9 Best Online Logo Makers For 2024 (Comparison)

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What is the best logo maker on the market? And what factors should you consider when choosing one to design a logo for your business?

In this post, we’re comparing the best logo makers available today for businesses, individuals, and side hustlers. We’ll break each one down and share everything you need to know.

The best online logo makers compared

Finding the best logo maker is not an easy task. So we’ve put together a list of the best logo makers that you can use to create a custom logo for your website.


LOGO.com is our top pick. It is the best logo maker because it’s user-friendly, fun to use, and best of all free. Simply enter your business name and a slogan, and an endless scroll of logo ideas will be generated. The dashboard has a bunch of logo options such as container design, fonts, colors and icons. In real-time you can preview your unique logo on a business card, book cover, website etc.

Hatchful is Shopify’s simple and free logo maker which makes creating your own logo quick and easy. Pick your niche, visual style and enter your business name and slogan, and over 90 logo designs will be generated.

Canva is a popular online graphic design tool which has a logo creator feature. It offers free and premium logo templates. The majority of the features are free, and the dashboard offers a lot of design elements for you to design and edit your own logo.

1. LOGO.com

LOGO.com is the best online logo maker on this list, in our opinion. Apart from a strong, category-defining domain name, the logo maker is fun to use. They don’t ask you for personal details until you’re happy with your logo and ready to purchase. 

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The logo generator asks you some basic questions to understand your preferences and then gives you hundreds of logo designs that match your needs.

The logo editor is incredibly easy (and fun) to use. LOGO.com offers some of the top premium fonts for free, and they have a database of thousands of icons, ensuring that you find something that you genuinely like:

LOGO.com - Logo Design ExamplePin

The icons combined with the premium fonts, cool containers, and different layouts make for highly professional logos that you can start using immediately.

LOGO.com used to charge for logos, but recently they’ve made it all free. The quality remains the same, and you get basic and design files of your logo for $0.

For an affordable $60 a year subscription, you get access to a whole bunch of tools such as a free domain name, website builder, social media kit, business cards, and their unique brand-building tool that you can use to create all your branding and marketing collateral. 

The tool offers hundreds of templates and comes pre-set with your colors, fonts, and other brand elements, making it easy to design and share anything you want. It’s an all-in-one platform for your brand-building needs.

Bonus: They offer exceptional customer service and a 100% happiness guarantee. So, if you don’t like what you see, ask for your money back.


Logos are free, and the Brand Plan with all the tools is $60 a year.

2. Hatchful

While your logo design in itself doesn’t have to be complex, it helps to put some thought and effort into crafting it. Hatchful is Shopify’s free logo maker that takes away the guesswork and gets you started on building a logo for your business. 

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Hatchful is pretty easy to use as a logo maker and lets you customize your logo design based on your preferences.

Start by choosing your business space, pick a visual style, and some general preferences. The logo generator will take this information and create a range of logos for you to choose from:

Hatchful - Logo Design ExamplePin

Pick the one you like and edit it to fit your needs. Change its colors, fonts, and icons until you’re happy with the final design.



3. Canva

If you’ve been around the web, you must’ve heard of Canva. People confuse it with being a social media tool, but it’s an accessible version of Photoshop.

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Like all things design, Canva has a logo maker that you can use to create your logo. Its drag and drop interface is perfect for those who have minimum design experience. There are over a hundred templates to choose from and customize:

Canva - Logo design examplePin

Similar to most other online logo makers, Canva starts by asking you to answer some basic questions such as the industry you operate in, your logo style preferences, and different templates to better customize your logo search.

A great bonus of using Canva is getting a high-resolution logo file without paying a dime. However, if you wish to make advanced customization like adding your icon, you’ll have to subscribe to their plan.


Free. Subscriptions start from $12.99/month.

4. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is one of the premium online logo makers for designing logos. The platform can help you understand the best visual style for your logo for the business and industry you’re in.

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You start by entering your business name, followed by some more questions, such as do you want an icon-based logo or an initial-based logo. Tell them about the font styles and colors you like so that they can offer logos that fit your needs.

Tailor Brands - Logo design examplePin

The only drawback of the platform is the UI on the main logo editor.

The logo designs are listed one below the other, and the rest of the space is used to show what that selected logo will look like on a website, business card, social media, and merchandise. You also can’t see their pricing until you’re done with the design process and want to download your logo.


$3.99/month for JPG and PNG files and $9.99/month for EPS vector files.

5. Logo Makr

Logo Makr invites you in with an optional video explaining its interface post, which you’re dropped straight into the editor. This logo maker is predominantly DIY. You start with a blank canvas and proceed from there by choosing fonts, shapes, and icons from their library.

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It’s one of the best online logo makers if you’re looking for complete control over your design. That said, your logo’s overall quality and functionality will depend on your design skills and experience. If designing is not your forte and prefer a helping hand, this logo maker may not be for you.

Logo Makr - Logo design examplePin

What seems slightly intimidating initially, with a bit of a learning curve, you’ll be able to design a logo you like.


Get a low-resolution file for free; $29 for high-resolution Vector PDF and SVG files.

6. Ucraft

Ucraft is primarily a website builder that offers a free logo maker.

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Along with a website, you can also design a logo using various icons, shapes, and text. The logo editor is incredibly easy to use. You can create, export, and start using your logo in less than ten minutes. 

Ucraft - Logo design examplePin

Ucraft does ask you to create an account to download the logo, but that’s not that high a price to pay for a great company logo. On account creation, you get a transparent high-resolution PNG file for free.



7. Looka

Looka uses AI to understand your business before creating logos for you according to their messaging. They display a list of logo designs and ask you to select the ones you like best. You’re also invited to choose your font styles, color preferences, and whether you’d like your logo to have an icon or not.

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The logo generator then shows you some logo designs that you can further customize to fit your needs.

Looka - Logo design examplePin

Considering that the platform is AI-driven, you may expect to see logos tailored to your needs and industry, but you’ll still come across some generic designs that don’t meet the requirements you’d set. That said, if you’re looking for professional logos, Looka is one of the best online logo makers to try. 


$20 for a low-resolution PNG and $65 for a full range of design files.

8. DesignHill

DesignHill operates similarly to most other logo makers out there. You start by choosing five sample designs you like, followed by your color preferences and industry.

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Here, don’t let the samples fool you. What may seem like pretty basic icons, you get some lovely logos when combined with typography and great color schemes.

DesignHill - Logo design examplePin

However, to get to that step, you’ll have to first create an account. Once you do, go through their logo designs, pick the one you like and purchase it. 


$20 for one low-resolution PNG file, $65 for professional logo files, including vector EPS and SVG, b/w versions, and color and font information. $150 gets you a designer to further customize your logo.

9. Namecheap

Namecheap is one of the popular domain registrars that also offers a great online logo maker.

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Start by entering your business name and industry, choose some fonts you like, add preferred icons, and the logo maker does the rest.

Namecheap - Logo design examplePin

Browse through the logo designs, customize them, and download them without making an account. While the icons and typefaces may seem basic, Namecheap’s logo maker combines them in a pleasant way to create good logo designs.



Logo creators FAQ

What is a logo, and a logo maker?

A logo could be a graphic, symbol, text or a combination of these, their purpose is to help people recognize your brand or business.

Blogging Wizard’s logo is the brands name in lowercase, along with its recognizable icon; a speech bubble graphic with a star inside:

Blogging Wizard LogoPin

On average a user will spend over 6 seconds looking at your logo when they arrive on your website, so it’s important to make a good first impression.

A logo maker is a tool which can be used by brands, businesses and individuals to help them generate ideas for their logo. The best way to do this is via an online logo maker.

With an online logo creator you can create a professional logo for your website within minutes. However, if you prefer to start from scratch you can create a custom logo by using the logo ideas as inspiration.

The majority of logo makers allow you to customize the logo design, consisting of font, size, color and icon.

What is the best free logo maker?

The majority of the tools on this list are free logo makers. However, if you’re looking for the tool with the best features, and will deliver the highest quality finished logo, you cannot go wrong with our top picks.

LOGO has a bunch of professional and creative looking logo templates, as well as a variety of customization options.

Hatchful and Canva are equally matched with ease of use, and template design, however, some of Canva’s features and templates are premium.

What features should a logo maker tool have?

Although a logo maker tool won’t give you as much individuality compared to the work from a graphic designer, as a bare minimum a logo maker tool should be able to:

  • Show a variety of templates
  • Allow you to customize the logo design (font and colors)
  • Add or remove icons to the template
  • Download at a high resolution

What makes a great logo?

Your final logo design is dependant on several factors, let’s go through them:


An action packed DVD cover with the main cast and some explosions might look great for the next Marvel film, but not for a logo.

An eye-catching and exciting logo design is great, however, remember where your logo will be.

Your logo will most likely be on your website, in the footer of resources, at the bottom of emails – it’ll be visible but small. If your logo design is chaotic and hectic, enlarged it’ll look great, but when small you won’t see the detail.

Simplicity is key.

Here’s an example from Tropicana. Just simply the text in green with its signature font style:

Tropicana logo - homepagePin
Source: Tropicana

Amazon’s logo design is similar, with their brand name the focal point along with their signature arrow:

Amazon logo - homepagePin
Source: Amazon

Flexible design

Following on from simplicity is flexibility.

Your logo has to translate to every part of your business, whether it be on your website, email footer,  or on social media – in terms of style and size as consistency is important for brand recognition.

Some brands operate by separating their logo, however, both are still connected – the brand’s name and the brand’s icon or symbol.

The majority of website logos tend to be rectangular, Blogging Wizard included:

Blogging Wizard - rectangle logo on websitePin

Therefore, your brand name and icon can stay connected easily.

However, designs on social media tends to favor profile pictures of a square or circular nature, which can be difficult for those who have designed a rectangular logo.

This is where your icon comes in handy. Here’s Blogging Wizard’s Twitter account as an example:

Blogging Wizard - Twitter accountPin

Although the name is not in the profile, the icon still represents the Blogging Wizard brand and is recognizable just on its own.

Canvas size and icons are not the only element to consider when it comes to logo design. You need to consider the types of backgrounds your logo may be placed on.

Therefore, it is always best to create your logo on a white, black and transparent background, and change your colors accordingly.

Branding & colors

Some of the free logo makers such as LOGO allow you to create a custom palette to ensure your logo meets your brand colors. If you also have a set of brand colors, then to create the perfect logo you’ll need to incorporate these into your design to ensure consistency.

If you have yet to build your website or brand, color psychology plays a big part in marketing as it can indicate trends in certain behavior.

For example food chains tend to favor the color red (McDonalds) as it’s a stop and give attention driven color, and communication companies favor the color blue (Nokia) which usually symbolizes trust and clarity.

Blogging Wizard’s logo incorporates black and yellow which to some could mean professional optimism.

Choosing a matching color palette is important because you’d want colors that compliment each other but also stand out, for example black and white, or black and yellow work better together compared to black and dark grey, or black and dark green.

Paletton is a color scheme designer and is a great starting point to crafting a color palette for your brand.


When you look at your unique logo, do you visualize your business or brand?

If the answer is no, then the logo doesn’t meet your vision.

Finding your brand identity is difficult, and for some they’re still working on it, and for others it’s an impossible task. Yes, many can conjure up some text and an icon easily, but that doesn’t mean it represents your business in the light you want it to.

Blogging Wizard’s logo has been through several transformations before finally deciding on the perfect logo.

Here’s the evolution of the logo here on Blogging Wizard:

Evolution Of The Blogging Wizard LogoPin

We’ve evolved from a light-hearted wizardry style logo which looks fun and interesting, however it didn’t meet the impression we wanted to give our audience.

Moving on we eventually see the beginning of our logo with a speech bubble, however with vibrant colors. But, we wanted a more professional feel.

Which leads us to our final logo, although not much different, just the change in coloring made all the difference.

Sometimes the smallest of changes can lead to the most dramatic effects.

Logo makers vs. hiring designers

Both options (choosing a logo maker vs. hiring a designer) have pros and cons. Hiring a designer demands an investment of time, money, and energy.

First, you’ll have to find a designer, then explain your concept and business to him. They’ll then come back with designs that’ll need alterations. It involves a ton of back and forth, and if you don’t like the final work, you still have to pay the designer.

On the other hand, a logo maker is a much safer option. And if you decide to go with some of the more professional ones out there, such as LOGO.com, you can get a logo that you can start using right away.

You also can take a logo from there then hire a designer to make any advance edits to the logo.

A logo maker reduces the initial back and forth and gives you complete control over the design. Even better, you never have to start from a blank page. So, if you don’t know what you want, you can use the logo designs as inspiration to get started.

Final thoughts

Your brand identity starts with your logo, and you want a logo design that speaks to the World about you and your brands or businesses purpose.

A logo creator tool can put you in the right direction, whether it be for inspiration, templates or just to generate ideas, you’ll eventually find the perfect logo.

So, if you’re looking for a free logo head over to one of these logo creators and get started!

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