Missinglettr Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing, And More

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Welcome to our Missinglettr review.

We all know the role that social media plays in online marketing. When you publish a new blog post, you want to promote it right away on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

But as crucial as it is, social media scheduling is a huge time suck. And you’ll need to dedicate manpower for posting social media content. Rather than allocating resources to other aspects of your business, your time and employees will end up working on your social media campaigns.

It’s even worse for solopreneurs who already have a lot on their plate as it is.

So what is the solution?

Missinglettr might be what you need. This online tool makes it easy to turn your content into a years worth of posts (and more). And in this Missinglettr review, we’ll tell you how it can help you improve your social media content marketing campaign and take it to the next level.

What is Missinglettr?

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Missinglettr is a social media campaign tool that’s designed to automate your social media campaign. All you need to do is register, connect your social media profiles, and configure a few campaign settings.

Once you’re set, Missinglettr will run on autopilot through artificial intelligence and deliver a year’s worth of social media posts. It uses a combination of your blog post entries and curated content from other resources in your niche.

Using Missinglettr will not leave you struggling for control. You’ll have the final say over what gets posted or not. You can schedule a social media post months in advance if that’s what you need.

What’s even better is that you’ll have access to advanced analytics so you can stay on top of your progress.

Missinglettr features

How does Missinglettr work? And how can it create a social media strategy on its own?

Missinglettr creates social media campaigns effectively thanks to its outstanding features. Let’s take a moment to go over everything Missinglettr has to offer.

Drip campaigns

What does Drip Campaign do? It turns every blog post that you publish into social media content. Missinglettr’s AI technology will go through every blog post on your site and analyze them. It looks for your best blog posts and finds the right hashtags and images to use before publishing them on your social media accounts.

This brings new life to all of your previously published blog posts. And if you add new blog posts, Missinglettr will automatically add them to your social media calendar.

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So from this point onward, all you need to do is to publish blog posts as normal. Missinglettr will then create a drip campaign for you automatically. Once it’s set, you only need to review and approve the campaign. It’s at this point where you make necessary corrections.

Missinglettr is fully capable of identifying the best quotes from your blog posts and finding the right hashtag to use. This process ensures that you’ll have the best chances of drawing traffic from social media.


At the heart of Missinglettr is its Calendar feature which allows content creators to build up their marketing schedule.

Calendar is where you handle everything. Not only does it let you review scheduled posts, but it also gives you an overview of your drip campaigns and curated content.

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What’s even more amazing is that it’s really easy to use. Anyone can pick it up and start scheduling social media content in minutes. It’s ideal for any blogger who wants to get better at content marketing.


Missinglettrs analytics tools gives you insight into your performance on social media. What’s great about this is that you no longer have to log into different social media sites to see different metrics. You can now access all of your data from within Missinglettr.

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Not only will you know which social media channels are best for your business, but you’ll also know which days and times you should publish your content. You’ll even find a breakdown of the browser, location, and operating system that your audience uses.


Another social media marketing feature that Missinglettr offers is an optional add-on called Curate.

With Curate, you can easily find engaging content to share with your audience. You can also use the platform to get your content shared by other Missinglettr users.

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This is a great feature to use especially for users who don’t have the time to find content to share with their audience.

Exploring Missinglettr

Missinglettr has a simple and clean interface that makes it so accessible for bloggers or entrepreneurs who haven’t used a platform like it before.

Missinglettr dashboard

After you connect your social networks to Missinglettr, you’ll find an overview of your performance in the last couple of days.

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You’ll find a more detailed breakdown when you head to the Analytics section.

There’s also a small section that shows your posting health which includes figures like your post type ratio, average posting frequency, and the number of posts in the queue.

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The rest of the dashboard area will give you more information about your campaign. You’ll find curated post suggestions and social media posts that are due to go live in the following days.

Missinglettr sidebar

You can access the rest of the features by hovering over the sidebar. This is where you’ll find links going to Campaigns, Curate, Calendar, Analytics, and Settings.

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You’ll also find links to Missinglettr’s social media pages.

Missinglettr campaigns

The Campaigns section splits all of your content into three columns: Drafts, Active, and Completed.

From here you can add a new campaign by clicking Create Campaign. You’ll be asked to enter a URL where you want Missinglettr to generate the blog post. Next, Missinglettr will ask you a series of questions that verifies the information it pulled from the URL. You’re also provided options on how you’d like to proceed (automatic or manual scheduling).

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All posts that are not ready for posting will fall under Drafts. Clicking on an individual post will bring out more options. You’ll be able to select which hashtags to use, the media content that you want to include, and select quotes from the blog post.

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Missinglettr calendar

The Calendar allows you to see all of the content you have lined up for publishing. Since Missinglettr shows you all entries at once, you can use the filter options to help you find the exact post that you’re looking for.

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For example, you can filter the entries by their current status (Published, Scheduled, etc.). You can also filter them by tags (Drip Campaign, Curated Content, etc.). You’re also able to filter them by their Drip Campaign name.

If there are multiple users in your account, you can also filter by name.

You can toggle the calendar to show you entries by the day, week, or month.

Missinglettr analytics

The Analytics section is full of details about your online presence on social media sites as well as a few details about your audience and the traffic you’re generating.

You’ll see how many total clicks you got during a set timeframe as well as your top drip campaigns. There’s also a chart that shows what browsers people used to find your content and the operating system used.

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There’s also a section that tells you what time of the day you get the most clicks. You can use the data you gathered to improve how you use this social media tool to connect with your followers.

Missinglettr settings

You can customize your whole Missinglettr experience by configuring the settings. There are so many things you could do here. This is where you connect your social profiles. You can also make changes to your date and time settings.

You can also choose from a range of templates and customize them so that they’re a better fit for your brand.

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You can further customize your appearance by choosing a custom font for your posts. The Settings page is also where you update your Curate settings.

There’s a section in the Settings where you can toggle between hashtag options, include UTM parameters, add default hashtags, insert an RSS feed as a blog content source, and activate the URL shortener (Missinglettr has its own URL shortener but you could use your own if you want a custom URL).

You can also make schedule templates from Settings.

The Blacklist subsection is where you can enter words or phrases that you’d like Missinglettr to ignore when generating Drip Campaigns.

Missinglettr Curate

The optional Curate add-on will provide suggestions that you can share with your followers. But if the AI isn’t giving you blog content that’s appropriate for your target audience, then you can use the Browse feature to find more fitting categories.

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Missinglettr has a big list of categories to choose from. And each category can be narrowed down further into subcategories.

For example, selecting the Automotive category will bring up subcategories like Luxury, SUVs, and Minivans. You’ll find the right bloggers and content to feature on your social media profiles. You’ll even find a list of trending content about the subcategory you chose.

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And, if you have an active blog, you can submit your own content. This will give you the opportunity to get your content shared across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn by other Missinglettr users.

Missinglettr pricing plans

First, the good news. Missinglettr has a free trial for the paid plans that lasts 14 days. And you don’t have to enter your credit card information to sign up.

If the free trial doesn’t work for you, then you can sign up for the free version which is perfect for a blogger that’s just starting out. But do keep in mind that the free plan has very limited features.

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The bad news is that the Curate feature is an add-on. It’s priced at $49 per month — that’s on top of the price of your plan. You’ll still be able to find and share content in your niche through Curate. But without the add-on, you can’t promote your own content to other bloggers that use the Curate platform.

However, it is important to point out that Curate is well worth the asking price. If you’re already spending a large amount of time creating content or hiring a freelancer to create content for you, it makes sense to invest in the promotion, right?

If you want the Agency feature which lets you invite clients to collaborate with you on your Drip Campaign, that’s an additional $147 per month.

The Solo plan is $19 per month while the Pro plan is $59 per month. But if you choose the yearly billing cycle, prices drop to $15 per month for Solo and $49 for the Pro plan.

Missinglettr review: Pros and cons

What are the upsides and downsides of using Missinglettr? Is it too good to be true or is there a catch to using this social media automation tool?

Let’s see.


  • It has a clean interface and it’s easy to use.
  • It’s a great choice for those who are new to social media automation.
  • It puts your social media campaign on autopilot.
  • It lets you schedule posts for an entire year.
  • It offers templates so you can keep your posts consistent and on-brand.
  • It saves hashtags for future use.
  • It makes use of natural language processing.
  • It’s really affordable even for solopreneurs.


  • Its analytics data isn’t as powerful compared to its competition.
  • No live chat support is offered.

Is Missinglettr the best social media tool for post automation?

Well, it’ll depend on your needs as a blogger or entrepreneur.

If all you want is an affordable way to manage your social media activity, then Missinglettr is more than up to the task. It’s easy enough for beginners to understand and the AI is good enough to engage your followers.

The analytics data isn’t as detailed as you might want but it is enough to get the job done. And while it does show you cool metrics like what browser your followers use as well as their computer’s operating system, these don’t really have much real-world value to the average user.

The good news is that you don’t have to commit right away. Not only is there a 14-day free trial available, but there’s a free plan as well. You can use either option to try out Missinglettr to see if this is the right platform for you.

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