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"The information you are providing for free is ridiculously awesome and useful. I have paid money and gotten way less in return. Thanks so much for not charging thousands, this is truly invaluable to me right now."

- Kimmy Edwards, Fitvenge

"By pure luck, I stumbled on Adam's blog and reached out to him via email with a few online marketing questions. In three short paragraphs, Adam managed to provide me with a workable strategy for promoting my website, saving me weeks of frustrating research. I'd love to keep BloggingWizard my little secret, so: do NOT browse this website. Close your browser window right now and look for concrete, actionable advice somewhere else."

- Mark Berka,

"Blogging Wizard has been an invaluable resource for me as a new blogger. Adam's friendly and professional advice is easy to read and actionable. I'm always checking for new articles!"

- Christine Caldeira

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