How To Get More Twitch Followers: 10 Proven Tips

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Are you tired of streaming with no one watching? Is it possible to improve your Twitch presence?

For live streaming to be fun, you’ll need to get Twitch followers. Otherwise, what’s even the point? You’ll also need viewers if your goal is to make money by being a Twitch streamer. 

It’s hard to gain Twitch followers by just streaming. The reality is that it takes a lot of planning and preparation. But don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

In today’s post, you’re going to learn the strategies that Twitch streamers use to attract viewers and convert them into Twitch followers.

Are you ready? Then let’s go ahead and dive right into it.

Get more followers on Twitch with these tips

Here are some best practices for Twitch users that want to gain followers on Twitch with minimal effort.

Know your niche

One of the first things you have to understand about Twitch is that it’s no longer just a platform for gamers. While most of the platform’s streamers are still gamers, most are just using games as a vehicle to engage with their respective communities.

For streamers, it’s all about keeping the audience’s attention. Talking over live gameplay footage is a good way of doing that. But Twitch has evolved a lot. These days, a streamer can entertain viewers in different ways.

IRL (in real life) streams are broadcasts that feature streamers in an outdoor setting. Some will go out drinking with friends while their Twitch followers watch live. Others will go on a bike ride while their followers cheer them on.

There’s even a twitch streamer called Hitch that streamed his quest to hitchhike across Japan. So there is a stream for just about everybody. And in any niche.

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Source: Twitch

Some Twitch streamers found success as Vtubers, people who use a virtual avatar to interact with their audience.

These types of streams are gaining popularity. And these are just a few examples. 

If you’re new to Twitch streaming, you’ll have to spend some time on Twitch and watch the biggest creators stream games or chat to better understand where you’ll fit in.

Play the right games

If you’re a gamer and you want to gain followers, you’ll need to play games that suit your style. 

Are you a first-person shooter type of person? Or do you prefer playing casual games? Do you play triple-A titles or do you like retro games more?

Know who you are as a streamer. This will help you define who your target audience is and how to approach your streams. Casual gamers are typically more laid back while competitive gamers are more intense.

You’ll also want to think about which games you’re going to play. If you stream a game that everyone’s playing, you’re not going to get as many Twitch viewers because they have plenty of streamers to choose from.

Valorant, for example, is a popular game with 15 million Twitch followers. If you scroll through the list of creators that are live streaming at any given time, you’ll find that it will take you a long time to see the end. There are just so many streamers playing Valorant.

If you’re a smaller creator, what are the chances that people will end up clicking on your Twitch stream?

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Source: Twitch

Meanwhile, a game like Brawlhalla might not have as many followers and viewers but that also means less competition. Those who do like this game could end up watching your stream since there aren’t as many streamers to choose from.

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Source: Twitch

Finding the right balance is the key. If there’s a game that’s popular but has little to no competition, you’ll want to consider streaming that game.

Do a giveaway

Giveaways are a fun way to get more followers on Twitch. But how do you do a giveaway stream? You can use third-party giveaway apps like SweepWidget to facilitate the giveaway. 

A giveaway platform lets viewers enter a promotion by performing a task that you specify. If you use SweepWidget, you can ask viewers to enter by selecting the Follow on Twitch option. You can add other entry options if you want.

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Source: SweepWidget

But what prizes should you give away to viewers? If you’re just starting, you might want to start small. And as you grow, that’s when you start thinking about giving away bigger prizes. Regardless of what prizes you end up choosing, you need to make sure that they’re relevant to your target audience.

If you really don’t have the budget for a prize, you can look into finding a brand that can sponsor your event.

Have a regular streaming schedule

It’s important to have a regular Twitch stream schedule if you want to get Twitch followers. 

You don’t have to stream every day but having a fixed schedule will let viewers know when you’ll be live. That way, they can find a way to fit your Twitch streams into their schedule if they end up liking what they see.

And it’s not just about what day and hour you stream. The length of the stream matters too.

Make sure you choose hours that make sense for you and your community. If you stream on weekday mornings, you might not get as many viewers since most are at work or school. However, one can also argue that there aren’t a lot of Twitch streamers that go live in the morning. So you can possibly gain a healthy following if you stream at those hours.

In the end, it will be up to you to decide. You might want to perform some test streams to see what kind of viewership you get.

You can display your Twitch schedule on your profile the way BotezLive does it. It’s a good way for viewers to see at a glance what your schedule is like for easy reference.

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Source: Twitch

The About section is a great place to make it clear to everyone what times you’ll go live.

You’ll want to stream for a couple of hours a day.

Get decent streaming equipment

First impressions last. As bad as it sounds, using low-quality equipment will make you look like an amateur streamer. And that won’t cut it given how competitive live streaming is these days.

You don’t need the latest and greatest streaming equipment, especially if you’re still in the early stages of your career. But you don’t want to stream using terrible equipment either.

Many streamers prioritize video. And while that is important, you can’t overlook good lighting and audio. You can compete with the best Twitch streamers out there if you have decent lighting, audio, and video.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying streaming equipment.

  • Video — You can get by using an HD webcam if gameplay footage will take up 80% to 90% of the screen. That means you don’t have to splurge on an expensive camera if you can’t afford one just yet.
  • Audio — Don’t use your camera’s built-in microphone. They’re rarely any good. Invest in a standalone mic. Most streamers will recommend an XLR mic but setting it up can be overwhelming for first-time users. A plug-and-play USB mic is a good alternative.
  • Lighting —  You can’t use your computer monitor as your key light. It would make more sense to have a dedicated light so your viewers can see you clearly. You can add accents or mood lights in the background to add some flare to your broadcast. Some streamers are particular about the light colors they use as they’ve managed to incorporate them into their branding.

There’s really no excuse for poor equipment anymore. Even smaller creators can come up with a setup that’s decent enough for streaming.

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Source: LilRedGirl / Twitch

As you get more Twitch followers and grow as a creator, that’s when you invest in a top-of-the-line streaming setup. Only do it when it makes fiscal sense to upgrade. 

On a related note, there are Twitch streamers that use a two-PC setup when live. One PC will be dedicated to running the game while another will be responsible for streaming. The whys and hows of this setup deserves its own post. But basically, it ensures that the stream runs smoothly — something viewers look for in a Twitch channel.

Talk to your viewers

You’ll be surprised by how many streamers forget to engage their viewers while playing a game. It’s understandable though, especially when a game gets too intense and they need to focus. But not talking with your viewers will drive them away.

Imagine clicking on a Twitch channel for the first time and all you see is a gamer quietly playing a game. Wouldn’t that make you want to watch another streamer?

How are you going to get Twitch followers if you don’t do or say anything that entertains viewers? That’s why you should do everything you can to engage your audience as often as possible.

What can you do to start and maintain a conversation? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Ask questions — The best way to get a conversation going on Twitch is by asking questions. You can ask for their opinions about anything, really. This becomes easier the closer you get to your community. 
  • Talk about future projects — If you’ve got something planned for the future, you can start talking about it on stream. This should hype up your fans and get them to engage.
  • React to viewer comments — Reacting to viewer comments is the quickest way to get a conversation going. And as you become a better streamer, you’ll learn to stretch out replies to each comment to the point where you can turn each one into a drawn-out conversation.
  • Tell a story — When you stream, you better make sure you have a lot of stories in your back pocket. Stories not only keep viewers entertained, but it also helps them get to know you a whole lot better.

Write better stream titles

You’ll get more twitch followers if you write great stream titles. That’s why Twitch streamers often come up with grand, insane titles — with some bordering on the click-baity side. 

The Twitch audience is a pretty chill crowd so most titles on the platform are on the funny side. While some streamers post titles that come off as outright lies, these are usually done for comedic effect. 

When coming up with Twitch stream titles, make sure the audience will get exactly what they’re promised. Be as descriptive as you can. And if you’re collaborating with another streamer, you might want to consider adding their name to the title. 

If you’re doing a challenge, let people know what you’re gunning for.

Titles that show streamers getting frustrated are also a popular choice on Twitch. But again, this is mostly used for comedic effect though there are times when streamers are just genuinely frustrated by the game they’re playing.

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Source: QuarterJade / Twitch

Whatever the case, viewers will click these streams just out of curiosity sometimes. This translates to views and, if the streamer is lucky, each view would lead to more followers.

Learn more in our guide to writing better headlines.

Use a great Twitch stream overlay

Twitch stream overlays are graphic elements that viewers see on top of gameplay and streamer footage. These can include frames, icons, transitions, and visual effects that help make a stream visually appealing.

Having an attractive Twitch layout will not only make it more fun for viewers to interact with your stream but it can also give them a reason to tune in. 

You see, overlays can be used to reward viewers. You can have a dedicated space to show your stream’s top donors. And you can display the names of anyone who subscribes to your Twitch channel.

Fortunately, creating a Twitch overlay for your streams is no longer as complicated as it once was. There are even sites where you can buy ready-made overlays. Find one that best fits your personality. And always remember to keep things simple. You don’t want to overwhelm your Twitch followers.

Take this overlay from 릴카 who has a clean, futuristic vibe. The use of white in the background compliments her white overlay, making the stream feel cohesive.

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Source: Llilka / Twitch

Publish content on other platforms

Just because you’re on Twitch doesn’t mean you can’t grow your audience elsewhere. For those who are just starting, it’s recommended that you grow your audience on other platforms and bring them to Twitch when you can.

For example, you can upload your Twitch streams to YouTube for promotion either in chunks or in full. You can also package your clips as compilations to get people to watch them. Then you can tell your YouTube audience to tune into Twitch if they want to see you live. Be sure to tell them what times they’ll find you live streaming.

You can do the same for other social media platforms. Some streamers have even embraced short-form clips such as the ones you see on TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

And you don’t have to post all gameplay content. You can mix it up on social media and YouTube. You can do vlogs for example. Or you can do social commentary like other popular streamers. 

Summit1g, one of the biggest Twitch streamers, uploads content to his YouTube page regularly. And so do other streamers. It’s one of the most efficient ways of growing an audience.

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Source: Twitch

Collaborate with other streamers

If you’re going to play a co-op game, why not invite other streamers to join your stream? It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. If you’re playing with three other streamers and you’re all live at the same time, that means you’ll be live on four streams at the same time.

Just imagine how many viewers could end up becoming your followers on Twitch if they end up liking you.

But what if you’re not a gamer? Will this strategy still work?

Yes, it would. If you stream under the Just Chatting category, you can still invite guests to your streams. With the right promotion, their fans could end up watching your stream to see how their favorite streamers do on your show. And if they end up liking you, you could end up with more Twitch followers than when you started.

Twitch streamers have gotten more creative with their collaborations over the years. Some do cooking streams while others do game shows. There are also a few that ended up with podcasts.

Some streamers would even get together for a special stream. They’ll do things together for charity or just to hang out. 

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Source: GigaBoots / Twitch

You can arrange a stream with your other Twitch streamer friends to get more Twitch followers.

Should you buy Twitch followers?

One question that Twitch creators ask themselves is whether they should buy Twitch followers to grow at a faster rate. 

Yes, there are services that provide this service. But obviously, Twitch doesn’t like this and highly recommends that you don’t even try. Your Twitch account can get suspended or banned if you get caught. 

You’ll want to grow organically anyway. What’s the point of having Twitch followers when none of them are real? You’re better off grinding it out because, in the end, you’ll know that every follower you have is a real person.

Besides, there’s no real way to determine if you’re being scammed by whichever company is trying to sell you followers. That in itself is reason enough to not try it. 

Twitch users are also smart enough to figure out if you bought your followers. If you have a lot of followers but nobody seems to watch you whenever you stream, don’t be surprised when you get called out eventually. 


These are just some of the ways you can get more people to follow your Twitch account. But there are other ways. With a little creativity, you can even come up with ways that some streamers may not have thought of yet.

Here’s an example:

Have you heard of the 15-year-old Twitch streamer who went viral after clips of him throwing a rave and using pyro in his bedroom surfaced?

Crossmauz - viral examplePin
Source: Twitch

Crossmauz now has over 408K followers despite only having around 10 videos on his Twitch account. So there is a good chance that you could end just as lucky.

You never know.

But remember growing your following will be key if you want to make money on Twitch.

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