10 Best WordPress Calculator Plugins & Tools (2024)

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Are you looking for a way to calculate prices, measurements, dates, forms fields, and more on your WordPress website?

Calculator plugins add a unique and helpful feature to your website by giving users a quick and easy way to estimate the costs of goods, calculate repayment terms, and even measure how healthy they are.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing a variety of the best WordPress calculator plugins and tools for your website.

The best WordPress calculator plugins – summary

  1. Formidable Forms – Our favorite solution and the most flexible of all of the options thanks to its impressive range of calculators.
  2. Calculated Form Fields – A highly compatible plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress – both the Classic Editor and Gutenberg.
  3. Loan Repayment Calculator and Application Form – A two-in-one calculator plugin that lets users determine repayment options and apply for loans.
  4. Measurement Price Calculator – The best option for those running WooCommerce shops and selling items with variable sizes, so people can price things based on their size.
  5. Price Based on Country for WooCommerce – A WordPress calculator plugin that detects the location of customers and displays pricing in the local currency.
  6. Mortgage Calculator – The most simplistic and easy to use mortgage calculator.
  7. CC BMI Calculator – A perfect solution for calculating body mass index on your fitness or health related website.
  8. Stylish Cost Calculator – This calculator plugin is best used for providing customers with customized and instant quotes.
  9. Cost Calculator Plugin for WordPress – A great solution for displaying powerful, yet good looking estimation forms on your website for potential customers.
  10. EZ Form Calculator – A comprehensive calculator plugin for creating estimation forms, cost calculators, payments forms, and more.

#1 – Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms, best known for being a drag and drop form builder, just so happens to come with a ton of built-in calculator templates. This makes it easy to create a wide range of calculators for your users on your WordPress website.

formidable forms

Using the drag and drop form builder, you can quickly create an interactive calculator on the frontend of your website and generate more leads and higher revenue than ever before.

This calculator plugin comes with intelligent form fields that will calculate anything you want them to. Not to mention, it will perform calculations within your form or dynamically anywhere on your site. You can design your calculator to match the visual appeal of your website, input eCommerce pricing, and even display calculated data to users without using an PHP.

#2 – Calculated Form Fields

Calculated Form Fields is a free WordPress calculator plugin that lets you perform math calculations within form fields. It comes with an intuitive form builder for editing form fields just the way you want. Plus, it will let you add one or more automatically calculated form fields based on the data users input into other fields, making this an intelligent calculator plugin.

calculated fields form

There is no limit to the type of calculator you can create for your website. With Calculated Form Fields, you can enjoy features like multiple fields types (drop down, checkboxes, radio buttons, dates, and numbers), pre-defined templates, 5 practical samples for getting you started, and multi-page forms.

Not to mention, this calculator plugin works seamlessly with the WordPress Classic Editor and Gutenberg, making it highly versatile.

#3 – Loan Repayment Calculator and Application Form

Loan Repayment Calculator and Application Form is a two-in-one form that is perfect for those that run a financial or business WordPress website. In fact, it will calculate things such as payday loans, fixed fee payments, or savings amounts, plus allow your potential customers the opportunity to apply for a loan.

loan repayment calculator and application form

As a GDPR compliant WordPress calculator plugin, you never have to worry about the data you’re collecting from prospective customers. And with the ability to calculate different types of interest rates such as fixed, simple, compound, or amortized, this solution is sure to meet the needs of any type of potential client.

You can configure things like loan terms, interest rates with period and amount triggers, and max/min step values. Plus, your users can select their currency to get a better idea of the loan options available.

#4 – Measurement Price Calculator

Measurement Price Calculator, brought to you by WooCommerce, offers online shop owners an easy way to add pricing to products in their stores that are of variable sizes.

measurement price calculator

In fact, it gives you the freedom to add pricing to products based on the measurements your customer select. In addition, you can add dynamic product quantities based on things like dimension, square footage, volume, or weight.

This WordPress calculator plugin comes with built-in inventory support and even a pricing table option. Plus, you can configure an overage estimate for those items in your shop that allow for user-defined inputs. You can customize pricing labels, allow for variable units, and even include a specialized “Room Walls” calculator if you happen to sell wallpaper.

#5 – Price Based on Country for WooCommerce

Price Based on Country for WooCommerce is another WooCommerce-specific plugin designed to help you grow your online store into an international success. In other words, you can sell the same product in multiple currencies to people across the globe. And the best part is, the plugin does all the work for you by guessing the location of your customers and displaying prices in their local currency.

price based on country for woocommerce

There are two ways to set a product’s price for each country using this calculator plugin. First, you can calculate the price by applying the exchange rate to it. Secondly, you can set each price manually. This offers you the option to maintain control or save yourself time and effort, whichever you prefer.

#6 – Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator is a useful WordPress calculator plugin that’s to be used for calculating all things related to real estate. For instance, you can create a mortgage, loan, down payment, PMI, or even property tax calculator for your clients to use. And if you really want, you can even set up an amortization schedule for people to calculate whether they want to move forward with a loan or not.

mortgage calculator

You can place this simple to use calculator anywhere on your site, including the sidebars, posts, or pages. It comes with a shortcode generator and from there, you just cut and paste the code on your site and let the plugin do the rest of the work. And if you have a global audience, you can trust that this plugin is translation ready.

#7 – CC BMI Calculator

CC BMI Calculator is a great calculator plugin for anyone that has a health or fitness website. This simple body mass index (BMI) calculator is capable of calculating anyone’s BMI after they input their height and weight information. From there, users can see whether their weight falls into a healthy range or not.

cc bmi calculator

You can configure the plugin to display body mass index scores in imperial or metric units. Plus, you can customize the calculator by changing the background color, borders, and text to match your website’s theme. You can then place your visually appealing calculator on your site’s sidebar or into any post or page you want.

#8 – Stylish Cost Calculator

Stylish Cost Calculator works for those websites that want to offer customers or clients customized and instant quotes. In GDPR compliant fashion, this calculator plugin can generate quotes immediately based on user input and look great too thanks to the 7 pre-built templates that come baked in.

stylish cost calculator

It can automatically convert between currencies by detecting your lead’s location. It also comes with conditional logic functionality, language translation, and WooCommerce integration, which is great for those that have an online store. Additional features include PayPal compatibility, a drag and drop interface for easy calculator creation, and coupons and discounts.

#9 – Cost Calculator Plugin for WordPress

Cost Calculator Plugin for WordPress is here when you need a beautiful, yet powerful estimation form on your website that users can fill out and perform calculation tasks on. This gives them a better idea of the price of your products and services and helps them make more informed buying decisions.

cost calculator plugin for wordpress

Whether you have a booking website, rent cars, run a delivery service, or offer freelance services that change depending on the services rendered, Cost Calculator Plugin for WordPress will work for you. You can build an unlimited number of estimation forms using any one of the built-in templates and the simple drag and drop calculation builder.

In addition, this plugin comes with features such as reCAPTCHA security, a calendar field (complete with a date picker), conditional logic, and a variety of field options (e.g., switch box, dropdown, range slider, and total).

#10 – EZ Form Calculator

EZ Form Calculator is another one of the best WordPress calculator plugins around. It lets you create estimation forms, cost calculators, and even payment forms for your website with ease and no coding.

ez form calculator

Using the visual drag and drop builder, you can add over 15 elements to your calculator, including date pickers, dropdowns, and checkboxes. And since it’s translation ready and compatible with WPML, you can easily reach a global audience.

Unique to this calculator plugin is the fact that you can perform visual email handling with the WordPress editor. Plus, you can enable conditional logic, allow file uploads, integrate with WooCommerce, and even add PayPal and Stripe for collecting payments after customers calculate the price of their items.


And there you have it! The best WordPress calculator plugins on the market that give your site visitors an easy way to calculate things like loan payments, product prices, and even health related information.

The type of calculator plugin you decide to use on your website will depend on your individual needs. That said, if you’re looking for a comprehensive calculator solution, Formidable Forms is going to be your best option. It offers the largest number of calculator types and doubles as one of the best form plugins on the market.

When it comes to health websites, the more advanced option will be Fitness Calculators Plugin. And if you want to provide estimations for your future clients and customers, it’s best to go with Cost Calculator Plugin for WordPress.

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