How To Convert Your Personal Instagram Profile Into A Business Profile

How To Convert Your Personal Instagram Profile Into A Business ProfilePin
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Want to learn how to convert your personal Instagram profile into a business profile?

Or are you wondering what the differences are between the different profiles Instagram offers?

No problem, I’ve got you covered.

In this post, I’ll explain the differences between Instagram’s different profiles. And I’ll show you how to convert your personal IG profile into a business profile – step-by-step.

Let’s get started:

What’s the difference between personal and professional accounts?

On the surface, a business and personal account on Instagram seems pretty similar.

They’re both free to use, anyone can apply for them, and they’re great for sharing content online.

However, there are some big differences between personal and professional options that are worth noting. For instance, you need a business account if you want to access things like Instagram Insights (for marketing intel), Instagram Ads, and more.

A business account is the only way you can place contact details on your profile too.

Before Business profiles arrived on Instagram, brands had to try and pack a tiny Insta bio full of information to capture their target audience. Now, companies can access a beefed up version of the personal profile instead.

While technically you could run your Instagram account with a personal profile, why limit yourself to fewer features?

Business profiles vs creator profiles

If you’re tuned into all things Instagram, then you’ll know that a Business profile isn’t your only option outside of a personal account anymore.

Recently, Instagram also introduced Creator profiles.

Creator accounts give you access to various exclusive features and more in-depth analytics. Unfortunately, if you want to automatically publish posts from a third-party social scheduling tool, you can’t do that with a Creator account. Only business accounts offer auto-publishing and scheduling.

With a creator account, you would need to set up a reminder system where you got an email or notification when it was time to publish instead.

On the plus side, you do get exclusive access to the Instagram creator studio, follow/unfollow metrics, and engagement stats. You can also filter your direct messages inbox, to make conversations with clients easier, and tag products directly from brands in your posts.

The benefits of having a professional account on Instagram

Some people can feel a little hesitant about switching from a personal profile to a business account on Instagram. Change is scary.

However, the benefits of upgrading are difficult to ignore.

With a business profile you can:

1. Access Instagram insights

Probably the main reason that people move from a personal account to a business account, is that business accounts offer more insight into your users. If you’re using a personal account, you don’t have any data on how well your Stories and Instagram posts are doing.

When you switch to a business profile, you get Instagram’s special selection of analytics tools. Creator profiles can even dive deeper into things like engagement and follow/unfollow numbers. The more you know about your audience, and which content they love, the easier it is to enhance your following on Instagram.

2. Run ads on Instagram

The potential reach of advertising on Instagram is 879 million.

While posting organically on Instagram can earn you a lot of attention, if you know your target audience, you can accomplish much more with ads.

Creating promotions with Instagram’s ad platform will help you to reach the right customers inside of the platform so that you can ramp up your sales potential. Instagram can also create audiences for you, or you can select exactly who you want to reach.

When you need a little boost to get you in the right place on Instagram, ads are a great feature – however they’re only available for business profile users.

3. Enhance your Instagram profile

Another massive benefit of using a business account on Instagram, rather than just a personal account, is that you can make your profile stand out. You get a few extra features to play with on a business account, including contact buttons that offer instant access to your company.

The CTA buttons at the top of your business profile will ensures that your customers can call, email, or even find directions to your business. Additionally, Creator accounts come with the option to filter through messages so that they can respond to the right leads as quickly as possible.

4. Add links to your Instagram stories

Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links within image or video descriptions. And bio links are heavily limited too.

However, if you have a business account and over 10,000 followers, you will be able to add links to your Instagram stories.

5. Stay compliant

As regulators continue to crack down on businesses that attempt to trick their target audiences, Instagram is making it easier for companies to avoid complexities. If you’re paying publishers or influencers to sponsor an ad, then you need to disclose this in every post.

Since 78% of influencers use Instagram for brand collaboration, it’s likely that you will eventually use Instagram in this manner. Fortunately, you can use the branded content feature with your business account to ensure that you’re sticking with the rules of advertising online.

You can also use the branded content feature to get a deeper insight into the performance of promoted posts. This way, you don’t need to wait for your influencer to provide you with details from their side.

6. Potentially access new features early

While there’s no guarantee that you’ll be the first to unlock new features on Instagram if you have a business or creator account – there is a good chance. Instagram is constantly rolling out new functionality. Before the latest features go live, they’re often tested with a smaller group of expert users first.

Although you won’t always be first in the queue for new features, you should have a higher chance if you’re one of the companies that are constantly proving it’s dedication to Instagram.

How to switch to an Instagram business profile

Now that you know how beneficial the right profile on Instagram can be, let’s explore how to switch to a business profile.

Make sure your profile is set to public before you begin the process. Private accounts cannot switch to Business profiles.

Start by heading to your Instagram settings or “Options”.

Scroll until you see “Switch to a business profile”:

Switch To Business ProfilePin

Click on this option, and Instagram will ask you to connect to your Facebook page.

You’ll need Admin access to your Facebook page if you want to convert to a Business profile:

Connect To Your Facebook AccountPin

Choose the page you want to link to your Instagram account, and choose a category for your profile. Categories include things like Personal Blog, or Health/Beauty.

Set up your business profile by filling out your email address, physical address, and phone number:

Set Up Your Business ProfilePin

Once you’ve reviewed your business contact details, double-check them and tap the “Done” button.

That’s all there is to it!

How to switch back to a personal account

If for any reason, you change your mind and decide you no longer want a business account, you’re not stuck. You can simply log into your Instagram account and:

  • Go to your Settings
  • Tap on Business Settings
  • Hit Switch back to personal account
  • Confirm that you want to switch when Instagram prompts you

There’s nothing to stop you from flipping back and forth between business and personal accounts however you choose.

Ready to make the switch?

Most people start on Instagram with a personal profile.

However, as you begin to recognize how powerful Instagram can be for your marketing strategy, you might decide that it’s time to ramp up your posting game.

Changing to a business profile gives you more power on Instagram, so you can make sales and build brand loyalty like never before.

And the best part is that you can now use Instagram scheduling apps to publish directly to Instagram – no need for companion apps to remind you to post.

Finally, you can grow your IG and keep the content flowing without being tied to your phone all day.

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