11 Best Teespring Alternatives & Competitors For 2024

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Wondering if there’s a better print-on-demand solution for your needs? Looking for the best Teespring alternatives on the market? We’ve got you covered. 

In this post, you’ll find 10 of the best alternatives to Teespring to power your print-on-demand business.

We’ve included a mix of POD marketplaces, standalone ecommerce platforms, and print-on-demand fulfillment services. 

(Note: Teespring has recently rebranded to Spring.)

The best Teespring alternatives – summary


Sellfy is the best Teespring alternative overall. It’s a beginner-friendly, all-in-one ecommerce platform with print-on-demand functionality built-in. You can use it to sell both POD merch as well as other digital and physical products.

Gelato is the best Teespring alternative for those who want to add print-on-demand functionality to an existing ecommerce store. They support Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and many other platforms. It’s also a great option for those who want to sell merch via established marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

#1 – Sellfy

Sellfy is an all-in-one ecommerce platform that offers print-on-demand dropshipping functionality. It’s the best Sellfy alternative if you want more flexibility and control over your online store.

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What makes Sellfy different from Teespring is that Sellfy isn’t solely a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier. It’s a full-featured ecommerce platform much like Shopify or Wix, but it also offers a built-in POD fulfillment service out of the box. Whereas you’d usually need plugins to offer POD products on platforms like Shopify.

Another key difference is that it’s far easier to use than most other ecommerce platforms.

Aside from the print-on-demand feature, Sellfy also gives you access to a plethora of other tools like a drag-and-drop site builder, marketing tools, and analytics.

One of the biggest complaints Teespring users have is regarding store design limitations. The Teespring storefront is barely customizable, so you can’t really ‘make it your own’. But with Sellfy, you can. It’s endlessly customizable and gives you full control over how your own shop looks and the products you sell. 

And because Sellfy is a real ecommerce platform, you’re not limited to print-on-demand merch. You can sell digital and physical products from the same portal. 

Like Teespring, Sellfy is ideal for sellers who can drive their own customers through other channels.


Paid plans with unlimited products and premium features start at $22/month.

Sellfy offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Read our Sellfy review.

#2 – Gelato

Gelato is a really great Teespring alternative to use if you already have an online store with a tool like Shopify, Etsy, or WooCommerce.

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You can connect it to your existing store to add print-on-demand functionality. Plus, you can also use it to sell POD products on popular marketplaces like Etsy. 

Gelato is one of the best POD options available right now, as it has a really great selection of unique products to choose from. Gelato stocks tons of product options in over 70 product categories. You can get everything from t-shirts and other clothing items to business cards, wall art, and mugs. 

Gelato markets itself as ‘global’ print-on-demand, as the company has 130 partners in over 30 countries around the world. This is great for sellers, as orders are often produced in the end customer’s country, making it quicker and cheaper to ship orders to your customers. 

Not only does Gelato have great options when it comes to products and shipping, but it’s also a great choice for new businesses and POD beginners. 

Gelato offers a free forever plan that can help you to get your store off the ground. There are no minimum order limits and you can also place test orders, so you can judge the product quality before you make them available to your customers. 

In addition to the free plan, Gelato also offers a range of premium subscription plans that can really help you to boost profits as you scale your store. Premium plan subscribers enjoy 30+% discounts on shipping, which can really help you to save money if you process a lot of orders. 

Overall, Gelato is the perfect solution for ecommerce sellers that want to add POD products to their existing ecommerce store


Gelato offers a free forever plan. However, if you’d like to make savings on shipping and access other premium features, then the paid subscription plans start from $14.99/month.

#3 – Printful

Printful is a print-on-demand fulfillment service and the best alternative to Teespring for anyone that wants to sell through their own website or Shopify store.

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Unlike Teespring, Printful isn’t a standalone print-on-demand site. You can’t create your own Printful store and sell merch through it directly. Instead, you use Printful’s built-in tools to create product designs and mockups. Then, connect it to your sales platform of choice to start making sales. It integrates with Etsy as well as popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Wix

Whenever you make a sale, Printful fulfills the order for you. They partner with a large network of high-quality printing facilities spread all across the world and offer fast shipping (products are usually ready to ship within 2-5 days). The shipping rates are also very competitive.

There are lots of different products available in the Printful catalog, including bean bags, pet products, premium eco-friendly apparel, and more. You can also take advantage of the white-label services to add your branding to labels and packaging.


You can get started with Printful’s Free plan. Additional discounts are available depending on the volume of orders.

#4 – Zazzle

Zazzle is a popular print-on-demand marketplace to sell custom merchandise on. It’s second only to Redbubble in terms of organic traffic, with over 30 million global shoppers.

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Zazzle has an extensive product catalog with thousands of items to choose from, so there’s no limit to where you can print your designs. You can sell everything from personalized shirts and other apparel to ping pong paddles and skateboards.

However, I’d mainly recommend Zazzle if you’re planning on selling stationery, invitations, greetings cards, and similar products. Creators that sell these types of products tend to have a lot of success on the platform.


It’s free to sign up as a Zazzle Creator. You can set your own royalty rates from 5% to 99%.

#5 – Spreadshop

Spreadshop is the best Teespring alternative for YouTubers. Like Teespring, it offers a print-on-demand fulfillment service, allows you to create your own branded merch shop page, and integrates with YouTube.

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Spreadshop is one of the three print-on-demand platforms supported by YouTube’s merch shelf feature (Teespring is another). The merch shelf feature enables eligible creators to promote their branded Spreadshop merch through their YouTube channel and videos to drive sales directly through the platform.

If you have over 10k subscribers and your channel is approved for monetization, it’s an easy way to start earning money.

To get started, simply go to your YouTube Studio and select Monetization > Merchandise > Spreadshop. Next, sign up for Spreadshop, create your first product, and set up your Shop.

Once you’re approved, you can start adding products to your YouTube merch area, which will show up to viewers under your videos. When a customer orders a product, it’ll be fulfilled by Spreadshop and you’ll get paid.

There are hundreds of products to choose from, from custom t-shirts to home decor, and you can sell to a global audience with 10 supported currencies and languages. All designs are printed on high-quality products from top brands, and you can even receive a free product sample from your Shop to test the quality.

If you’re not a YouTuber or you aren’t eligible for the merch shelf program, Spreadshop is definitely still worth checking out. It’s a great print-on-demand site for all kinds of creators.


Spreadshop is 100% free with no fees or subscription charges. You set your own retail prices and Spreadshop takes their cut by subtracting the base product price. You keep the rest as profit.

#6 – Redbubble

Redbubble is another popular print-on-demand marketplace in the world. Millions of shoppers looking for products designed by independent artists flock to it every month, which makes it a great Teespring alternative for designers who don’t have an existing audience.

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Here’s the thing: Teespring doesn’t get a whole lot of organic traffic. It isn’t a ‘true’ print-on-demand marketplace—it’s more of a POD storefront builder—so the chances of people browsing through creator designs and finding your products on the platform are slim to none. You have to put the work in and drive your own sales.

This is fine if you’re an influencer who already has a huge audience—you can just send your fans to your Teespring store—but this isn’t the case for most designers.

If you’re one of the many designers who don’t already have a ton of fans or a huge marketing budget, it’s much easier to make sales by listing your products on a marketplace with real organic traffic.

And that’s where Redbubble comes in. 

Tons of people actively visit Redbubble looking for merch, so as long as your designs are visible on the platform, you’re going to reach potential customers.

All you have to do is sign up and upload your designs to products in your Redbubble shop to instantly tap into Redbubble’s huge global audience.

Customers browsing the site will stumble upon them and if they love your designs, they’ll buy them. You’ll get paid, and Redbubble will take care of the rest. They’ll handle the fulfillment and print and ship orders directly to the customer. Easy!

The downside? The platform is geared more towards high volume sellers. Fees are excessive for new users and smaller stores.


It’s free to sell on Redbubble. They take their cut out of your product sales as part of the base price. And take a cut of your profits as well if you’re on a standard account. You set your own margins.

#7 – Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s own print-on-demand program. If you have creative ideas and want to have your own merchandise store where you can sell digital products, and other custom products, you can do this on the world-renowned Amazon marketplace.

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Obviously, the best thing about selling through Merch by Amazon is its reach. Amazon is the biggest online shopping site in the world and accounts for almost half of all ecommerce sales in the US. It goes without saying, then, that listing your POD products on Amazon will help you to reach more customers.

All you have to do is upload your artwork, choose your product type and customizations, and add your description. Amazon will create a product page for you and when a customer makes a purchase, they’ll handle production, shipping, and customer service. You’ll be paid a royalty on each product sold.

Another great thing about selling on Amazon is fast shipping. All Merch by Amazon products sold are eligible for Prime Shipping so your customers will receive their orders quickly, no matter where they are. 


Merch by Amazon is free. However, it’s also invite-only. You’ll have to request an invitation and wait for approval (which can take months) before you can start selling.

#8 – Society6

Society6 is another great Teespring alternative, especially if you’re selling serious art products like wall art or art prints (rather than t-shirts and pop culture products). It’s one of the oldest print-on-demand marketplaces and has been around since 2009.

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Aside from art products, you can also sell home goods, stationery, customized apparel, and other merch through Society6. 

You’ll need a PayPal account to open up your artist shop on the marketplace. From there, you can create your products and start selling. Like Teespring, Society6 handles fulfillment for you.

Society6 has a fairly large social media presence and gets a steady amount of organic traffic, so it’s possible to make sales without promoting products on your own. However, if you want to jump ahead of the competition to maximize your profits, it’s worth investing in marketing.


It’s free to sign up for Society6. Artists earn 10% on every sale. If you sell prints, you can control your own markup and earn more than the standard 10%.

#9 – Fine Art America

Fine Art America is another print-on-demand site like Teespring. It’s best suited to serious artists and photographers who want to sell framed prints, but it also offers many other types of products including phone cases, home decor, and apparel.

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Fine Art America is the largest custom framing company globally and offers hundreds of different frames and mats for customers to choose from. You can sell pretty much any type of print you can think of: canvas prints, acrylic prints, wood prints, framed prints… you name it!

When a customer places an order, Fine Art America will handle the printing, framing, matting, packaging, shipping, customer service, and everything else. You don’t have to do anything other than collect your share of the profits each month. Margins are flexible as you can set your own prices.


Fine Art America offers a standard free plan. If you want to unlock advanced features, you can upgrade to the premium plan for $30/year.

#10 – CafePress

CafePress is an online print-on-demand marketplace with a good amount of traffic and an extensive selection of products.

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You can open a shop on CafePress and sell your designs on hundreds of products, from high-quality custom t-shirts to home decor items. Some of the most popular product categories on CafePress include drinkware (mugs, bottles, etc), gifts, home office equipment, stationery, and signs.

The design upload process is straightforward and you can have your products ready to sell in a few clicks.


It’s free to create an account on CafePress. You earn royalties on each product sold and CafePress deducts their costs as part of the base price.

#11 – TPop

TPop is the best Teespring alternative for eco-conscious creators. It has the largest selection of high-quality, environmentally-friendly products you’ll find anywhere.

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Aside from being an eco-responsible print-on-demand supplier, TPop also offers top-notch branding features. 

You can add your own brand name and logo on all packages and delivery notes, and even promote your social accounts on the packing slips. If you want to add a thank-you note or other insert to your orders, you can do that too.

All orders are printed using green techniques and shipped without plastic via carbon-neutral postal operators. TPop is based in France but ships globally. Shipping is fastest to European destinations (3-7 days)


It’s free to use TPop. You’ll only pay for the product base cost and fulfillment when you make a sale.

Best Teespring alternatives: FAQ

What is Teespring?

Teespring (now known as Spring) is a social ecommerce platform that offers print-on-demand fulfillment services. 

Users create their own store on Teespring where they can sell digital products, customized apparel, merchandise, custom t-shirts, and other custom products.

Users can create their own Teespring store and sell both digital products and custom merch featuring their own designs (like T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts) on the platform without actually holding stock. The merch is sold before it’s printed. Once you reach a minimum sales goal, Teespring fulfills the order by printing the items and shipping them to your buyers.

Is Teespring legit?

Teespring is a legitimate business (not a scam). It has a stellar reputation and is trusted by hundreds of entrepreneurs. 

However, while it’s definitely legit, it’s certainly not perfect. Some users are dissatisfied with Teespring as a print-on-demand company for various reasons. One drawback is that it offers limited customization options for its storefronts. Another is that it has strict minimum sales requirements and a payment threshold of $100.

Many of the alternatives on this list offer more flexibility and control and don’t have any minimum sales or payment thresholds.

Does Teespring steal?

Teespring itself doesn’t, however, there have been some reports from disgruntled artists that sellers on Teespring have ‘stolen’ their designs and replicated their artwork on merch. This kind of piracy is a common problem that most print-on-demand companies face and the issue isn’t exclusive to Teespring. 

It’s worth noting that Teespring claims to take prompt action to take down pirated products whenever rights-owners provide notice, but some feel this isn’t good enough.

Regardless of which print-on-demand site you sell your designs on, it’s always worth taking steps to protect your work so that you can take legal action against copycats if necessary. Teespring’s Design Guard feature can help with this.

Redbubble vs Teespring: Which is best?

Redbubble and Teespring are both great platforms to sell your print-on-demand merch— and each has its own pros and cons. 

The main difference between them is that Redbubble is a ‘true’ print-on-demand marketplace with millions of active buyers, whereas Teespring is more of a standalone ecommerce platform.

Teespring does offer its own Discover Creators section where buyers can browse merch, but this portal isn’t nearly as popular or well-known as Redbubble’s marketplace, so it can be harder to make sales. You have to put in the work yourself driving traffic to your Teespring store whereas, on Redbubble, sales come to you.

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How much can you make from print on demand?

The amount of money you can make from your print-on-demand business will depend on your talent as a designer, your marketing skills, and the effort you put in. Some creators make hardly any profit, whereas others make thousands of dollars per month and generate a full-time income from their designs.

How do I market print-on-demand products?

There are lots of ways to market print-on-demand products. Many sellers run paid ad campaigns such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads to drive traffic to their online store or product pages. Others focus on social media marketing or SEO.

Start by thinking about where your target buyers are, then go from there. For example, if you’re targeting a younger customer base, you might want to try promoting your products through TikTok videos, or via influencer marketing campaigns. 

Choosing the best Teespring alternative for your business

We hope this post helped you find the right platform for your business. As you can see, there are plenty of Teespring alternatives out there to choose from. Here’s a recap of our top three favorites:

  • Sellfy is the best choice if you want an all-in-one ecommerce platform with built-in print-on-demand features.
  • Gelato – is best for existing ecommerce sites. You can easily integrate leading ecommerce platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce. It’s also a great option for anyone who wants to sell custom products directly via eBay, Etsy, or other leading marketplaces.
  • Zazzle is the best dedicated print-on-demand marketplace and a great Teespring alternative if you don’t want to have to drive your own sales.
  • Spreadshop is the best alternative to Teespring for YouTubers. It’s one of the only POD platforms that integrates with and allows you to sell products directly through YouTube.

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