29 Best Genesis Child Themes For WordPress

Best Genesis Child Themes For WordPress

The Genesis framework for WordPress is one of the most widely celebrated among website owners and bloggers.

Its popularity is largely due to its clean and minimal code which results in faster site loading speeds.

To go with this powerful framework, Genesis child themes can be used to improve the overall design of your site – transforming it with little effort into a site that’s both stylish and functional.

On one hand, the framework forms the core building blocks of your site, while the child themes allow you to customise the design, layout and features. And what’s more, much of this can be achieved with very little coding knowledge.

With this in mind, this list covers some of the best Genesis child themes to date.

Not only do they offer some of the best visual design in the WordPress ecosystem, but they also allow you to benefit from what the Genesis Framework has to offer.

Note: You can get Genesis child themes at a steep discount by purchasing Genesis Pro. This includes all Genesis themes created by StudioPress and their new Gutenberg blocks plugin. Alternatively, you can get them for free by becoming a WP Engine customer.

The best Genesis Child Themes for WordPress

1. Breakthrough Pro

breakthrough pro

Breakthrough Pro is a minimal and sleek child theme aimed at advertising and marketing websites. Combining a bold colour palette with plenty of white space, it’s a great choice for attracting your next clients.

The main homepage layout is divided into clear sections, making it easy for visitors to navigate. Bold headings instantly grab attention and hero image areas help draw the eye down the screen. The page is also made up of 9 flexible widget areas for easily inserting your information. These can be changed and combined in any number of ways to fit your brand.

Styling is uniform throughout for all buttons, pricing tables, shop and portfolio and the entire theme is eCommerce compatible, making it easy to include a store on your website.

Breakthrough Pro is also optimized with support for special features of the new WordPress Gutenberg editor. This includes wide and full-width content blocks, block styling, custom colours, custom font sizes, and back end editor styling to match the front end of your website.

Price: Breakthrough Pro is available packaged with the Genesis Framework for $129.95.

2. Revolution Pro

revolution pro

This is a child theme ideal for bloggers, freelancers and businesses alike and the entire design is easy to install and set-up. This is achieved with the use of automatic setup and import of the demo content. All you need to do is click “Set Up Your Homepage” once you’ve installed and activated the theme to begin.

The key selling point of Revolution Pro is its use of Gutenberg blocks in building the homepage. By utilising the Gutenberg editor along with the theme’s minimal styling you can create endless block combinations. This puts the design power firmly in your hands.

With eCommerce support and the option for customisable headers, there’s plenty this theme has to offer for any blog niche.

Price: Revolution Pro comes bundled with the Genesis Framework for $129.95

3. Essence Pro

essence pro

Essence Pro is a stunning Genesis child theme catering to the lifestyle and wellness blogging niche.

Featuring 6 different widget areas, you can easily mix and match widgets to build a homepage that’s unique to you. The recommended Genesis Enews Extended plugin is one such widget that seamlessly inserts a sign-up form for your mailing list. And because Essence Pro includes styling for this plugin, it will tie in with the rest of your design elements. Needless to say, this child theme is optimised to work with Gutenberg.

Price: Essence Pro costs $129.95 with the inclusion of the Genesis Framework

4. Authority Pro

authority pro

Authority Pro is all about helping you build trust with your clients and audience. And with that, the simple and clean homepage of this design aims to perfectly highlight your experience and expertise.

Starting from the top-down, your attention is immediately grasped by the bold info bar which can be customised to suit your own messaging. Moving down are a series of widget areas, ideally placed to reveal more information about you and your services. While the bottom of the page hosts areas for latest posts and a clear call to action.

Price: This theme costs $129.95 and includes the Genesis Framework

5. Monochrome Pro

monochrome pro

If having an easy-to-use site and a strong digital presence is important to you, Monochrome Pro might just be the solution. This theme has a monochromatic colour palette, putting the focus on white space and beautiful typography.

The homepage is divided into four widget areas, an introduction hero area, an area for your services, a section for client logos and a latest blog post area. Naturally, you can change the information for each section by using a different combination of widgets.

Price: Monochrome Pro, when bundled with the Genesis Framework, costs $129.95

6. Academy Pro

academy pro

Academy Pro is a Genesis child theme best suited to creators of online courses and membership site owners.

The 6 flexible widget areas make it easy to display multiple opt-ins to entice your audience to subscribe. The bold, yet streamlined styling is pleasing to the eye without being distracting and there’s plenty of space to include all the details of your course.

A set of icons are included with this theme, as is styling for coloured message boxes, buttons and pricing tables. Combine this with eCommerce support and your membership site will be up and running in no time.

Price: Academy Pro comes with the Genesis Framework at a bundled price of $129.95.

7. Business Pro

business pro

Business Pro is a third party Genesis child theme built to support both online and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Utilising a homepage of flexible widget areas it allows you to combine many popular WordPress widgets and core functionality to create an on-brand look and feel. A variety of custom page templates are included, including one specifically designed for Beaver Builder. While there is also support for WooCommerce, alongside a built-in portfolio.

Price: Business Pro cost $129.95. This includes the Genesis Framework.

gallery pro

Another third party Genesis child theme is Gallery Pro, a minimalist and image-focused design.

This theme offers plenty of page, customisation and layout options making it a good choice for both portfolio and blog use. Custom page templates for galleries ensures a stylish viewing experience. Full-stretch homepage images and eCommerce support further enhances the functionality of this theme.

Pricing: Gallery Pro comes bundled with the Genesis Framework and costs $129.95.

9. Infinity Pro

infinity pro

Digital businesses looking for an elegant solution for their website will enjoy Infinity Pro with its stylish and responsive presence.

As one of the most flexible StudioPress releases to date, this child theme is packed full of features including a massive 13 widget areas and eCommerce support. Page templates include Lead Capture, Blog, Landing and Team Pages. Unlock even more functionality with the Gutenberg editor which is fully supported and enjoy three different layouts to ensure your website stands out from the crowd.

Price: Infinity Pro costs $129.95 and includes the Genesis Framework.

10. Digital Pro

digital pro

When building a business with a heavy focus on digital products, you need a website that doesn’t get in the way of that goal. Digital Pro is a Genesis child theme that instead of getting in the way, provides the ideal platform for putting your products centre-stage.

This eCommerce supporting theme offers an open and friendly appearance. Limited to 3 widget areas, you only need to include the most important information on the page and the main section of this is your opt-in form. This section is styled to be clean and distraction-free so your customers can see the real benefits of your products.

Price: Digital Pro comes with the Genesis Framework included and only costs $99.95.

11. Aspire Pro

aspire pro

Aspire Pro is a unique choice for entrepreneurs looking to step up their game. Ideal for both business and personal brands, this Genesis child theme has a high-impact design with customisable homepage and footer widget areas to display your information. Gutenberg support provides a seamless editing experience and a built-in portfolio offers a great canvas to display your work.

Price: Aspire Pro is a third party Genesis child theme and includes the Genesis Framework as part of the package at $99.95.

12. Outfitter Pro

outfitter pro

Outfitter Pro is a highly minimalist eCommerce WordPress theme with a masonry-style product display for its homepage.

With a clear focus on improving product click-throughs, this child theme makes the buying process intuitive and fuss-free for customers, while offering blog functionality and a truly modern design for your business. Because this theme is pre-styled for WooCommerce, getting your store set up is quick and painless. With 4 flexible widget areas, you can also customise your site to fit your brand’s needs.

Price: For the child theme and Genesis Framework package, Outfitter Pro costs $129.95.

13. Hello! Pro

hello pro

If you want to build your Personal Brand and expertise, Hello! Pro has all the tools you need. This theme puts your name and message centre-stage so you can welcome them and draw them into your unique brand messaging.

This third party child theme comes with 6 custom page templates including a portfolio, alongside multiple homepage and footer widget areas. Styling for Gutenberg is also a huge bonus while and image-centric homepage creates a warm and welcoming first-look.

Price: Hello! Pro costs $99.95 and includes the Genesis Framework in the package.

14. Maker Pro

maker pro

Up next is a third party child theme that focuses on the maker in you, Maker Pro. The bold typography and colour accents help your ideas and creations pop out of the page to inspire your audience.

Featuring a number of flexible widget areas, the homepage can be customised to suit your creative needs. Just mix and match widgets until you have the perfect layout for you. What’s more, using the Genesis Portfolio Pro plugin allows you to build a gorgeous, visual portfolio to display your best work.

Price: Maker Pro, including the Genesis Framework, costs only $99.95

15. Studio Pro

studio pro

Studio Pro is a must-have Genesis child theme for creative agencies and businesses. By utilising the homepage widget areas of which there are many, you can build a homepage that tells potential clients exactly what they need to know about your business.

5 page templates and a portfolio offer flexible options to enhance your website.

The styling features a strong, modern gradient along with the option of using a video in the hero area. And including a shop on your site is easy with eCommerce styling and support. Finally, a clear call-to-action area will ensure an effortless way for people to enquire about your services.

Price: The Studio Pro theme package which includes the Genesis Framework costs $129.95

16. Kreativ Pro

kreativ pro

Another modern and stylish theme well-suited for agencies, Kreativ Pro is multi-purpose and features eCommerce styling.

Build your online portfolio with the portfolio template and showcase your team by utilising one of the many homepage widget areas. With styling for buttons and pricing tables, your site will look uniform. While custom page templates for Beaver Builder, allows you to build any combination of page layouts to customise your website.

Price: Purchase the Kreativ Pro theme and Genesis Framework package for $129.95.

17. Foodie Pro

foodie pro

Foodie Pro has to be one of the most popular Genesis child themes suited to a wide range of blogs and websites.

With 3 homepage and 5 site-wide widget areas, you can build a website with any combination of widgets that looks both modern and minimal. 3 custom page templates for the blog, default and archives page, is particularly helpful for bloggers with a large archive of posts. Well placed call-to-action areas ensure there’s always a way to entice your readers to opt-in. And with the theme customiser, you can style and colour your website to your heart’s content.

Price: Foodie Pro costs $129.95 and includes the Genesis Framework.

18. Corporate Pro

corporate pro

If your business wants to make a lasting impression, Corporate Pro raises the bar with its contemporary design and state-of-the-art functionality.

Not only does this third party theme come with a one-click demo import, but it also includes AMP support and custom page templates for page builders, a sitemap, a landing page and more.

Add your portfolio to display your work on a sleek portfolio page and make use of the styling for eCommerce, FAQs, pricing and Gutenberg. With flexible homepage widget options, this theme offers everything a business needs to build a strong, functional website.

Price: Corporate Pro is a third party theme package that includes the Genesis Framework. It costs $129.95.

19. Mai Law Pro

mai pro law

Law firms or Law professionals in need of a professional website design will find Mai Law Pro far exceeds expectations. Built with law practices in mind, it has a modern and persuasive look, while featuring a search-engine friendly design.

This third-party theme has 3 home page designs that help you to find the ideal placement for your business information. The 9 page layouts further enhance your customisation options. And the built-in sections page template, allows you to build pages without the restrictions of widget areas. Create any page design you like.

The sheer flexibility of this child theme makes it a winning choice for any website.

Price: Mai Law Pro and the Genesis Framework in one package costs $129.95.

20. Niche Pro

niche pro

Lifestyle bloggers will adore Niche Pro with it’s modern, minimal design and soft, feminine colour options.

Optimised to draw your audience in, the homepage features clearly defined sections with flexible widget areas. Pre-styled for WooCommerce bloggers can also set up their own online store.

Niche Pro features its own Instagram landing page which is ideal for improving your Instagram influence. And what’s more, there is styling for share buttons, recent posts, subscribe widgets, contact forms and of course, Instagram.

Price: This mobile responsive theme comes bundled with the Genesis Framework and costs $129.95.

21. Showcase Pro

showcase pro

The thing most people will appreciate about Showcase Pro is the fact that it combines a clutter-free design with a bright, welcoming layout. Designed to exhibit your best content and images, this Genesis child theme does so cleanly and without compromising on functionality.

A 3 widget home page and 4 widget footer area, allows the space you need to display your star content. And with full support for your own store, your visitors can easily click through to purchase your products.

Showcase Pro is fully mobile responsive and features theme customisation options, as well as custom headers and page templates to truly help your content shine.

Price: This third party theme cost $129.95 and includes the Genesis Framework.

22. Refined Pro

refined pro

Entrepreneurs looking to build a brand that stands the test of time may find the ideal foundation with Refined Pro. This third party child theme from Restored 316 Designs, offers an elegant design that’s also well-suited to bloggers.

Refined’s homepage features 6 flexible widget areas and the theme is compatible with WooCommerce to easily get your shop off the ground. A soft, warm colour palette helps the design to appear homely and welcoming.

Automatic plugin installation will ensure things work right away. And styling for Convert Kit forms will keep your site’s design looking seamless and uniform. As a bonus Refined Pro comes with its own custom Pinterest PSD template.

Price: Refined Pro costs $129.95. The Genesis Framework is included.

23. Simply Pro

simply theme

Simply Pro is a third party Genesis child theme that’s aimed at aspiring bloggers. It’s extra modern and minimalist design was inspired by some of the top bloggers online.

Keeping things simple, this theme comes with 1 homepage and 1 site-wide widget area. This keeps your readers focus on your content. A large hero slider area is ideal for capturing attention. Styling for social icons, sharing buttons and your newsletter widget will ensure a clean, minimal design throughout.

Price: Simply Pro costs only $99.95 and includes the Genesis Framework.

24. Workstation Pro

workstation pro

Workstation Pro is a great choice for creative studios or independent digital creatives. It’s clean and open theme invites readers to view your content in style. The dramatic use of imagery throughout the homepage further enhances your best work while keeping your audience’s attention.

4 homepage widget areas provide the flexibility to style your homepage layout in multiple ways. And styling for WooCommerce ensures a seamless progression from viewing your work to making a purchase.

With a theme customiser, theme options and the option for a customisable header, this mobile responsive child theme, is perfect for inviting the outside world into your own world.

Price: The WorkStation Pro Theme and Genesis Framework Package is priced at $99.95.

25. Kickstart Pro

kickstart pro

If you’re in the beginning stages of launching a startup business, keep your eye on Kickstart Pro for use on your new website. This high-energy child theme has a wide range of features that will help get your startup off the ground.

Easily build your website with 3 homepage and 4 flexible widget area and choose from a selection of pre-made page templates to get started. You also have the option of using a homepage slider and a blog featured section.

This theme is styled to work with many popular WordPress plugins including Gravity Forms and Testimonials by WooThemes. A Google Map friendly widget area displays your location for brick and mortar businesses. And with background image support, you can use striking full-width-images at the top of your pages.

Price: Kickstart Pro costs $99.95 and comes with the Genesis Framework included.

26. Author Pro

author pro

For authors looking to build a website to showcase and sell their publications, there aren’t many options available that are easy to set up. That’s why Author Pro is a solid choice for Published Authors.

This Genesis child theme allows you to build a full online library of books to showcase on your own website. eCommerce support seamlessly lets fans browse and then purchase your book with ease.

The custom book page template offers ample functionality. Include a full description of the publication, it’s price, ISBN and available formats. Host the book yourself for fans to purchase and download instantly, or directing them with stylish buttons to buy on Amazon.

If you have a series of books, make use of the series page template to publish the full collection in one place. This is ideal if your books should be read in a certain order or to highlight one of your best-selling series.

With a mobile responsive design, this theme is one of the best for authors to organise and catalogue their writing archive.

Price: Bundled with the Genesis Framework, Author Pro costs $99.95.

27. Cook’d Pro

cookd pro

Here’s a child theme for bloggers with a passion for cooking and a desire to share their recipes with the world. Cook’d Pro combines the perfect blend of responsive design with minimalism to create a mouth-watering theme with a focus on clean design.

Cook’d Pro has a built-in recipe index which allows you to create even multiple recipe indexes without touching any code. And you can complement your recipes with striking image placement areas throughout the theme.

There are strategic widget area placements to complement your opt-in forms and styling for social icons and more. Cook’d makes crafting the perfect cooking website a breeze and if cooking isn’t your thing, it’s easy enough to adapt to any other type of blog.

Price: The Cook’d Pro and Genesis Framework Package is priced at $129.95.

28. Mai Lifestyle Pro

mai pro lifestyle

For a Genesis child theme that will complement any type of blog niche, take a look at Mai Lifestyle Pro. This flexible, image-rich theme is packed with functionality all bloggers will find useful.

3 homepage designs highlight how easy it is to create a unique look by changing up the placement of widgets in the flexible homepage widget areas. There’s the option to place your menu and logo in three different layouts and the optional banner area has over 10 configuration options.

A ‘Sections’ page template is included with Mai Lifestyle Pro. This means you’re not limited by widget areas on your homepage and on any other page you build. Simply configure the sections to your liking and publish.

Grid and column shortcodes allow you to place beautiful grids anywhere you want. Plus, mobile menu options optimises your navigation across screen sizes.

Price: The price of Mai Lifestyle Pro is $129.95, including the Genesis Framework.

29. Market Pro

market pro

If you’re looking for WordPress theme that is more feminine in style and which also caters aspiring entrepreneurs, Market Pro is a beautiful choice. This third party child theme is ideal for helping you capture attention in the digital world and to adapt as things change and progress.

Market Pro features a homepage made up of 9 flexible widget areas, styled to display a wide range of content through the use of widgets. These can include a featured slider, featured pages, email opt-in forms, products and blog posts. Combine these in any way you want to create a gorgeous homepage packed full of your best content.

The great thing about this theme is that it’s Gutenberg optimised. This means that when creating your content with the Gutenberg editor, you can make use of the many content blocks to optimise and format your layout. What’s more, it will keep the same consistent styling throughout.

Price: Market Pro comes bundled with the Genesis Framework at the price of $129.95.

Final thoughts on these Genesis Child Themes

Building a blog or website comes with plenty of challenges.

What are the latest design trends? Should you get a mobile responsive theme? What flexibility is available? Will your website be fast?

These questions are all important and a quality theme marketplace should aim to answer them clearly.

In this post, we’ve covered some of the best child themes available for the Genesis Framework, so why don’t we ask those very same questions of every theme on this list.

Now, I’ll cover some commonly asked questions:

What is the Genesis Framework?

The Genesis Framework is a platform used to create your website. In many ways, it’s similar to a traditional WordPress theme but you don’t need to activate it. It simply needs to be uploaded to your website.

The Genesis Framework is included with and child theme purchase from StudioPress.com.

What is a child theme?

Think of a child theme like a top layer of code that sits above the Genesis Framework.

A child theme is more of a visual skin used to change how the default Genesis Framework theme looks. It can also be used to extend the functionality of the Genesis Framework.

You would activate your child theme just like any other theme, you’d just need to ensure that the Genesis Framework is already installed to your website

Do child themes come with the Genesis Framework included?

Any child themes purchased from StudioPress.com include the Genesis Framework. Child themes are available from third-party websites but those will require purchase of the Genesis Framework.

What are the benefits of using child themes?

Usually when a WordPress theme is updated, any customizations you’ve done to files such as the functions.php file, or any other changes outside of the regular theme settings will be wiped.

By using a child theme, you can ensure that any code you’ve manually added to your theme is kept when the developer rolls out an update.

It’s also great for developers who want to streamline the process of building websites for their clients.

Why should I use a Genesis child theme over a multi-purpose theme?

If you want to launch a site quickly, having fewer options is a good thing. Genesis child themes look great out of the box, so you can get a website to a production-ready state a lot quicker.

However, if you want to make a significant amount of changes, you’d be better off with a multi-purpose theme such as Astra.

Are Genesis Framework child themes responsive?

Every single child theme on this list is mobile responsive.

How customizeable these these Genesis child themes?

Each Genesis child theme offers a basic level of customization but exactly how much customization is possible will depend on the child theme itself. For example, more recent child themes typically have a few more options you can tweak . For more advanced customization, you may need to use code snippets which are provided on the StudioPress website.

It’s important to note that these themes aren’t as flexible as other themes on the market such as Astra. That said, they are extremely lightweight and look far better than many multi-purpose style themes. Particularly in terms of their typography which is incredibly important for any content-focused website.

Are Genesis child themes fast?

Due to the “bare bones” nature of the Genesis Framework, you can expect excellent page load times.

So, if you’re looking for a lightweight theme that looks great out of the box – give one of these Genesis child themes a try.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase.

Best Genesis Child Themes For WordPress