43 Trending Products To Sell Online (2024 Guide)

Trending Products To Sell Online

Want to start an online store but not sure what products to sell? Let’s fix that.

Whether you’re a side hustler looking to make a few hundred extra bucks every month or you’re keen to start building your ecommerce empire, this is the article for you.

Below, you’ll find 40+ trending products to consider selling online. No more guess work.

Combine these trending products with topics you’re passionate about and you have a winning recipe for ecommerce success.

The top trending products to sell online

1. Shapewear 

Ever since mega influencer Kim Kardashian released her own line of shapewear known as Skims, the demand for shapewear products has risen steadily. 

Many women are keen to find high-quality but more affordable dupes for popular Skims products including underwear, leggings, and more. 

According to the Google Trends data, searches for shapewear began to rise in the last few years and they are still trending upwards this year. 

01 Shapewear analytics

2. Skincare 

Skincare has always been a popular product, particularly amongst women, but the demand for skincare products has risen steadily over the past few years. 

Many social media influencers heavily emphasize the importance of starting skincare from a young age to keep your youthful looks, so these types of products have become more popular across all age ranges. Some people even have extensive multi-step skincare routines that require tons of high-value products. 

02 Skinwear analytics

As you can see from the Google Trends data, searches for skincare increased dramatically in 2020, and the search volume has remained high ever since. 

3. Gua Sha Stones

If you want to get into the skincare niche, but you would rather sell a cheap and easy-to-store product, then Gua Sha stones are a good option. Gua Sha is a practice that involves massaging the face to improve blood flow.

It’s been a practice in the East for many years, but it’s recently become super popular on social media. To complete a Gua Sha facial massage, a Gua Sha stone is needed. The stones are a specific shape that makes it easier to follow the contour of the face. 

03 Gua Sha Stones analytics

These affordable products are definitely a social media hype, and they would be very easy to buy in bulk, store, and ship. Demand for this product peaked in 2021, but it still has a steady demand in 2023. 

4. Gym clothing 

People are more interested in fitness and well-being than ever before, and as a result, the demand for stylish gym clothing online is high. 

Fitness leggings, shorts, and yoga pants are more popular than ever, and they’ve become a part of everyday fashion for most people. Brands like Halara are huge on social media, and they simply sell trendy and high-quality products that are suitable for working out and wearing day-to-day. 

04 Gym clothing analytics

According to Trends, searches for gym wear have been steadily rising over the past five years, and the demand usually peaks each January as people are keen to get fit in the new year.

5. Protein powder

If you’re keen to get involved in the fitness niche, you could also consider selling supplements like protein powder. Protein powder has always been a popular product, but demand has risen steadily over the past 5 years, and there is usually an annual peak in interest in January. 

05 Protein powder analytics

There are many different types of protein powders on the market, and many people search for them online in the hope of making savings on high-street pricing. 

6. Laptop stands

With so many people working from home these days, computer accessories are quite popular online. Laptop stands are essential products that most people need as they make using a laptop at a desk more comfortable and ergonomic. 

06 Laptop stand analytics

According to Google Trends data, searches for laptop stands increased around the time the pandemic started, and search volume has remained high ever since. 

7. Ergonomic desk chair 

Just like laptop stands, home office furniture has also become more popular. With many people choosing not to return to the office post-pandemic, it’s important that workers have comfortable chairs to sit in. 

As such, ergonomic desk chairs are a great product to sell online. They’re high value, and many people will choose to buy them online as it is more convenient to have them shipped straight to their homes than it is to buy them from a physical store. 

07 Ergonomic desk chair analytics

Searches for ergonomic desk chairs peaked in 2020 and the search volume has remained steady ever since. 

8. Book vases 

Home decor items like vases often go viral on social media, and one of the most popular social media products this year has been book vases. Book vases are glass vases that are shaped like books. You can fill them with flowers and slot them right into your bookshelf. 

08 Book vases analytics

Over the past year or so, searches for book vases have been trending upward according to data, and they’ve been selling like hotcakes via social media videos on TikTok and Instagram. 

9. Matcha tea

Due to the popularity of wellness and self-care online, teas with health benefits such as matcha and herbal teas have become more popular. Matcha tea in particular has become very popular in recent years due to a growing interest in Japanese-inspired products online.

09 Matcha tea analytics

According to the data, searches for Matcha tea have had a consistent upward trend over the past ten or more years, and interest is likely to continue to rise. 

10. Keycaps 

As gaming culture grows, people are becoming more creative with their desks and gaming setups. As a result, there has been a sharp increase in people customizing their keyboards by switching out the keycaps. This has led to a growth in online sales of custom keycaps. 

10 Keycaps analytics

Since around February 2022, search volumes for keycaps have been very high, making it a great trending product to sell in 2023. Also, if you have any artistic talent, you could also design and create your own keycaps to sell, as unique keycaps are really popular amongst gamers. 

11. Wireless headphones 

When you think of wireless headphones, you probably immediately think of AirPods. However, AirPods are expensive, which means that many people are looking to buy affordable and trendy alternatives to AirPods online. This makes it a great option for making some extra money. 

11 Wireless headphones analytics

Wireless headphones first became popular around 2018-19, but since then, they have become the standard, and there is consistent demand for these products online. According to trends data, search volumes for wireless headphones are quite stable and high, and there is usually a peak in searches at Christmas time. 

12. Vegetable chopper

Although vegetable choppers seem like a fairly staple product, they’re actually quite hyped up in 2023. Now, we’re not just talking about knives or potato peelers here, we’re specifically referring to the vegetable-chopping devices that have gone viral on social media in the past few years.

12 Vegetable chopper analytics

 You can use these devices to chop everything from an apple to an onion with minimum effort. Videos of people using these devices have been really popular on TikTok and Instagram reels, causing searches for the product to trend upward since 2022. 

13. Digital planners

If you’re interested in selling digital products online, then digital planners are a good trending product to create. Digital planners that are compatible with apps like GoodNotes are super popular online, and many people on Instagram focus their content around digital planning. 

13 Digital planner analytics

According to Google Trends, searches for digital planners are at a high and they often peak around Christmas time when people are Christmas shopping, or getting new digital devices like iPads. 

14. Dog enrichment products

These days, people take dog ownership very seriously, and people are always looking for new ways to keep their dogs entertained and enrich their lives. 

Products like dog puzzles and snuffle mats have a consistent search volume but the trendiest product of 2023 is lick mats. Many social media influencers have been showcasing lick mats lately which could explain their rise in popularity. 

14 Dog enrichment products analytics

According to the Trends data, searches for lick mat peaked in February this year and interest remains high. 

15. USB-C cords

Over the past few years, USB-C cords have been replacing traditional USBs leaving many people in need of more USB-C cords to charge their devices. Selling USB-C cords is an easy way to get started with online selling, as they are affordable, easy to ship and store, and there is consistent demand for these products. You can also consider selling USB-C adapters. 

15 USB-C cords analytics

According to Google Trends, searches for USB-C cords have risen steadily over the past 5 years, and search levels are quite consistent year-round. 

16. Massage guns

Massage guns are another viral product that became popular amongst influencers in 2021. These guns are said to help you to relax your muscles posts work out and are quite popular amongst gym goers. 

16 Massage Gun analytics

According to Google Trends, interest in these products peaked in 2021, but it has remained stable ever since, with more brands releasing new and improved massage gun models. 

17. Portable blender bottles 

Portable blender bottles are really useful products for mixing protein shakes or even making smoothies or baby food on the go. The bottles are quite popular on social media and there are a few different brands and styles to choose from.

17 Portable blender bottles analytics

Searches for portable blenders began to trend upward in 2022 and have remained quite high ever since. 

18. Boucle furniture 

If you’re interested in getting into furniture sales, then one of the most popular trends in 2023 is Boucle. Boucle is a type of furniture fabric that is cozy and comfortable and it’s all the rage right now. Boucle chairs and sofas can be seen all over social media from Instagram to Pinterest. People are also keen on Boucle headboards, stools, and more. 

18 Boucle furniture analytics

According to Google Trends, searches for Boucle chairs have been on the rise since late last year.

19. Energy drinks 

Lately, there has been a surge in online creators promoting energy drinks, and this has led to a sharp rise in the number of people looking to buy them online. A good example of this is the Prime Energy drink created by Logan Paul and KSI. The drink went viral and sold out in shops and online. 

19 Energy drinks analytics

As you can see from the Trends graph, search volumes rose sharply this year, and demand still remains high. 

20. Hair oils

Haircare products like shampoo and conditioner are always popular online, but certain products often go viral on social media, leading to a sharp increase in sales and searches. 

20 Hair oils analytics

This year’s hot product is hair oils. Hair oils are becoming more popular on social media with influencers using them to achieve shiny and luscious locks. As you can see from the Google trends data, the popularity of hair oils is higher than ever, and they reached their peak this Christmas.   

21. Wavy mirrors 

If you’ve even glanced at TikTok or Instagram Reels in the past few months, you’ve probably seen an influencer that has the famous ‘wavy mirror’ in their house. This trending product is super popular right now, and young women everywhere are scrambling to get their hands on one. 

21 Wavy mirrors analytics

As you can see from the Google Trends data, searches for this product peaked in January this year, and demand has remained high. These mirrors are quite high-value too, so it could be a good money-making product for sellers. 

22. Skincare fridges

As we mentioned earlier in the article, modern women take their skincare very seriously. So much so, that there is a huge demand for mini fridges for keeping skin care products cool. 

22 Skincare fridges analytics

Although this isn’t the newest social media trend, search volumes for skincare fridges continue to rise, and they peaked in December of 2022.

23. Period products 

Recently there has been a boom in more alternative and sustainable period products. Women and other people who have periods are looking for new products to manage their monthly cycle such as menstrual cups and period underwear. 

23 Period products analytics

According to Google Trends data, searches for period underwear have risen significantly over the past couple of years, and interest continues to grow, making it the ideal trending product for online sellers. 

24. Swimwear 

Swimwear is a good product to sell online because it usually trends yearly in the run-up to summer. Women’s swimwear is the most popular, and you can use current online trends and influencers to determine which products to sell each spring. 

24 Swinwear analytics

For example, floral bikinis were quite popular in the summer of 2022. As you can see from the graph, searches for swimwear peak consistently each year from around March/April until the end of the summer. However, you may still fear some sales through the winter too. 

25. Drinkware and tumblers 

Drinkware and tumblers are very popular on social media. This year, one cup, in particular, has been the subject of social media hype – The Stanley tumbler. 

Although the Stanley tumbler is very popular among influencers, it’s also very expensive, so many people are looking for similar items that look and function just like the Stanley tumbler but for a lower price. So if you can find a great supplier for these styles of cups, then you could make some serious money from this trend.

25 Drinkware and tumblers analytics

As you can see from the graph, interest in Stanley Tumblers peaked in January of this year, and has remained quite high since. 

26. Wireless iPhone chargers

Many new iPhones can now be charged wirelessly, but Apple doesn’t include the wireless chargers with the phones when they are purchased. This is great news for independent sellers, as it means the demand for wireless iPhone chargers online is high. 

26 Wireless iphone chargers analytics

Demand for these chargers peaked in 2018, but searches have remained consistently high ever since, with a yearly peak in searches around Christmas time when lots of people buy new iPhones as gifts. 

27. Health drinks 

Another popular product online right now is health drinks. Drinks like super green powder drinks and ginger wellness shots are extremely trendy and they sell for a pretty high price too. 

For example, the term ‘ginger shots\ has had a sharp upward trend in search volumes lately, and seems to be continuing to rise. 

27 Health drinks analytics

Prepared ginger shots sell for upwards of $1.50/bottle on Amazon and you can also sell related products like ginger shot powders, and empty shot bottles for people that want to prepare their own shots at home.

28. GPS dog collars

GPS dog collars are another great pet product that sells well online. People are quite keen to ensure that they know where their dogs are at all times, and these collars are a great solution for that. In addition to this, some GPS collars also track dogs’ activity levels. 

28 GPS dog collar analytics

Interest in these types of collars has grown steadily over the last 5 years according to data and searches continue to trend upward. 

29. Vapes

As more and more people try to give up smoking, vaping has become a popular replacement. A lot of people find it convenient to buy their vapes online, making it a good trending product for sellers. What’s good about vaping is that most people buy more than one vape, so you can build a strong business with returning customers. 

29 Vapes analytics

Google Trends data also shows a strong upward trend in search queries which indicates that the industry is still growing in 2023. 

30. Air fryers 

Air fryers are the new hot kitchen products and everyone seems to want to get their hands on one. They can help you cook quick and easy meals in minutes without the need for excessive amounts of oils, making them particularly popular with health-conscious consumers. 

30 Air fryers analytics

According to Google Trends, online interest in air fryers has been trending upwards over time, and demand peaked in January of this year, so it seems that everyone is still keen to invest in this innovative product. 

31. Milk frothers 

Another cool kitchen product that has seen a surge in popularity recently is the milk frother. If you want to enjoy barista-style coffee in the comfort of your own home then a milk frother is a must to achieve that smooth, silky taste. Milk frothers are also quite popular on social media, leading to a boom in popularity. 

31 Milk frothers analytics

These small and affordable products are ideal for storing and shipping and the google trends data shows that searches for milk frothers have been gradually growing over time.

32. Video doorbells 

Video doorbells are becoming more and more popular, especially since the pandemic, when delivery drivers started leaving packages on doorsteps instead of waiting for a signature at the door. With a video doorbell, homeowners can see who’s at their door, and talk to them, even if they are not home. 

32 Video doorbell analytics

Search volumes for video doorbells have remained consistently high for the last few years, and specific brands like Ring are also very popular.

33. Car vacuum cleaner

Another trending product for automotive lovers is handheld car vacuum cleaners. These easy-to-use machines can usually be charged from a car’s cigarette lighter and are useful for keeping the inside of your car clean. They’re particularly popular with people who have children or dogs that often make a mess in the car.

33 Car vacuum cleaner analytics

These convenient items have seen a recent surge in popularity according to Google trends and they’re also bestsellers on sites like Amazon. 

34. Cabin-sized travel bags 

Budget airlines have become quite strict about baggage allowances in recent years, so online consumers are keen to purchase travel bags that meet the new requirements. Many online sellers are searching the specific baggage dimensions for airlines and selling bags that are listed as approved by the airline.

34 Cabin-sized travel bags analytics

Also, Google Trends shows an upward trend in searches for cabin bags, as well as searches for bags that are suitable for specific airlines.

35. Teeth whitening products 

Teeth whitening has long been an online fad, but recently, influencers have been jumping on the hype to advertise the so-called miracle whitening product Hi Smile. As such this product is a bestseller on sites like Amazon and searches have also been trending upward according to Google Trends. 

35 Teeth whitening products analytics

Hi Smile is not the only whitening product on the market though, and it is quite expensive, so it could provide sellers with an opportunity to sell cheaper products that have similar active ingredients. 

36. AI prompts

One of the most talked about topics this year is AI, thanks to the popularity of the revolutionary ChatGPT. Although this sent shockwaves through the digital marketing industry, it also opened up a unique opportunity for digital product creators.

Some creators have now started selling AI prompts to help people make the most of the AI tools available. 

36 AI prompts analytics

According to Google Trends, searches for AI prompts have peaked dramatically, and sellers on marketplaces like Etsy have already seen a huge influx of sales on their AI prompt digital products.

37. Pokémon cards

If you thought Pokémon had already had its heydey, think again. Pokémon has somewhat of a cult-like following, and while the trading cards have been around for a long time, Google Trends data shows that they had a huge resurgence in popularity towards the end of 2020, and demand has been through the roof ever since. 

37 Pokemon cards analytics

This demand is largely driven by a small but loyal base of hardcore collectors, many of whom are willing to pay big bucks to get their hands on rare cards. You could capitalize on this demand by purchasing rare cards on eBay or other channels and then flipping them for a higher price.

38. Pimple patches 

Pimple patches are a relatively new kind of acne reliever that’s been growing in popularity steadily for the last few years:

Initially popularized by Korean skincare influencers, pimple patches are essentially small stickers that use a wound-healing gel called hydrocolloid. Users stick them on their zits to make them disappear overnight.

38 Pimple patches analytics

Not only are they super popular, but they’re also relatively cheap to produce, so you can get consistently high profit margins.

39. Fabric shaver

Fabric shavers are a fancy kind of electric lint roller that helps to get rid of unwanted pilling from your clothes. 

At the time of writing, they’re listed amongst Amazon’s best-sellers, and Google Trends analysis shows that demand has been steadily increasing for the last 5 years (albeit with clear seasonal peaks and troughs). 

39 Fabric shaver analytics

Demand seems to peak every year around the holiday period and then drop off mid-year, but the overall trajectory is clearly pointing upward. These trends are common with high demand products.

40. Apple AirTags

AirTag is a hot new product from Amazon. It basically functions as a Bluetooth tracker to help you to find your car keys and other valuables when you misplace them. And as the Google Trends data shows, it’s been trending heavily since its release.

40 Apple Airtags analytics

But you don’t have to sell AirTags to capitalize on the trend either. You could sell related products, like AirTag keyrings or wristbands. These sorts of accessories are super cheap to make so again, they can bring in excellent profit margins.

41. Scalp brushes

Scalp brushes are brushes you can use to work in your shampoo, massage your scalp and stimulate hair growth. Recently, they’ve become a popular self care product that is used by influencers on social media. 

41 Scalp brushes analytics

As you can see from the Google Trends graph, searches for scalp brushes have risen steadily over the past year or so and are currently higher than ever before. These inexpensive and easy-to-ship products would make a great starting product for an ecommerce seller. 

42. Carplay devices 

Apple recently released CarPlay, a product that allows you to use your iPhone functions in your car, as well as complete tasks like unlocking your car and more. However, not all cars support CarPlay, so there has been a recent surge in devices that can be plugged into older cars to support CarPlay. 

42 Carplay devices analytics

CarPlay is extremely popular, and everyone seems to want to install it in their cars, so these devices are likely to be trending for a while to come. According to Google Trends, searches for CarPlay are continuing to trend upward this year. 

43. Apple Watch Bands

Replacement bands for Apple Watches and other smartwatches are a really easy product to sell online, and they are also very popular too. You can source bands with unique designs from suppliers or you can even create them yourself if you have the right tools. 

43 Apple watch bands analytics

According to data, searches for Apple Watch bands have been high for the past few years, making it a good product for sellers looking for a single product that can provide a consistent income stream 

Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more about selling trending products online? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic. 

How can I sell my products online? 

There are a few different options for selling products online. You can sell products on online marketplace sites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay

You can also sell products from your own ecommerce store, by building an online store and an ecommerce tool like Sellfy. 

Selling on marketplaces is usually easier to get started with, but you will be charged significant fees for selling and will therefore receive less profits. 

You’ll also have less flexibility and autonomy when it comes to managing your online business. For these reasons, it’s usually more lucrative to sell trending products through your own ecommerce store

What is the easiest way to sell products online? 

If you want to sell products that are easy for you as a seller, then the best option is probably print-on-demand merchandise. 

You can be quite hands-off with POD and focus more on managing your store and marketing than you can with other products. This is because the POD service will handle all of the physical side of the sale, including printing, shipping, and returns.

You can either start your own store using a platform like Sellfy which includes POD natively. Alternatively, you can use a platform like Gelato that will connect with third-party platforms like Amazon. So, you can sell products on Amazon with your own branding.

Another easy option is selling digital products, as once they are created, your customer can simply download them, and no physical product needs to change hands. 

How do I find more trending products to sell online? 

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for in this list, then you too can use Google Trends to search for items that are trending.

You can also use marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy to find best-selling products by filtering your search to bestsellers, and even narrowing down specific product categories. It’s also a good idea to keep a close eye on social media too, to see what products influencers are currently reviewing and promoting. 

During your research, be sure to make notes on how other store owners are promoting these products on social media. You’ll need to create your own social media strategy later.

What are the most sold items online? 

Overall, fashion items sell the most online, though the online fashion industry is quite saturated with large brands, so it’s not always the best option for smaller ecommerce ventures. Other items that sell well online are pet products, homeware, and large items that are more convenient to buy online, such as furniture. 

How do I build an online store?

There are tons of different ways to build online stores, but one of the easiest and most beginner-friendly tools to use is Sellfy. Sellfy will allow you to create an ecommerce ready storefront in just a few clicks. 

For an affordable monthly price, you can manage and host your online store and sell a range of products, from digital products to physical items and even print-on-demand merchandise.

If you’re looking for an easy way to build a simple online store, we recommend using Sellfy. Learn more in our Sellfy review.

Choosing the trending products to sell right now

The products you choose to sell will depend on a number of factors including budget, shipping and storage, and how much time you have to devote to your ecommerce venture. However, this list includes a variety of different products that can be sold in different ways, so you’re sure to find trending products online that will suit you. 

If you’re keen to learn more about trending products, or ecommerce in general, check out some of our other articles including: 

Hopefully you’ll find all the information you need to create your own ecommerce store and start selling products online.