and out to post and wasting time on frustrating administrative tasks like creating reports in excel spreadsheets. By using Sendible, they now save a solid day and a half on their social media activities every week.”

Prices start at $29/month for up to 12 connected services.

Learn more in our Sendible review.

4. Mention


Mention is a complete social listening tool that monitors blogs, news, forums and social media. If you are a marketer, small business owner, or solopreneur, knowing when your brand is mentioned or when an influencer talks about your product is vital to the success and growth of your business. This helps form connections and leads – and works to build your reputation.

With real time media monitoring, you’ll know exactly when and by whom someone uses a target keyword or mentions your blog name.

Mention 1

By tracking this important information, you can engage with your audience, create brand awareness and attract more customers or clients.

A free plan is available for up to 250 mentions. Paid plans start at $29 a month for up to 3,000 mentions.

5. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a tool to help you find out what topics are being shared. It also does web monitoring and tracks your brand on social media as well as your competitor’s brand.

As a free tool, you can search for any topic and get an idea if it’s popular and where it’s popular.

For example, the topic farmhouse style is more popular on Pinterest than on any other social media platform.

BuzzSumo Farmhouse

But, the term postpartum exercise is shared more on Facebook than on Pinterest.

BuzzSumo Post Partum

By knowing which topics resonate the most on which social media platform, it can help you form your content marketing plan.

If your topic is popular mostly on Facebook, then it’s best to create a Facebook page and maybe a Facebook group and create Facebook Live videos to promote your brand and generate more leads.

If your topics are shared mostly on Twitter, then optimizing your Twitter profile, pinning your lead magnet and engaging with your followers with Twitter chats or answering questions can help attract leads.

6. Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

When you sign up for a business account with Pinterest, you get powerful free metrics to help you see how your Pinterest marketing is performing.

The first metric is your Pinterest profile which tracks the impressions of your pins. This means how many times it’s shown in the feed. At the bottom, you see a snapshot of the top pin impressions from the last 30 days.

This can tell you:

  • Which pin is seen the most
  • How many saves your pins are receiving
  • How many clicks back to your website you are receiving from each of your top pins

You can also find out where your pin was pinned that received the most impressions. This can help you figure out which Pinterest group boards are performing the best regarding impressions, saves, and click-throughs.

For example, most of the activity for my top pin, How to Start a Mom Blog in 2017, comes from the Blogging Pro Tips group board. I know this is a quality group board with many followers, helping me grow my blog.

The next metric is how many people you reach on Pinterest. The higher the number, the more people see your pins in the smart feed.

It also shows you a breakdown of your audience and where they come from. But an important feature is the interest tab.

Pinterest Interests

Pinterest lets you know what your audience is interested in. This can help hone your content marketing and research. While these topics are pretty general, if you have a lifestyle blog or a health business, you can incorporate these topics for your blog.

For example:

  • 10 Top Yoga Fashion for Moms
  • The 18 Best Places to do Yoga
  • The Perfect Makeup for Hot Yoga

The last metric helps you figure out which pins and which boards are directing traffic back to your site.

Pinterest Activity Site

From my analytics, I can see that my most recent blog post on Elna Cain is receiving the most impressions and clicks.

You can also see which boards (group boards too) are performing the best.

Pinterest Activity Site

This can tell you if an influencer or brand is saving your pins. From my analytics, it looks like Tailwind is saving some of my Elna Cain pins. Thanks, Tailwind!

7. Twitter Analytics

Tweet Analytics

Twitter offers Twitter Analytics to everyone. It gives insight about your tweets and how they resonate with your audience on this platform.

You can see month-to-month trends of whether your impressions – how many times your tweets showed up in people’s feed – visits, mentions, and followers are primarily growing, stalling or decreasing.

Tweet Monthly Trend

Twitter Analytics also shows your top tweets and top mentions from influencers each month. By connecting with influencers and brands on Twitter, you can start your blogger outreach campaign and get on influencers’ radar.

You can look at each tweet’s activity to get a better insight of its impressions and total engagements with your audience.

Knowing whether a tweet with an image or a tweet with a certain hashtag gets more retweets and engagement can help you better optimize your social media marketing strategy.

With this information you can:

  • Retweet your top tweets
  • Retweet any top mentions
  • Reach out to top followers and thank them for following you

8. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics isn’t your typical social monitoring tool but it can provide you with good insights on traffic from social media. It breaks down the important metrics to help you figure out who your audience is, where they come from and what content resonates with them the most.

To find out how much of your audience comes from social media you can go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels.

Google Analytics Traffic Source

And to see which social media platform brings the most traffic, click on Social in the list.

Google Analytics

Based on your results you can modify your marketing strategy to leverage your most popular social media platform.

For example, my blog, Twins Mommy, generates the majority of its traffic from Pinterest. My freelance writing site, Elna Cain, however, generates most of its traffic from Google and Facebook.

Based on these results, I use different strategies to grow my blogs. With Twins Mommy, I rely on making multiple pins for each blog post and getting onto more Pinterest groups for a bigger reach.

Tailwind Tips Pins

For my Elna Cain site, I rely more on focusing my content towards pillar-type posts as an ultimate guide for new freelance writers – and using blogger outreach to generate social shares and hopefully backlinks.

Elna Cain Neil Patel

9. SumAll

Sumall Connect

SumAll is a free social media tool that connects your accounts, and emails you daily or weekly reports of your progress on social media.

When you sign up, you choose the social media accounts you want to connect.

SumAll tells you what kind of report you will be getting for each social media account you connect to.

For example, for LinkedIn, SumAll will track:

  • The number of LinkedIn accounts following you
  • The total number of comments and Likes your posts received
  • The reach of each of your posts
  • The number of updates you make on that platform

Getting an email report of all your social media accounts will save you time and help you customize your social media strategy based on SumAll’s report.

Sumall Email Report

For example, you may see that your recent Facebook Live on your Facebook page received the highest engagement over any of your other Lives. Based on this information, you can repurpose this Live as a blog post, LinkedIn post, or lead magnet that you can pin to your Twitter profile.

10. Cyfe


Cyfe is your all-in-one dashboard for your business. You can monitor many aspects of your business such as:

  • Web analytics
  • Social media
  • Finances
  • Sales
  • IT website performance
  • And other KPI’s

Cyfe uses widgets like FreshBooks or Gmail to build your customized dashboard for your blog or business.

If you are interested in learning more about your social media marketing, you can set up your dashboard to hold your social media accounts.

Cyfe Social Media Dashboard

In a glance, you can see how well you are doing on social media. If video marketing is where you are putting most of the focus for your business, you can look at your YouTube channel and pit it against your other social media accounts.

From here you can leverage your most engaging social media profile for other social media accounts. For example, use your YouTube videos and post them on your Facebook page. You can also create pins of your videos and pin them to group boards.

Finally, you can tweet your video, and your followers can watch it on their feed.

There is a forever free plan, but for premium features such as unlimited dashboards and widgets, data exports and the option to share your boards with your team, prices start at $14 per month if paid annually.

Choosing the perfect social media monitoring tool

We’ve talked through a bunch of tools with various price points, and various features. And those which cover various social media platforms.

Here are a few ideas to help narrow down which tool may be best for your needs:

Want a robust, purpose built, and all-in-one social media listening tool? A tool you can use to monitor various platforms, websites, news articles, etc? Be sure to check out AwarioBrand24, and Mention. These tools offer the most comprehensive social monitoring & listening functionality. Social media monitoring is their singular focus.

What about a social media management tool with monitoring built-in? If you want to manage every aspect of your social media campaign from a single tool, check out Sendible. You get a robust social media inbox for responding to mentions, a great scheduling tool, reporting, and monitoring (that includes keyword monitoring).

If you want to track traffic from your social media campaigns, Google Analytics is a great option. It integrates with a lot of tools and has a dedicated section for viewing social media traffic. Just be sure to use UTM campaign links when possible.

If you want an easy way to monitor your social media presence, SumAll can send you some useful reports. And you can use Cyfe to setup various social media dashboards.

Want to monitor your progress on Pinterest? Check out Pinterest’s built-in analytics – it’s free when you setup a business account.

What about Twitter? They have their own analytics platform which allows you to monitor your top mentions, and account growth. A great tool, especially considering it’s free.

If you want to monitor the performance of your content across the web, check out BuzzSumo. You can setup brand, domain, and keyword monitoring to pickup when you earn links or brand mentions from other websites. This is also a great platform for content analysis, and ideation.

Now, go out there and start using these tools to save you time, secure your brand, and grow your business!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase.

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