How To Add A Reminder To An Instagram Post

How To Add A Reminder To An Instagram PostPin

Have you used reminders on Instagram posts?

They’re easy to create, but it can be a little tricky figuring out exactly how to use them.

In this post, we go over how to create Instagram reminders step by step.

We then provide a few tips on how to use them for marketing.

It should be noted that adding reminders to Instagram posts is only available for professional accounts. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to convert your personal Instagram account into a business profile.

Let’s get started:

How to add a reminder to an Instagram post

  1. Create a new Instagram feed post as usual.
  2. Tap Add Reminder under the New Post screen.
  3. Name your event.
  4. Add a start time to your event.
  5. Add an end time to your event. This is optional.
  6. Share your post.

It’s that easy, but let’s elaborate on each step.

Step 1: Create a new Instagram feed post

Create a new feed post as you normally would:

instagram edit postPin

Choose which videos or images to add to your post, and edit them as you wish.

You can add reminders to branded posts and posts with product tags.

While you can boost posts that have reminders, you cannot use them to create ads. Keep that in mind as you choose your images.

Step 2: Tap Add Reminder

The New Post screen that appears when you create a new Instagram post now has an Add Reminder button:

instagram new post screenPin

It’s located between the Tag People and Add Location buttons.

Tap the Add Reminder button to open the settings screen for your reminder.

Step 3: Name your event

You can create multiple posts for a single event, so it’s important that you give your reminder a proper name so you can recognize it later.

All you need to do is enter an event title in the “Event Name…” field:

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Use something short yet descriptive, such as “Sephora Giveaway.”

Step 4: Add a start time to your event

Choose a start time for your event so your followers know when it is:

instagram reminder start timePin

Your start time must be at least one hour after you create your post, and you can go as far as three months away.

Choose a time when your audience is most active. You can find this information in your account’s Insights reports.

Step 5: Add an end time to your event

This step is optional, but you can add an end time to your event:

instagram reminder end timePin

If your audience knows how long your event will be, it can help them work it into their schedules.

Step 6: Share your post

Once you’re done setting up your reminder, add a caption, and edit the rest of the New Post screen, then share your post.

You can even share the post to your Instagram Stories. This ensures followers who only see your Stories see your reminder as well.

The reminder appears as a small bell icon overlay in the lower left-hand corner of your post:

instagram post reminderPin

When your followers see the reminder (bell icon), they can click the bell icon to choose to receive notifications for your event:

instagram post remind mePin

Your follower will receive the following notifications:

  1. Activity feed notification 24 hours before the event.
  2. Activity feed and push notification 15 minutes before the event.
  3. Activity feed and push notification when the event starts.

You can also create additional posts for the same event.

After you create an event and share your first post for it, you’ll be able to select it when you create additional posts.

Just click Add Reminder as you did before, and select it:

instagram post choose reminderPin

How to use Instagram reminders for social media marketing

Social media marketing is all about engagement.

Social media app engagementPin

Sure, the likes and follows you receive may not convert into dollar bills instantaneously, but it’s simple math: the more influence you have, the more potential you have to earn a profit.

That’s what makes organic reach so powerful. It enables you to convert social media traffic without having to put those dollars back into it through advertisements.

Without engagement, your chances of increasing organic reach shrink.

Why reminders are so important for Instagram marketing

Social media marketing’s need for engagement is why reminders are so important for Instagram marketing.

Every time you post on Instagram, you need to see those likes, comments, follows and re-posts. It lets you know you have an active audience eager to see your next move.

However, when engagement is low, you need new strategies to help boost it.

Instagram has a few built in tools for this, including boosted posts and advertisements:

instagram adsPin

Instagram reminders are simply another tool you can add to your arsenal to boost engagement when you need it.

Instead of liking a post that includes a graphic and matching caption you’ve created to promote your event, reminders give your followers a more concrete way to say “yes, I’m interested!”

Most importantly, it increases the likelihood of them actually participating.

What events should you use Instagram reminders for?

Promoting Instagram lives, such as a giveaway event, is one of the most useful ways to use Instagram reminders.

rare beauty instagram giveawayPin

However, your event doesn’t necessarily need to be on Instagram in order for you to promote it on the platform.

Instagram reminders are simply a way for you to send activity feed and push notifications to your followers to excite them about your event and entice them to show up.

Here are a few other upcoming events you can promote with Instagram reminders:

  • New product releases
  • New content releases
  • Livestreams and webinars on other platforms
  • Conventions/meetups
  • Sales for your store/product

Final thoughts

Adding a reminder to an Instagram post is easy. It requires no more than a few screen taps, giving you a simple way to promote an event.

You can even boost reminders to increase their reach.

They’re a great marketing tool, but they’re only a small part of what should be a larger Instagram marketing strategy.

This involves using a solid scheduling tool to help you plan and manage your social media calendar and even respond to comments and messages more efficiently.

Pallyy is our top pick for Instagram scheduling. It has awesome scheduling features, a visual grid planner and analytics reporting.

pallyy uiPin

You should also work on a few strategies that’ll help you go viral on Instagram. They’ll help you increase your following.

Lastly, consider using a dedicated tool for Instagram analytics.

It’ll help you see what is and isn’t working as you start using reminders and amping up your overall Instagram marketing strategy.

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