8 Best Webinar Software Platforms For 2023 (Comparison)

Best Webinar Software Platforms Compared

Are you looking for the best webinar software to market your products and services?

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In this article, we’re comparing the best webinar software platforms, for hosting webinars and video conferencing.

To help you further, I’ll share the core webinar features for each platform and the use cases that make most sense for each platform.

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The best webinar software platforms compared

Here’s our line-up of the top webinar software platforms on the market:

1. WebinarNinja


WebinarNinja is an all-in-one web-based webinar platform that lets you run Live, Automated, Hybrid, and Series webinars. You can upload and share your slides, share your screen, host live chats, use Q&As, run polls, and display special offers.

The platform uses the latest live video technology called WebRTC to ensure your high-definition webinar broadcast and audience interactions are always in real-time without any lag.

The webinar software also allows you to automatically send confirmation and reminder emails to your registrants, as well as follow-up emails to attendees and non-attendees.

WebinarNinja includes high-converting registration and thank you page templates that you can customize with the Page Builder and add your logo, images, and videos. Plus, you can save the finished pages in your template library to reuse when needed.

Using WebinarNinja, you have a better chance of getting more attendees by adding your webinars to Webinar Finder. It’s a powerful webinar search engine that lets people find your webinar by searching for your webinar’s keywords or category.


  • Runs Live, Automated, Hybrid, and Recurring Series webinars.
  • Uses WebRTC webinar software to broadcast and record in HD.
  • Adds your webinars to the Webinar Finder search engine.
  • Integrates with 1000+ marketing apps.
  • Facilitates free and paid webinars through its Stripe integration.
  • Tracks and measures conversion, attendance, and retention rates.

WebinarNinja is the best webinar software for marketers who want a solid webinar platform that is loaded with modern features. Run live webinars, automated webinars, webinar series, summits and more.


WebinarNinja has a range of subscription plans based on the number of live attendees, starting from $49/month.

2. Demio


Demio provides a simple, no-download webinar experience for your audience, and also provides you with all the marketing tools you need to generate more revenue. 

Demio has five types of HD webinar – Live, Series, Hybrid, Automated, and On-Demand – so you can choose the best option for your event. Whichever kind of event you select, you can apply your branding and logo across all of your event materials.

You can upload your presentation slides or share videos directly from Demio, so there’s no awkward jumping in and out of your presentation.

The browser-based platform is visually pleasing and easy-to-use, so your audience remains engaged. During your webinars, you can also run interactive polls and Q&As, use featured CTAs to launch offers, and share downloadable handouts, gifts, and bonuses.

You also get all the tools to effectively market and promote your webinar events, including customized registration and thank you pages, email notifications, and contact management.

You can measure and analyze everything in your campaign, such as registrations, attendance, and engagement and interaction levels.


  • Hosts Live, Series, Hybrid, Automated, and On-Demand webinars.
  • Allows your audience to join straight from their browser (no downloads).
  • Engages your audience with interactive polls and special offers.
  • Includes all the tools you need to market and promote your webinars.
  • Includes built-in analytics and actionable insights.
  • Integrates with other marketing apps.

Demio is the best webinar software for Entrepreneurs & marketers who want a feature rich webinar platform that also has the ability to run live events.


Demio has a range of flexible subscription plans based on the number of attendees and hosts, starting from $49/month.

3. Livestorm


Livestorm is a video conferencing platform for webinars and online meetings. There are no downloads, plugins, or add-ons required as everything is ready-to-use. Plus, the webinar software also integrates with over 1,500 apps.

Livestorm allows you to run live webinars with screen sharing and the option to invite any attendee to speak on the virtual stage. You can also interact with your audience through live chat, Q&As with upvotes, reusable polls, and special offer CTA buttons. Plus, you can also host pre-recorded, on-demand, and recurring webinars.

Livestorm’s webinar registration process lets you customize forms to match your brand, design them how you want, and embed them anywhere on your website.

There’s also a simple email system to send invites, reminders, and thank you notifications, but you can integrate with your own email provider to strengthen your campaign.

The built-in analytics allows you to track how many people attended and how engaged they were, track the source of registrations with UTMs, and check individual attendee profiles.


  • Includes a simple email system for notifications.
  • Allows customizable branded registration forms.
  • Hosts live, pre-recorded, on-demand, and recurring webinars.
  • Caters for up to 6 guest presenters.
  • Integrates with over 1,500 apps.
  • Includes analytics and actionable insights.

Livestorm is the best webinar software for business owners and marketers who want a webinar platform that doubles as a virtual meeting platform. However, the webinar functionality is more limited than other platforms on the list.


Livestorm has a free plan limited to 20-minute webinars with up to 4 attendees. And their premium plan starts at $109/host/month with up to 100 attendees.

4. EasyWebinar


EasyWebinar is an easy-to-use cloud-based webinar platform with built-in marketing tools, so you can connect with customers, automate engagement, and optimize every campaign.

Their no-delay, high-definition live webinars allow up to 4 presenters, plus you can turn any attendee into a presenter, run polls, display special offers, and chat in real-time. You can stream live to YouTube and Facebook, and you can also record the live presentation to repurpose afterward.

The automated webinars look and feel like a live event, but you can use them to run on-demand when a visitor lands on your website or as a scheduled evergreen event.

Before and after your webinar, take advantage of the built-in, dynamic email system for creating and sending notifications. It can send emails based on an individual’s registration time, so it works for both live and evergreen webinars.

Plus, EasyWebinar’s marketing integrations mean you can easily add webinar registrants to your email provider, and then trigger specific campaigns based on actions, for example, if someone registered but didn’t show up, or saw an offer but didn’t click.

EasyWebinar’s advanced analytics and reporting allow you to review your webinar performance and get actionable insights to help improve future events. For instance, you can see how many registrants showed up to your event, how many attendees completed the webinar, and how many left early. Plus, you can check specific attendees and see all the chat messages they sent during the webinar.


  • Runs Live or Automated (One-Time, Recurring, and Evergreen) webinars.
  • Includes out-of-the-box templates for registration and thank you pages.
  • Increases audience engagement and collaboration.
  • Streams live webinars on Facebook and YouTube at the same time.
  • Integrates with CRM and email marketing automation platforms.
  • Includes advanced analytics and reporting on webinar performance.

EasyWebinar is the best webinar software for those who want a cost-effective & reliable webinar solution that is geared towards marketers.


EasyWebinar offers three subscription plans based on the number of attendees, starting at $78/month.

5. GetResponse

GetResponse Homepage

GetResponse is best known as an email marketing platform, but it also includes webinar software that’s designed to increase conversions and engagement. And that tight integration means you can nurture your leads with automated email invites and reminders.

Think of it as a pre-built promotion machine with everything you need, including conversion-optimized registration pages and payment gateways so that you can run free or paid webinars.

Once you’re running a webinar, it’s easy to keep your audience engaged as you can share your screen, brainstorm ideas with interactive whiteboards, host live chats, collect feedback in polls, and promote your special offers with CTA buttons.

GetResponse allows you to record your live webinars so that you can set up evergreen on-demand webinars for your audience to access anywhere and anytime they want.

Plus, it also tracks your webinar stats, such as registrant and attendee ratios, average attendance time, attendee locations, devices used, and survey results.


  • Provides easy online access for attendees with no download required.
  • Keeps your audience engaged with live interactions.
  • Nurtures your leads with integrated email marketing software.
  • Creates evergreen webinars from live recordings.
  • Monetizes your expertise through paid webinars.
  • Tracks data and analyzes stats for future optimization.

GetResponse is the best webinar software for marketers who want a webinar platform with email marketing, automation and sales funnels built-in. The development focus is split between other parts of the platform but GetResponse can simplify your tech stack & reduce costs.


GetResponse has a range of subscription plans based on the size of your email list and the number of webinar attendees, starting at $40.18/month (paid annually).

A free plan is available with limited features for up to 500 contacts.

6. BigMarker


BigMarker is a complete online event hosting and marketing solution that allows you to create, promote, deliver, automate, monetize, and grow your business using webinars and virtual events.

The end-to-end platform lets you create unlimited live, recurring, automated, and on-demand HD webinars that look and sound good on desktop and mobile.

There’s also a landing page builder with a choice of over 15 templates for you to create your webinar registration pages. Plus, customize and send automated email invites and reminders.

BigMarker also allows you to brand your ‘presentation room’ with your theme colors and logo. You can play pre-recorded videos, share your screen or app, present slides, and highlight key points with the whiteboarding tool.

The browser-based webinar platform means attendees don’t have to download any software beforehand. And once your webinar is running, you can interact with them via live chat or Q&A, gather data with polls and quizzes, share handouts, promote special offers, and even invite people on-screen to engage with you face-to-face.

BigMarker also lets you embed recorded webinars into your website for prospects and customers without having to host repetitive content manually.


  • Runs Live, On-Demand, Recurring, Always-Open, and Evergreen webinars.
  • Streams your webinars to YouTube and Facebook Live.
  • Hosts web summits and online courses.
  • Includes a landing page builder and 15+ templates.
  • Integrates with marketing, learning, and payment apps.
  • Provides insights into your performance and audience engagement.

BigMarker is the best webinar software for those who want a webinar platform that can host various kinds of online events. BigMarker is a particularly good option for those looking to run virtual summits and virtual conferences for up to 10,000 people.


BigMarker has a range of subscription plans based on the number of attendees and hosts, starting at $79/month.

7. WebinarJam


WebinarJam’s cloud-based platform allows you to reach up to 5000 people with up to 6 presenters in one high-definition webinar. And you can even run a webinar from your mobile if you’re out-and-about.

When you’re presenting, you can use your webcam, a screen sharing tutorial, or a slide presentation. Plus, you can enhance your presentations by hand-writing notes directly on top of your slides or drawing diagrams to explain a concept with the built-in drawing board.

Furthermore, you can quickly drag-and-drop an attendee into (and out of) presenter mode so that they can share their opinion, screen, or webcam. Plus, you can also use different interactive features, such as live chat, question and answer, private comments, highlighted comments, and sticky announcements to keep your audience engaged. 

WebinarJam’s Replica Replay feature not only records your live webinar presentation, but also mimics the chat comments, surveys, and product offers. You can also create hybrid events where you mix a live intro and conclusion with a pre-recorded segment in between.

The platform’s flexible scheduling means you can run a webinar right now, schedule it later in the week, set up a series of events, or have an ‘always on’ session.

You can maximize your webinar registrations with the built-in page builder that comes with professionally designed, mobile-responsive templates that you can customize with colors, text, images, and your logo. Plus, it also lets you split-test two variations to see which gets more registrations. 


  • Runs live, on-demand, scheduled, and recurring webinars.
  • Includes a page builder to create event registration pages.
  • Records your webinar presentation and audience interactions.
  • Engages your audience with live chat options and live offers.
  • Offers built-in traffic and engagement analytics.
  • Integrates with marketing apps via an API.

WebinarJam is the best webinar software for those who want a feature-loaded webinar platform that is easy to use & cost effective for large numbers of attendees + multiple presenters.


WebinarJam has a range of subscription plans based on the number of presenters and attendees, starting from $499/year.

8. ClickMeeting


ClickMeeting is a browser-based webinar platform that’s pitched as an all-in-one solution that you can use for:

  • Online business meetings and collaboration
  • Online courses and training sessions
  • Product demos and marketing
  • Huge online events (virtual summits)

Behind the scenes, you can set up your waiting and webinar rooms with your brand colors and logo, and customize your invites and registration page to make a great first impression. You also have the option to run paid webinars using the PayPal integration.

Once your webinar is live, you can increase audience participation by running polls and surveys, screen sharing, annotating presentations with the interactive whiteboard, displaying special offers with CTA buttons, and chatting live, with instant Google translation if required.

You can record your webinar for downloading and sharing with anyone. Or you can leave it on the platform to use as an automated recurring webinar or on-demand webinar.

ClickMeeting collects webinar and attendee stats so you can analyze and compare performance trends. Plus, you can follow-up with attendees after the webinar.


  • Allows you to brand your waiting and webinar rooms with logo and colors.
  • Integrates with PayPal for running paid webinars.
  • Runs Live, Recurring, and On-demand webinars.
  • Streams your webinars to YouTube and Facebook Live.
  • Includes real-time chat translation with attendees.  
  • Collects webinar and attendee stats for performance analysis.

ClickMeeting is the best webinar software for serious webinar marketers who are looking for a feature rich webinar platform. There are some unique features here too such as the option to auto-stream on Facebook and auto-publish to YouTube.


ClickMeeting has a range of subscription plans based on the number of attendees, starting from $25/month.

Choosing the best webinar software for your business

Webinars have grown in popularity significantly in recent years. And there are plenty of interesting statistics that point to continued growth.

Webinar software has evolved from clunky, high-priced software installs to some slick, web-based browser platforms.

Most webinar platforms now offer a good range of features at competitive prices.

The best webinar software depends on the features you need, our top pick is WebinarNinja.

It’s just a case of weighing up what webinar tools you need, such as hybrid capabilities, whiteboard annotations, or built-in marketing tools matter most to you.

The good news is that most offer a free trial period and monthly subscription plans that you cancel at any time, so you can test and compare a few platforms before making your final decision.

What are you waiting for? Choose a platform and run your webinar.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase.