73+ Freelance Job Websites To Grow Your Client Base Faster

Freelance Job Websites To Grow Your Client Base Faster

Are you looking for that dream freelancing job that will offer the work-life balance you crave?

Or maybe you want to build a freelance business on the side that you can grow to the point where you can leave your full-time job?

Either way – I’ve got you covered.

To help you step off the 9-5 hamster wheel, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best freelance job websites.

Let’s dive in:

General freelance job websites

Not sure what industry you want to break into yet? I completely understand. If you’re a generalist like me, with skills that span a broad spectrum of industries, it can be difficult to zero in on one career path.

Take a look at the following freelance job sites to begin with. They cater to a wide range of industries. One may just pique your interest.

1. FlexJobs


FlexJobs is a well-known job website offering job postings from many popular companies. It is geared towards Freelancers, Remote workers and those looking for more flexible work options that differ from the standard 9-5.

One of the key points of value for this site, is the job listings are all hand screened. This ensures there are no scams, ads and dodgy links.

The subscription options go from $14.99 per month to $29.95 ever quarter and $49.95 per year.

2. Fiverr


Fiverr is a popular platform where freelancers advertise jobs they will complete starting from $5. There is plenty of competition within the platform, however many freelancers have seen success by utilising tiers which go well above the $5 base price.

As an example, there are logo design gigs that reach an excess of £300.

3. Power to Fly


Founded in 2014 Power to Fly aims to connect Fortune 500 companies and growing startups with women looking for more flexible and diverse companies who value inclusion and gender diversity.

Their job board lists positions in:

  • Engineering
  • Product and design
  • Sales and marketing

And many other categories, including remote and international jobs.

Along with featuring key companies, they offer Career Advice, Events, Video Chats and Coaching sessions geared towards helping you secure the right job for you.

4. SolidGigs


SolidGigs is something a little different. A product of Millo who have been helping freelancers for over a decade, their team hand-picks from multiple jobs boards every day to send you the top 1% of jobs available.

The site also has a huge library of training and education resources gathered from some of the best minds in freelancing and solopreneurship. You can sign up and try out the service for $2. Then after that, the price is $19 every month but you can cancel at any time.

5. Pangian


Pangian is a website devoted to job seekers looking for fully remote positions. Their job board is updated daily with offerings from the likes of GitHub, Zapier and other well known fully distributed companies.

It’s free to browse and apply for jobs on Pangian, however access to so-called ‘Pro Jobs’, requires an annual subscription of €7.50 monthly.

6. Underwear Worker


Underwear Worker is a less conventional freelance job website with the aim of helping those of us looking to work remotely (or in our underwear). Engineers, Designers, Analysts and Support gurus can find plenty of positions to sift through.

Not only can you create your own profile and receive email updates of new jobs, but the filtering options are also impressive too.

7. Upwork


Upwork is one of the many job sites where freelancers need to bid on job listings. The idea is you pitch your proposal to a particular job and the employer chooses which pitch succeeds. In turn, the successful pitch or bid lands the job.

Freelancers should be warned that Upwork will take a 20% cut of your earnings until you have an established relationship with a client.

8. CloudPeeps


CloudPeeps is a more exclusive platform for connecting clients and freelancers. It can be hard to join yet the calibre of work is much higher if you do manage to get accepted.

Clients post jobs and freelancers can then send their hand-crafted proposals in order to compete for the job.

It should be noted that how many proposals you can send is limited. This can be increased by purchasing one of the subscription options ranging from $9 to $29 per month.

9. Indeed


It’s likely that you’re already familiar with Indeed. This is a website that collects all the jobs on the internet and lists them all in one place. That includes freelance jobs, remote jobs, location specific jobs, etc.

The advanced search function makes it easier to drill-down into the type of work you’re looking for and the quick once click application option is super helpful. Simply upload your CV and it’s there waiting for your next application.

10. College Recruiter


If you’re a student or newly graduated, College Recruiter is a great resource. Browsing this website will furnish you with the type of freelance and part-time jobs available related to your field of study.

These are entry-level positions yet they’re ideal for getting a foot in the door towards gaining experience and more serious contracts.

11. Freelancer


Another job website where you compete with other freelancers, Freelancer allows you to submit proposals for either hourly projects or contests. To begin with, you are only allocated 8 applications. For more, you will have to pay to be a member.

This site also has a project fee. One of the cheaper rates of commission is 3-5% or $3-5.

12. Guru


Somewhat similar to Freelancer, Guru is a great place to create a profile and display your freelance experience. It also makes it easier for employers to find you while you search through the large number of daily job listings.

The number of free applications you receive with Guru is rationed per year and each project commission is around 9%.

13. ServiceScape


ServiceScape is a website catering to freelancers around the globe. They mainly focus on individuals with graphic design, editing, writing and translating skills.

There are no bidding wars or contests on this website. Instead, everything is set up and predetermined on your profile. This means clients can hire you right from your profile. Because of this, ServiceScape takes a 50% cut of your earnings for each project.

14. Craigslist


You might view Craigslist as a glorified classifieds site, useful for selling unwanted belongings. But it’s also possible to find work here. The majority of jobs are quick, one-offs which can be useful if you’re between major projects.

What this site lacks, however, is the security job sites offer. So, be careful who you’re dealing with and at least try to have a meeting and a contract signed before you start any work.

15. People Per Hour


People Per Hour is a freelance job website I’ve had personal experience and success with. Another site based on the proposal method of applying for work, you can also create something called an ‘hourly’. An hourly is a piece of work you list, that you can do for a fixed price. Clients are then free to purchase these as and when they need.

Like any other bidding site, this one takes a commission from your earnings and the amount of proposals you have per month is limited.

16. Working Nomads


Are you a digital nomad who enjoys working from home or sunny destinations around the world? Working Nomads may just be a great place for you to stop by.

They curate some of the best digital jobs around, colour coding them by category for easier viewing. Categories range from Development and Marketing right down to Healthcare and Legal.

17. Landing.Jobs


The emphasis of Landing.Jobs is primarily on European Freelancers and people working in Tech. You can create a profile and then apply for one of the many job listings, while employers can connect with you anonymously.

As per their FAQ, they are trying to increase the number of remote positions listed, so remote workers keep your eyes peeled.

18. Authentic Jobs


Authentic Jobs is a freelance job website for designers, developers and creative pros. Some of the companies who post on this site include the likes of Apple, the New York Times and even Tesla.

Job listings can be filtered by type, location and more, while there is a useful toggle at the top of the site that can filter jobs to show only remote ones.

19. Freemoter


Freemoter is a job website predominantly for remote workers. Freelancers can enter up to 10 skills to search for a matching position, or simply browse the listings.

There is a visual filter along the top of the site making it easier to pare down positions and the range of categories is impressive.

20. Jobspresso


Jobspresso is another carefully curated job website catering to remote working opportunities. Freelancers can post their resume for view by employers and browse the wide range of open listings. Job types include tech, marketing, customer support and more with listings colour coded.

21. SkipTheDrive


SkipTheDrive features remote jobs and work-from-home jobs with over 30 different job types catered for. It is completely free for job-seekers and no registration is required.

However, there is an option to sign up for emails and several work-from-home resources you may find useful.

Freelance job websites for writers and editors

Writers, proofreaders and editors rejoice. There are far more opportunities for you to freelance now than ever before. The following sites have every writing-related job you can possibly dream of, many of which offer premium rates of pay.

22. Contena


Contena is a great choice for freelance writing jobs, largely due to the amount of high-quality work available on the platform. Yet, it is a membership website that only allows new members periodically throughout the year.

Membership starts at $49 per month paid annually. and once you are accepted, you gain access to the Contena Academy.

The Academy promises to teach you everything you need to be a successful freelance writer.

23. Freelance Writing Gigs


Freelance Writing Gigs is a curated job board of writing projects that is updated all week. Alongside the listings are plenty of resources for the aspiring writer. These include writing tips and tools, as well as which websites will pay writers.

24. Blogging Pro


BloggingPro is a job board that’s updated daily with fresh blogging, writing and editing jobs. All positions are aggregated from around the internet in an attempt to make it easier for freelancers to browse and find the job that suits them the best.

25. Journalism Jobs


The title is self-explanatory but for the sake of clarity, Journalism Jobs is a site for journalists to find writing gigs. Refine your search by industry, location or job type and you’ll be sure to find a position in no time.

Furthermore their blog posts have plenty of information on the writing and freelancing industry.

26. ProBlogger Jobs


Tied to the popular ProBlogger website, this job board is an excellent place to source a range of blogging, marketing and writing jobs. The newest jobs are always highlighted and you can subscribe to the RSS feed so you’re always up to date on the latest openings.

Writers can also utilise many of the blogging and writing tips on the main website.

27. Morning Coffee Newsletter


If you’re looking for a quick way to stay on top of your job search, the Morning Coffee Newsletter from FreelanceWriting.com is one of the best ways to go.

Every day you’ll receive an email with some of the best and latest writing gigs, which you can browse with your morning coffee. Did I mention it’s also completely free?

28. Freelance Writing


To go straight to the source of those jobs, head to FreelanceWriting.com. There you can see all of the current and previous listings of everything from blog writing and editing to grant writing and project management jobs.

29. All Freelance Writing


All Freelance Writing has been around for years and is one of many trusted sources of freelance writing jobs. Not only can you subscribe to custom feeds, but job listings also display the rate of pay they offer from the Pro-Rate to Very Low Pay.

30. Freedom With Writing


Freedom With Writing has a newsletter that sends you paid writing opportunities and lists of publishers that pay. Furthermore, you can submit your own content on the topic in return for a reasonable price. But the content has to adhere to their guidelines.

At the time of writing, they are looking for case studies on people who have landed ‘lucrative freelance writing jobs’, with pay starting at $50.

31. Mediabistro


Mediabistro has a large variety of freelance writing jobs that will suit many discerning writers. Writers can create their own account where clients can come directly to them, as well as making use of the many resources available.

They do have a membership option starting at $9.99 per month billed annually, where you can access courses, showcases and resume services.

32. Paid to Blog


Paid to Blog was dreamt up by a freelance writer who experienced success and wanted to share the love. For $30 a month you can subscribe to a curated list of writing jobs. This even includes writing gigs for their site as well.

33. Due


For more technical writers, Due accepts guest post contributions on the topics of blockchain, invoicing, payments, banking and business advice. The editorial guidelines are very strict so new writers may find it difficult to be accepted.

One of the great perks of posting on due is the sheer size of the audience you can reach which can be a boon for any writer.

34. PubLoft


PubLoft is a more exclusive job website for writers. As such, it only accepts the best writers onto its platform to work for their high-paying clients and pride themselves on helping writers spend more time on their craft than struggling to find clients.

They have bi-weekly payouts and editor support for their writers. What’s more, the longer you stay with them, the more you earn overall.

35. Contently


Contently is more like an agency than a simple job searching platform. You can sign up and create a free portfolio and search for writing work at the same time.

If you’re hand-picked by Contently staff, they can directly connect you with high paying clients. Alongside all this, is a wealth of information to help freelancers score more gigs.

Freelance job websites for designers and creatives

I once tried being a freelance designer and soon learned it’s far harder than I expected it to be. Major kudos to you guys – I think I’ll stick to writing for the time being. If you’re in between clients or looking for a new long-term opportunity, take a look at the following job sites.

36. 99 Designs


99 Designs is a good way to build up your portfolio at the same time as looking for freelance design work.

The way this website works is by clients posting a ‘contest’ which you then apply for by submitting your work. If your submission wins, you get paid.  If it doesn’t, it’s another great piece of work to add to your portfolio.

37. Behance


While Behance isn’t a freelance job website, it is an excellent step in the right direction to finding freelance work. This is a portfolio site for designers that will surpass any personal portfolio you can create on your own website.

Behance has a great Domain Authority, which means your work has a good chance of ranking higher in search engine rankings. This makes it more visible to the right kind of clients.

38. Dribbble


Just like Behance, Dribbble is another great way to showcase your portfolio of design work. Clients can see what you’ve created and other designers can provide feedback too.

What’s more, Dribble has its own design jobs section which you can browse. You never know, your dream job could be right around the corner.

39. AngelList


For those desperate to get a foot in the door at an up and coming startup, AngelList is your go-to website. Startups are always on the look-out for talented freelancers and this is where many come to find them.

Set yourself up with a profile and browse the hundreds of job listings. Startups can also come to you on this site, so it’s worth pursuing.

40. Art Wanted


If you’re skilled in digital design, illustration or any other art form, Art Wanted is perfect for displaying your portfolio. Within this, people have the option of buying your art if they love what they see.

Call it a virtual art gallery and shop. It provides heaps of potential for connecting with future clients.

41. Design Crowd


Design Crowd is like 99 Designs but with less competition. Less competition makes it much more beneficial for new designers to get noticed but the pay is lower in comparison.

This is a marketplace that works on contests. So, if you win you get paid and if you don’t, there’s nothing. For newbies though, it’s worth a shot.

42. Envato Studio


Envato Studio is a community of designers, developers and creatives all working on various projects. Most popular are logo design opportunities.

Freelancers are handpicked to work for Envato so there’s no guarantee you’ll secure a position. However, you can register your interest in working for them by filling in this form.

43. Coroflot


Slightly different from a standard job board, Coroflot acts more like a matchmaking service between clients and freelancers. Clients post their jobs, you create a portfolio and the team behind the website does the rest.

It should be noted that you need to apply to be a member of the website, so you should always ensure the best quality of work in your portfolio.

44. Smashing Magazine


Smashing Magazine is popular for its design and development articles. But did you know they also have a job board?

They list a wide range of offerings for designers from companies around the world, with the added possibility of finding a remote position. It can be time-consuming sifting through the jobs but it’s a rewarding process given the quality.

45. CrowdSPRING


Fed up of invite-only codes to get onto some of the best freelance job sites? CrowdSPRING does away with all of that. Designers submit concepts to the jobs posted and the winning concept lands the work.

Free for creatives and designers to sign up, there is a waiting list for new creatives due to the large volume of applications. Open registrations are usually for 2-3 weeks every quarter.

46. Working Not Working


Connecting companies with highly skilled creatives, Working Not Working hosts jobs from high-paying clients like Apple and Google. They only accept a very small portion of applications to ensure quality.

If you’re one of the lucky few, you could be earning well into six figures through regular lucrative work. That should keep you busy for a while.

Freelance job websites for programmers and developers

Programming and Development jobs seem to top many of the following job websites, with plenty of opportunities for talented freelancers. But the competition is fierce so before you apply for work on any of the following websites, make sure your portfolio and resume are in tip-top shape.

47. Rent a Coder


Rent a Coder is a job site completely free for developers to get started on. The free membership allows you to bid for jobs an unlimitedly, with a 7.5% commission fee.

If you’d like to get that fee down and access additional features, you can expect to pay from $6.99 to $29.99 per 30 days. Paid membership grants access to a portfolio, competitor visibility and contact details sharing.

48. Product Hunt Jobs


Product Hunt, the place to find the best new tech products, also has its very own job board. Naturally, most of the jobs here are geared towards developers with some great companies hiring.

Filtering jobs is simple and you can also subscribe for email updates for whenever new jobs are added.

49. 10x Management


If you have niche tech specialities, 10x Management is a great place to start your job search. The type of talent they’re looking for includes people with experience in machine learning, data science, full-stack engineering and more.

While they only accept a small percentage of applications, it can turn into a very lucrative opportunity. Simply hit the become a 10xer button at the bottom of their website to get started.

50. Gigster


Gigster uses Artificial Intelligence to match freelancers with appropriate projects. You’ll need experience in software design, developing and even web design and more.

It should be noted that they have a highly selective screening process – something that can make it difficult to be accepted. But if you have the quality, you should have no problem.

51. Codeable


Codeable is a website that provides Expert WordPress services to their clients. If you have experience working with WordPress Themes and Plugins, you could apply to be a Codeable Expert.

With strict guidelines on communication, pricing and general conduct, Experts can expect to earn a guaranteed minimum rate of $70 – $120 per hour. Plus, you’ll connect with some great clients along the way.

52. Programmer Meet Designer


This is a simple and easy job website for freelancers to search through. Everything from the job budget, skill set and deadline are easily visible.

Here you can work with other programmers, developers and designers. Even entrepreneurs are listed seeking talent for various projects.

53. YouTeam


Software Developers will love YouTeam for its ability to match you up with remote and freelance work. If you already contract for another firm, this could be a good way to discover more long-term projects.

Software firms and their developers are vigorously vetted when applying to join YouTeam, so you can be sure the platform is entirely credible.

54. We Work Remotely


We Work Remotely has always been one of my favourite freelance and remote working websites. They have over 2.5 million monthly visitors and the largest remote work community in the world.

The range of programming and development jobs listed here is impressive, while you can also find some big-name companies hiring for talent at any given time. There is an RSS feed for each job category so sign up and stay up-to-date with the latest work available in your niche.

Freelance job websites for photographers

I’ve found through my research that finding freelance opportunities for photographers isn’t easy. Some of the sites below featured prominently but a bit of digging, some more surprising openings revealed themselves. This goes to show that there is often work in some of the least likely places.

55. Airbnb


I bet you didn’t realise you could find work as a photographer with Airbnb. Well, the truth is it’s entirely possible. Head to their careers page and filter their current openings.

If you’re lucky you may find a position photographing homes for their ‘verified destinations’.

This would be a great opportunity to work and travel at the same time.

56. Cruise Ship Jobs


Another one for those of you who want to travel and work, why not sign up to be a photographer on a cruise ship. You will be responsible for shooting pictures of cruise guests on and off the ship and at various locations.

You can expect your salary to range from $1800 to $2800 per month, but of course, this will vary based on the cruise liner.

57. Photography Jobs Central


Photography Jobs Central is a useful one to join if you have a little extra cash to spare. It’s a membership site that requires a subscription, however, it’s free to join and browse the jobs on offer. It’s worth doing this before committing to their membership plans to make sure it suits your needs.

There is a wealth of companies posting on Photography Jobs Central and the site actively tries to remove amateurs. This ensures there’s less competition for you as a whole.

58. Photography Jobs Online


While this site isn’t a job listing one, it is a great place to earn money as a photographer. Photography Jobs Online offers a step-by-step blueprint for selling your pictures online.

If you’re not successful in making any money using their sites and methods, you can email them within 60 days of making your purchase, in order to receive a full refund.

It costs $27 to join and by doing so you’ll gain access to their database, thousands of photography jobs updated daily, high-paying stock photo companies and agencies, and a whole host of educational resources.

Job websites for freelance marketers

Content and digital marketing freelancers are always in demand for businesses of all sizes. But as you will find on the following job websites, there are positions to be found in some of the most popular companies if you look hard enough.

59. Remotive


Remotive is a simple and straight-forward job board with regular listings posted every day. You’ll find plenty of big name companies posting on here like Toggl, Automattic, ConvertKit and InVision.

It’s free to browse and apply for jobs here and if you’re a Marketer looking to work remotely all listings here are for remote and fully distributed teams.

60. Aquent


Aquent is another match-making service which is perfect for Marketers looking for steady work. To begin freelancers should browse the open job listings and make an application. You’ll then have a MyAquent account where you can keep track of your applications. If an agent filing the position feels you’re a good match, they’ll contact you directly.

After your first interview with Aquent, your profile will be available for all agents to view, making much easier to secure yourself a position. With weekly pay, ongoing learning opportunities, healthcare and 401k retirement plans, it’s well worth giving this site your best shot.

61. PPC Hero


PPC Hero by Hanapin Marketing specialises in ‘enterprise-level partnerships for continuous market expansion and growth’. Alongside this, they have a job board dedicated to digital marketing positions that any freelance marketer should browse.

It’s easy to filter jobs by location and date, and it’s totally free to use. What’s more, there is an option to search for remote only positions.

62. Only Marketing Jobs


Only Marketing Jobs is aimed towards the European and UK job market, which is a refreshing change from most sites where the majority of work is in the US and Canada.

There are a wealth of jobs available to search through here, including many in the charity sector with organisations like the British Heart Foundation. This is perfect if you’re looking for meaningful work that will have a direct, positive impact on the lives of others.

Job sites for freelance virtual assistants

Virtual Assistants or VAs are seeing a boom in career prospects at the moment. Businesses find outsourcing some of their more administrative tasks can free up a large chunk of time. This translates to more work for freelance VAs as you’ll see on the next websites.

63. Belay


Belay is a resourceful site for budding virtual assistants wanting to work from home. After clicking ‘Apply’ you will go through an assessment process which includes two interviews and a skill assessment. This is to ensure you’re a good match for their clients.

Once you’re approved, you’ll be matched with suitable clients to begin your work.

64. Time Etc.


Time Etc. was created by Sir Richard Branson’s former assistant as a way to ease the load of busy, high-achieving people. They have a similar approach to Belay where they match virtual assistants to their Clients.

Having worked with them previously, I can verify that this is a legit service, with a guaranteed fixed hourly-rate for freelancers. You can also work as little or as much as you want to, without having to bid against other freelancers for work.

65. ClickWorker


Getting into the freelance marketplace can be tough, to begin with. All of us freelancers have been there at one point or another. ClickWorker is a good entry point as a way to supplement your main-stream income while gaining experience on the side.

After a quick assessment with this site, you’ll be able to apply for a range of jobs including, data entry, researching, writing, app testing and more. The rate of pay is fairly low here, which is why I recommend you choose this option as an income supplement.

66. Amazon Mechanical Turk


Mechanical Turk works in a similar fashion to ClickWorker, in that small freelance jobs are outsourced to a network of Virtual Assistants. There is usually a high volume of work available on this site.

However, again, the pay is relatively low so it makes sense to resort to this option to top up your income or if you’re really struggling to make ends meet.

67. VA Networking


VA Networking is a website packed to the brim with useful information and resources for aspiring VAs to break into the freelance market. Basic membership is free, with plenty of articles to help educate you at no cost.

To gain access to the busy VA job board, you will need to subscribe to become a VAinsider. This membership program costs $37 per month with more expensive subscription tiers unlocking additional perks.

68. Assistant Match


Assistant Match matches VAs to their clients based on their individual needs. They offer full and part-time freelance positions you can complete from your own home. That is, providing you have all the equipment needed to do your job well.

Sign up using their registration form and if you’re a good fit, you’ll be matched with a client soon. If you’re just starting out, they offer training to help you on your way.

69. Zirtual


If the work you’re looking for is primarily remote based, Zirtual is a good site to swing by. VAs are hired here on a full-time basis for a range of tasks and working with them offers some excellent employee benefits.

At the time of writing Zirtual is only accepting applications from US-based freelancers. However, it’s worth checking back periodically to see if the situation changes.

70. Fancy Hands


Fancy Hands is a similar website to many in this section, in that they connect VAs to matching clients. They’re particularly interested in freelancers who are both good on the phone and with internet research.

To begin with, you will be paid per task, earning from $3 to £7 per task. Yet the pay increases from there. There’s also the opportunity to be promoted into managerial positions overseeing other VAs.

71. Boldly


For work opportunities with more high-paying clientele, give Boldy a try. This is a premium matchmaking service looking for highly specialised Freelancers.

After applying to this company, the process can take up to 3 weeks. It also includes 3 video interviews, background and reference checks. You can expect to earn from £16-£18 per hour with minimum hours of 20 hours per week.

Freelance job websites for video editors and motion graphics

If you have plenty of experience in the Film, TV and Entertainment industries, there are a number of websites that cater directly to your niche market. Many demand the highest quality from their applicants, but it pays off in the long-term with great pay and access to main-stream clients.

72. Motionographer Jobs


Motionographer is a popular website that showcases some of the best recent and new work in visual effects, filmmaking and animation. What’s more, they have a dedicated job board focusing on opportunities in the filmmaking industry that freelance video editors will find helpful.

They list work in motion animation, design and editing, with some job listings allowing remote work too.

73. Mandy


Mandy dedicates itself to TV production and film work. Calling itself the number 1 job site for cast, crew and creative professionals, there is likely to be a lot of competition here.

It’s easy to browse by country and category of work. Yet, to view full job descriptions you will need to sign up for free. To really make it on this site, you’ll need a fully polished portfolio and application to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

74. Production Hub


Geared towards the Media Production industry, Production Hub can help you put yourself in front of thousands of potential clients. Their job board is free to browse but if you want to apply and create your own profile, you’ll need to subscribe for a fee.

Pricing plans range from $5.99 per month with one free response credit. To unlock further options you can expect to pay from $69 to $139 every month.

75. Stage 32


Stage 32 is a combination of a job board and an opportunity to network. They help you find entertainment work within the Film, TV and Theatre industry.

The basic job board is easy to filter by location, date and paid or unpaid work. The beauty, however, comes from the networking opportunities. As we all know, word of mouth is a great boon to any profession.

76. Assemble.tv


Assemble.tv is a website that connects the right clients with the right freelancers. It’s a highly curated site where talent is hand-selected, thoroughly vetted and instantly available. Some of their creative talent has worked with top brands like Uber, Adidas and Etsy to name a few.

The selection process after making your application includes a comprehensive portfolio review which then moves on to a phone interview. If this is successful, you’ll then be added on a trial membership where your work is monitored for quality. And if you consistently create top quality work, you can join the 3% of applicants who are finally added to their network.

Final thoughts

Phew, that was a lot of freelance job sites!

Everything you’ve learned in this article has been to aid you in a successful job search which should ultimately lead you to the freelance life you deserve.

While it’s not easy to stare at a brick wall of potential work, taking it one step at a time is the best way forward.

  • Identify the opportunities that work for you
  • Polish your portfolio until it gleams
  • Tailor your resume or CV to each job you apply for
  • Always write a personalised cover letter

And put your best foot forward. Ultimately employers want to see your personality and quality shine through. What you can do and how you can help them achieve this through a great attitude, a thirst for continuous learning and the highest quality work will lead you down the road to success.

What are you waiting for? Pick a freelancing job website, find a gig that piques your interest and apply. There’s no better time than now.

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