How To Create A Personality Quiz In WordPress

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Want to know how to create a personality quiz in WordPress?

Maybe you want to create a quiz that educates your audience or maybe you want to create one of those Buzzfeed style viral quizzes.

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a personality quiz with WordPress – step by step.

Let’s get started:

The WordPress plugin we’ll use for our personality quizzes

thrive quiz builder pluginPin

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to build personality quizzes using a WordPress plugin called Thrive Quiz Builder.

Now, this isn’t the cheapest quiz plugin but it is the best for the job. We’ve written about this plugin before and you can learn more in our review, if you like.

It has some pretty advanced features that mean you can get as much traffic, email subscribers, and social media followers out of your quizzes as possible.

Creating a personality quiz (or any other type of quiz for that matter) using Thrive Quiz Builder lets you:

  • Build a bigger email list
  • Gather feedback from site visitors
  • Provide recommendations to quiz takers
  • Reach a broader audience
  • Segment your email list
  • A/B test your quizzes
  • Analyze detailed quiz results

With that said, let’s see just how to create a personality quiz in WordPress using Thrive Quiz Builder.

How to create a personality quiz using Thrive Quiz Builder

The first thing you’ll need to do, if you don’t already have Thrive Quiz Builder, is purchase it by clicking here. From there, you’ll need to install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site just like you would any other plugin.

Step 1: Create a new quiz

Once Thrive Quiz Builder is installed and activated, go to the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard and click on Add New Quiz.

add new quizPin

When the popup appears, choose which quiz template you want to use:

  • Build from scratch: Create a fully customized quiz using a blank template and no predefined settings.
  • List Building: Create a quiz that locks results until a user subscribes to your email list.
  • Social Shares: Create a quiz that contains a customizable social share badge that people can use to share their quiz results and invite others to take the quiz.

Keep in mind, Thrive Quiz Builder gives you the option to add social share options to your quiz no matter which quiz template you use.

For this example, since I’m creating a personality quiz, I’m going to use the Social shares template.

thrive quiz builder quiz templatesPin

Click Continue, give your quiz a name, and click Continue again.

Step 2: Select quiz type

Once you’ve created a new quiz, you’ll see it in the dashboard. You’ll also see a neat tool tip wizard letting you know what the next step is, which is selecting a quiz type.

select quiz typePin

The type of quiz you choose will determine how results are shown to users when they finish taking your quiz.

Thrive Quiz Builder has four quiz types:

  • Number: Give users a numeric score.
  • Percentage: Give users a percentage score.
  • Category: Show users the category they fall into.
  • Right/Wrong: Show users the questions they got right and wrong.

For the personality quiz I am choosing the Category quiz type.

category quiz typePin

Next, you’ll be prompted to create the categories users will be placed in according to their answers. You can add as many categories as you want. To add categories, just click Add Category.

quiz categoriesPin

Just so you know, I’m creating a personality quiz that will help people find out what kind of blogger they are. That way, as you follow the rest of this tutorial, you’ll understand what’s unfolding as I create my quiz.

When it comes to adding your categories, it’s a good idea to write out full statements. Remember, this is what people will see when their quiz results are calculated.

When you’re done, click Save.

Step 3: Choose a quiz style

The next thing you’ll need to do is choose a quiz style. Just click Choose a Quiz Style to see your options.

choose a quiz stylePin

When the quiz styles appear, you’ll notice there are 6 different styles to choose from:

  • Lush
  • Minimalist
  • Light Blue Quiz
  • Dark Quiz
  • Gray Orange Quiz
  • Deep Ocean Blue Quiz

Pick the one that you like best or that matches your brand. For my quiz I’m choosing Light Blue Quiz.

quiz style optionsPin

When you’ve picked a quiz style, click Choose Style to move on. When you do this, a new section in the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard will appear.

quiz structure in dashboardPin

You’re now ready to customize your quiz.

Step 4: Create a splash page

Your personality quiz splash page is the landing page people will see right before they start taking your quiz. When you click Manage, you’ll be taken to the Splash Page dashboard so you can, well, manage it!

manage splash pagePin

Here you can edit the splash page design, create a clone, reset the quiz stats, or archive it. I’m going to click the edit icon so I can customize the overall look of my splash page.

customize splash pagePin

Here. you can change everything from the font style to text colors, layouts to borders. You can even add animations and actions to make your splash page enticing for people, as well as customize the submit button.

When your splash page looks the way you want it to, click Save Work.

If you want to split test different splash pages against each other to see which one converts the highest, click Add A/B Test Variation and style your second splash page just like you did the first one.

Then, click Start A/B Test.

Thrive Quiz Builder will then begin collecting data – form impressions, conversions, and conversion rate – for each splash page once your quiz is live and people start taking it.

You’ll also see a graph of the results so you can make an informed decision about which format encourages the most people to convert as quiz takers. When you want the split test to be over, stop the test and declare a winner. It’s that easy.

Step 5: Add quiz questions and answers

Next up are your quiz questions…the most exciting part of the personality quiz! Just click on Manage under the Questions section in the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard to start adding questions and answers.

After clicking Add Question, you’ll see a window letting you pick between two question types:

  • Multiple Choice with Buttons: People will click on text to answer.
  • Multiple Choice with Images: People will click on images to answer.
  • Open Ended Questions: People can type in text to answer.

Select the option you want and click Continue. I’m going with multiple choice with buttons since it’s the easiest option.

03 Select question type - 3 choicesPin

Now all I have to do is add the questions and answers to my personality quiz.

add questions and answers - customizePin

Once I add a question, I add as many answers as I want and assign them to the categories I created earlier (aka the answers to the quiz). You can also add an image and description to the question/answer combination and weigh the answers differently if you want.

question and answersPin

When you’re done with the first personality quiz question, click Save and follow the same process for all your quiz questions and answers.

As you add more questions and answers to your quiz, Thrive Quiz Builder will show you an overview of how the quiz looks.

You also use this overview section to create order between your questions. This is especially helpful for quizzes that involve right or wrong answers or answers that have different point values. It can even be used to create links between questions based on a person’s previous answer.

linking quiz questionsPin

A good number of questions to add to your personality quiz ranges between 10-20. After all, a one or two question quiz is super boring and doesn’t let you “evaluate” people enough to tell them what kind of personality they really have.

When you’ve added all your personality quiz questions and answers, click Save & Exit.

Step 6: Create a social share badge

If you want to give people the option to share their results (and your personality quiz!) on social media, you’ll have to create a social share badge.

Click on Create a Social Share Badge to get started.

create a social share badgePin

Next, choose a template from the popup. You can even select the blank template and create your own.

social share badge templatePin

Customize your template’s text, font style, colors, and more using the drag & drop editor. Just make to keep the %result% part because that’s what automatically displays the category the quiz taker is in after they complete your quiz.

social share badge customizationsPin

Click Save & Exit when you’re done.

Step 7: Create a results page

Just like the splash page, your results page is fully customizable.

Start by clicking on the large image in the middle regarding the social share badge (if you created one) so you can change the template.

social share badge change templatePin

When you do this, the social share badge you created earlier will appear. You can also add, edit, or delete any other elements on your results page.

final results pagePin

Click Save Work when you’re done.

Step 8: Create an opt-in gate

If you want to require a person’s email address before they can access their personality quiz results, click on (+) Opt-in Gate in the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard.

A new section will appear in the Quiz Structure section that you can manage.

opt-in gate managePin

Customize the look of the opt-in gate, and click Save Work.

optional opt-in gatePin

For detailed instructions on how to connect your email marketing service provider to Thrive Quiz Builder, check out this article.

Step 9: Embed your personality quiz

Not that you’ve created your very own personality quiz, it’s time to add it to your website for people to find.

Doing this is very simple. Just look in the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard for the shortcode that was automatically created for you.

quiz shortcodePin

Copy the shortcode and paste it anywhere on your site. This is what it will look like on the frontend of your site:

example personality quizPin

And there you have it…your very own personality quiz!

Is Thrive Quiz Builder the quiz building plugin for you?

Creating a personality quiz with Thrive Quiz Builder for your WordPress site is really simple, despite the amount of features that come with this plugin.

It has a convenient wizard that provides tool tips to keep you on track and an easy to use interface too. Not to mention, the customization options are seemingly endless when it comes to designing every part of your personality quiz.

If you’re looking for a great way to engage site visitors, reach a broader audience, and build a bigger email list, I definitely recommend using Thrive Quiz Builder.

There are a number of online quiz makers on the market but Thrive Quiz Builder works out exceptionally good value when compared to hosted solutions. This is because there are no limits to the number of quizzes you can create.

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