8 Best Frase Alternatives (2023 Comparison)

Best Frase Alternatives

Frase is known for its powerful content optimization and research software.

The platform offers two distinct products: Frase Content and Frase Answers. The latter is a custom-built chatbot that works on your website and answers visitors’ questions. The former provides top-notch AI writing tools, shareable content briefs, and an intuitive text editor.

So why search for Frase alternatives?

Simple: comparing similar tools on the market allows you to note down the specific features of each and helps secure the best deal for you.

But with so many Frase alternatives available, it can be hard to know the serious contenders from the time-wasters.

Fret not; we’ve got you covered. This guide dives into the best Frase alternatives and covers key features, pros and cons, pricing, and more.

Let’s begin.

The best Frase alternatives – summary


  1. Surfer SEO is the best alternative to Frase for most users.
  2. Scalenut is ideal for those that want to replace both the content optimization and AI writing functionality within Frase.
  3. SE Ranking is best for content creators and entrepreneurs who need an all-in-one SEO tool that includes content optimization similar to Frase’s platform.
  4. WriteSonic is best for those that need a dedicated AI writing tool to replace Frase’s AI functionality. It integrates well with Surfer SEO for content optimization.

#1 – Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a reliable content optimization tool with an easy-to-use content editor. It offers data-driven analysis and recommendations that boost both your organic traffic and rank.

Surferseo Homepage

The content editor’s UI is intuitive–you simply type in your chosen keywords and SERP location. The editor provides recommended terms, shows you key questions that users ask, links to competitor pieces, and suggests useful headers and titles.

Surfer provides its feedback and edits in real-time, too; the content score grades your pieces in a gamified fashion and you can easily customize specific values–such as the word count and the number of paragraphs and images–during the optimization process.

There’s a lot to like here.

Key features

Key features of the software include:

  • SERP Analyzer – Provides key insights with over 500 customizable elements. Measures your content against the first 48 SERP entries.
  • Plagiarism checker – A newly added feature that allows you to see the level of plagiarism in pieces. Plagiarism is quickly highlighted in red.
  • Integrations – Offers over ten integrations, including Semrush, Jasper AI, WordPress, Google Docs, and Writesonic.

Advantages and disadvantages

Easy-to-use content editorThe AI recommendations aren’t always grammatically correct
Provides a directory of SEO writersNo free trial
Content audit tool revives old content
Professional and timely support from your dashboard


Surfer SEO comes in four main tiers: Essential $89/month, Advanced $179/month and Max $299/month. Each come with a specific amount of content editors and features.

Annual discounts are available. There is no free trial or free plan.

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#2 – Scalenut

Scalenut is a content writing and optimization tool that can generate a basic outline of an article in minutes.

Scalenut Homepage

The SEO research report is generated from your primary keyword when you create a new content brief. The data compares your target keyword against the top 30 ranked pages based on averages such as word count, the average number of images, and the overall SEO score.

Scalenut’s research report even dives into the most cited links, NLP (Natural Language Processing) key terms, and commonly asked questions. The sections in the report can then be used to help structure the layout of your content brief.

Cruise Mode is an AI writer that can quickly generate a first draft of your article, although it’s worth mentioning you’ll need to edit the piece (sometimes significantly) before you’re in a position to hit publish. That said, the tool saves time during the content production process and can increase your overall output.

Key features

Key features of the tool include the following:

  • Paraphraser – Works by rewriting a sentence or paragraph using AI.
  • Copy templates – Offers over forty templates to keep your brand consistent and boost your digital presence.
  • Keyword Planner – Provides topics based on your targeted keywords and dives into metrics such as CPC, keyword relevancy, and keyword volume to enhance your topical authority and ranking.
  • Professional support team – Includes top-quality customer service with 24/7 live chat support, 1:1 scheduled demos, and email support.

Advantages and disadvantages

Over 36 marketing and SEO tools includedThe plagiarism checker, Copyscape, is only available from the second plan onwards
Free trials, including the option of a scheduled demo with a specialistNo refunds available
Integrates with Semrush, Copyscape, and WordPressAI doesn’t detect style and tone well
Uses GPT-3 and its own AI and NLP models 


Scalenut offers three primary tiers: Essential for $39 per month, Growth for $79 per month, and Pro for $149 per month.

The Growth plan includes unlimited AI words, 30 page audits, and 30 SEO articles.

A seven-day trial is available on all plans.

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#3 – SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a top Frase alternative that provides a full deck of SEO tools, including a backlink checker and a database of over 3 billion keywords.

SE Ranking Homepage

Getting high-quality links from another site is crucial to SEO success because it improves your domain authority; SE Ranking’s backlink checker is particularly helpful here as you can quickly monitor your incoming backlinks as well as those of competing sites.

The backlink checker offers a number of key metrics such as domain and page trust, the status of the backlinks themselves, and even highlights new URLs so you can gradually up your game.

Similar to Frase and Surfer, SE Ranking also currently offers an AI writing assistant within the content editor to speed up your writing process. You can choose from 11 tones to suit your target audience.

All in all, SE Ranking delivers a complete package.

Key features

Key features of the software include the following:

  • Keyword Rank Tracker – This comprehensive module tracks keyword rankings from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube.
  • SERP checker – Valuable on-page (and off-page) metrics of top-ranking competitors.
  • White label – Enables you to personalize the platform and send reports via your own SMTP server.
  • Manage socials – Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the platform and gain access to vital metrics to upgrade your social media marketing strategy.

Advantages and disadvantages

Excellent competitor researchA moderate learning curve for newcomers 
On-page SEO checker and scoringThe Agency add-on is only available to annual subscribers on the Pro and Business tiers
Easy setup–all content optimization tools are readily available from the dashboardThe content editor comes at an additional cost
Integrates with Google Search Console (GSC), Google Analytics, and Zapier


SE Ranking provides three core plans: Essential, Pro, and Business.

The Essential tier comes in at $49 per month, Pro at $109 per month, and Business at $239 per month. The Pro plan offers unlimited projects, page monitoring, and three user seats.

A 20% discount is available to those that subscribe annually.

All plans come with a 14-day free trial.

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#4 – Writesonic

Writesonic is an innovative AI writing tool that equips writers and content marketers with everything they need to breeze through their content creation efforts.

Writesonic Homepage

With over 80 AI writing tools running on GPT-4 technology, Writesonic doesn’t disappoint. It includes the quick and easy creation of blog post outlines based simply on your chosen keywords.

The quality of writing is generally impressive as far as AI goes, although you’ll need to make edits using the built-in editor, which functions similarly to an advanced version of Google Docs.

Writesonic also covers your site copy, manages all aspects of social media, and will be cost-effective for most.

Key features

Key features of the software include:

  • Useful integrations – The tool works with Copyscape, Grammarly, Zapier, WordPress, Semrush, and Surfer SEO.
  • Landing page generator – AI creates modern landing pages with minimal input, including text structure.
  • App and SMS notifications – Enables you to send your customers messages and alerts so they don’t miss out. Other content optimization tools don’t always offer this.
  • ChatSonic – Writesonic’s answer to ChatGPT; an AI-powered chatbot with GPT-4 technology that can answer questions by voice command, generate artwork, and write text. It comes with a useful Chrome extension.

Advantages and disadvantages

Easy navigation and slick UINo live chat support yet
Supports over 25 languages Not optimized for SEO
Includes a paraphraser, sentence expander, and content shortenerOnly the Custom tier provides unlimited words
Flexibility to change word quality


Writesonic’s pricing starts with Long-form at $19 a month but increases based on the number of words, users, and GPT quality: Premium, Superior, and Ultimate.

Long-form includes API access, an article rewriter, and priority customer support.

The Custom plan is available if you require unlimited words and added invoice functionality; you can contact the sales team for a custom quote.

It’s worth mentioning that Surfer SEO has teamed up with Writesonic–when you sign-up for a free trial, you can also try out Surfer for $1 for the first month.

#5 – WriterZen

WriterZen is a reliable SEO tool that offers keyword research, quick topic ideas, and helps to refine the overall content creation process.

WriterZen Homepage

WriterZen’s Topic Discovery niches down any topic you type in, generating new article titles and expanding upon your existing ideas.

For keyword research, you’re able to view a score that targets the correct versions of long-tail keywords–the score determines the potential ranking of a chosen keyword. What’s more, helpful analytics such as CPC, search volume, and trends are available and serve as valuable insights for your ongoing strategy.

After deciding on your keyword and theme, you can write directly within the editor that includes on-page grades, allowing you to easily optimize your pieces for the web.

Overall, it’s an affordable alternative to Frase.

Key features

Key features of the tool include:

  • Allintitle – This metric displays how many search results use your exact keyword in the title of articles.
  • Topic clusters – After creating a list of specific topics, the tool scans each topic’s top 10 search pages and then organizes the most appropriate keywords.
  • Professional support – Customer service is efficient, with a ticketing system and email support both at hand.
  • Transparent product roadmap – Customers can suggest ideas for new features, and WriterZen pinpoints every stage of its ongoing projects.

Advantages and disadvantages

Top-quality keyword research toolNot currently able to add backlinks
Over 70 AI templatesThe AI writer lacks accuracy compared to other tools on the market
Offers a refund period of 48 hours with the  purchase of any plan
Great video lessons on YouTube 


WriterZen provides three core plans: Basic at $39 per month, Standard at $59 per month, and Advanced at $99 per month. All annual plans come with a 30% discount.

The Standard tier includes 75 daily keywords, 8,000 AI writing words, and 70 content briefs.

In addition, there are two add-ons: Member Seats for $23 per month (per seat) and AI Assistant with unlimited AI words for $99 per month.

A free 7-day trial is available. No credit card details are required.

#6 – Outranking

Outranking is a quality, budget-friendly alternative to Frase and includes a content editor, AI writing assistant, and dedicated SERP research.

Outranking Homepage

The AI is able to create a first-draft content brief in minutes; using your chosen keyword, it uproots, analyzes, and collects insights from the top 20 ranked pages and provides over 40 different SERP elements.

Outranking features a handy title generator, and each title is formed via the use of related keywords, which helps to boost your organic traffic. What’s more, you can simply drag and drop your H2 and H3 headings into an outline.

The on-page SEO algorithm quickly identifies goals and then grades all of your content, and the choice to AI-generate draft posts from scratch saves time.

In a nutshell: a good alternative that’s well worth a look.

Key features

Key features of the software include the following:

  • Content optimizer – Addresses your content problems with on-page SEO scoring that defines and lists actionable goals to include in your article.
  • Internal links – The AI identifies similar word choices and suggests links to boost your rank (and organic traffic) with previous articles.
  • Keyword tracking – Enables you to see your keyword rank in real-time even after you’ve made improvements.
  • Helpful integrations – Lets you connect directly to Grammarly, WordPress, and Google Docs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Uses advanced GPT-3 and NLP termsSteep learning curve for beginners
Detailed content brief generator Customer support is mixed
AI understands the user intent behind keywordsNo free trial
Facebook community group and live (weekly) webinar sessions 


Outranking offers four main plans: Starter at $49 per month, Solo at $79 per month, Pro at $149 per month, and Company at $219. If you opt for the annual subscription, you get two months off.

The Pro tier includes unlimited AI, one team member, and 20 articles. The Content Strategy add-on is available for $79 per month.

A trial is available for $7, and there’s the option to schedule a free demo with the team.

#7 – Dashword

Dashword is a streamlined content optimization tool with automated keyword reports, a content brief builder, and a meta description generator.

Dashword Homepage

Compared to Frase, the tool lacks features but makes up for it with a slick and user-friendly UI. Relevant information from competitors’ outlines is found within the content brief, and it’s as simple as dragging and dropping new sections into it as needed.

Dashword’s editor offers real-time suggestions as well as a graded SEO score that adjusts as you write. There’s also a provided readability score and target word count so you can tweak your pieces further.

What’s more, you get access to weekly automated keyword reports showing you how your latest content is measuring up, as well as the option to track your page rankings as you go.

All in all, it’s a bit of a hidden gem.

Key features

Key features of this tool include:

  • Content optimization checker – The checker uses your chosen URL and keyword and then puts it against the top 10 search results across search engines, identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and differences in pieces.
  • Meta description generator – This uses machine learning to create a suitable description of your article, and like a good book blurb, it hooks in potential customers.
  • PASF tool – A research tool that enables you to see what others are searching for on Google. Useful for new content ideas.
  • Automated page import – Dashword’s crawler observes your site and automatically adds the pages as required.

Advantages and disadvantages

NLP available in all plansReports don’t get generated instantly
Real-time content evaluation and feedbackExtreme jump between pricing tiers with no middle plans
Content monitoring of articles after they’re publishedLacks features
SEO content optimization add-on with Google Docs 


Dashword offers two plans: Startup at $99 per month and Enterprise at $699 per month.  Opting for the yearly subscription gives you 20% off the overall price.

The Startup tier includes five user seats, 20 content reports, and 50,000 AI words.

A free trial is available; you receive a free report upon signing up.

#8 – Content Harmony

Content Harmony is a top-notch content optimization tool with dedicated keyword research, shareable content briefs, and search intent analysis.

Content Harmony Homepage

The software’s keyword report breaks down into easy-to-digest sections, from full topic analysis to top competitors, sources, image and video analysis, and more.

Each section is clearly set out and provides helpful data for you to use. For example, under competitors, you’ll find a content-based profile, including a score, estimated traffic, and domain authority. 

The ability to share content briefs with a single button makes things as close to effortless as possible, whether you’re sharing it with your editor or graphic designer.

A great tool to speed up your content production.

Key features 

Key features of the software include:

  • Content brief workflow – Every time you run a report, you have access to a standardized SEO content template with editable preset fields, as well as the option to quickly add sections from the report to your brief.
  • Key integrations – Integrates with Notion, Word, and Google Docs for easy collaboration.
  • Dedicated support team – Connect via live chat on the platform, fill out a help form, or drop an email.
  • Free onboarding – Every plan offers free onboarding and training so you and your team can quickly get to grips with the platform.

Advantages and disadvantages

Detailed resources, from guides and videos to product updatesNo free trial available
Top-notch keyword researchNo auditing feature
Sharing your brief with clients and colleagues is easyNot as many features as other tools
Unlimited users across all plans 


Content Harmony offers three main plans: Standard at $99 per month, Pro at $299 per month, and Enterprise from $1000 per month. All annual plans come with 10% off.

The Standard plan includes 50 organic search intent reports, 12 content briefs, and free team training.

A $10 trial is available for a year with full access to the platform.

Finding the best Frase alternatives for your business

That concludes our list of the best Frase alternatives.

All eight SEO tools are great contenders that, when used correctly, will take your business to new heights.

Here’s a recap of our top four picks:

  • Surfer SEO is the best overall alternative to Frase and similarly includes an audit tool to enhance content.
  • Scalenut is ideal for those that want to replace Frase’s AI content writing and content optimization features.
  • SE Ranking is the best all-in-one tool that includes comprehensive keyword research.
  • Writesonic is the best dedicated AI writing tool with direct integration with Surfer SEO for content optimization, and like Frase Answers, it has its own chatbot too.

And if you’d like to learn more about Frase specifically, be sure to check out our dedicated Frase review.

That’s all, folks. Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase.