Write For Blogging Wizard

Note: I am not accepting guest contributors for the time being.

We receive a lot of pitches. Most are terrible and around 99% are declined.

But, your pitch can be different and here’s how:

By writing a well thought-out pitch and having examples of awesome posts you’ve written, you could make it into the 3% that are successful.

Before you email me, you should read this blog post – it will help you craft better outreach emails.

You must also include the following in your email:

  • Some personalization (my name is in the email address below and still people don’t include it haha).
  • Your background/experience. (why should people listen to you?).
  • How you think you can help my readers.
  • Samples to your work that aren’t hosted on your personal blog.

Email: adam[at]bloggingwizard.com

Note: if you don’t personalize your email and it’s not immediately apparent who you are then you may not receive a reply. Too many people send pitches from random Gmail accounts with no information about them.