The Entrepreneur Monthly: Search Console Bug + Pinterest Trends

The Entrepreneur Monthly December 2019

Hey digital entrepreneurs, we are checking in with our third edition of The Entrepreneur Monthly, and the last edition for 2019. When we check in with you next, we’ll be covering news from a whole new decade.

In The Entrepreneur Monthly, we’ll break down all the news you need to know from the past month. We’ll cover important news about SEO, social media, WordPress, marketing, product launches, and anything else that might affect your digital business. Then, we’ll share it here on the blog and in our newsletter.

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This month, you might find yourself dealing with inaccurate Search Console data, WordPress released two minor updates, and Pinterest is rolling out a brand new Pinterest Trends tool to help you discover trending queries.

This is The Entrepreneur Monthly for December 2019.

Your Search Console data might be inaccurate in December

If you’re using Google Search Console to analyze your site’s performance in Google search, I have bad news for you:

Google discovered a bug in early December that might affect your impression and click data between December 8th and December 13th. If you see a drop in performance during that time, it’s probably because of this bug.

Don’t worry, though! The bug only affected reporting in Search Console. That is, visitors should have still found your site just like they normally would – you just might not be able to see those impressions/clicks in Search Console.

All data from after December 13th should be 100% accurate.

If you prepare reports to give to clients, you’ll definitely want to make a note of this bug in your reports.

To learn more, you can check out the full post at Search Engine Journal.

The SEO year in review 2019 edition

Search Engine Land have put together a great roundup of all the biggest SEO news and changes from 2019.

The roundup includes:

  • All the major Google Search algorithm updates.
  • Some interesting stats and data. For example, did you know that more than 50% of Google searches in 2019 did not end with a click to website content? Google really loves those featured snippets!
  • Mobile-first indexing.
  • New link attributes for sponsored and user-generated content.
  • Lots more from 2019

If you want a recap of all the biggest SEO news from 2019, it’s a great read.

Google shares the top trending searches from 2019

In another fun year-end recap post, Google shared the top trending search terms from 2019, along with a companion video.

There’s not really any actionable data for marketing here, but it is fun to see what people are searching for.

For example, Old Town Road was the biggest trend in the “Songs” category, while Antonio Brown was the most searched person of 2019.

You can view all of the trends on this page.

WordPress releases two minor updates for security and maintenance fixes

Last month, we covered the release of WordPress 5.3, the latest major WordPress release.

In December, the WordPress core team followed that release up with two smaller releases to fix some security and maintenance issues – WordPress 5.3.1 and WordPress 5.3.2.

Because these releases affect the security and functioning of your WordPress site, you’ll want to apply them as quickly as possible if you haven’t already.

Google BERT rolls out worldwide

A couple of months ago, we told you all about Google BERT, which helps Google to more accurately understand search queries and the context around them.

At that time, Google BERT only affected a limited number of queries and was limited to English-language queries only.

In December, Google greatly expanded that, with a worldwide rollout that will now affect 72 different languages.

Pinterest introduces a new tool for discovering popular search terms

If you create content for a living, understanding what people are searching for is obviously pretty important!

We already have tons of keyword research tools, of course, but things just got a lot more interesting with the introduction of Pinterest Trends.

In the words of Vogue Business, Pinterest Trends is “Pinterest [opening] up its trove of consumer trends data”.

It lets you see real-time data for the popularity of search terms on Pinterest.

Currently, Pinterest Trends is still in Early Access and only available to certain people in the USA. However, it should be rolling out more broadly soon.

If you’re active on Pinterest, or if you just want another way to see what people are interested in, this looks like it could be a valuable new option.

Facebook adds three new ad reporting tools

If you run a lot of Facebook ads, you’ll be happy to know that Facebook rolled out three new ad reporting tools in December:

  • Custom Metrics – Build your own custom metrics and use them across multiple reports.
  • Conversion Path Reporting – Discover the most frequent conversion paths across different channels and devices.
  • Cross-Account Reporting – See the metrics from multiple ad accounts in one spot.

Search Engine Journal has more on the new reporting tools.

New Instagram and Facebook rules for branded content

I have bad news if you have a popular Instagram account where you share your adventures shooting guns while vaping and chewing tobacco:

As of December 18th, Facebook and Instagram will no longer allow branded content that promotes vaping, tobacco products, or weapons.

Ok, the first sentence is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it is interesting to see how Facebook is expanding its list of prohibited content.

However, don’t worry too much – this is really just an expansion of Facebook’s existing ad policies (which already banned these types of content) and applying those policies to the paid partnership content feature.

CNBC has the full article if you want to learn more.

YouTube purges crypto content (mistakenly?)

If you also have a YouTube crypto channel to go along with your Instagram tobacco-hunting account, this is going to be a really bad month for you:

After Christmas, YouTube engaged in what some are calling a crypto purge.

Essentially, YouTube pulled down huge numbers of videos that focused on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

After the purge, YouTube claimed that the purge was a mistake. However, some owners of crypto channels report that after initially reinstating the videos, YouTube pulled down all the crypto content yet again.

The purge definitely doesn’t affect all crypto content, but it’s a big enough shift that you’ll see plenty of articles in larger publications, including Forbes.

Blogging Wizard’s top posts of 2019

Finally, we have another recap for you.

Adam has put together a roundup of our favorite articles from the past year.

This isn’t strictly a list of our most popular articles. Instead, we’re focusing more on the most useful articles we published in 2019. The ones you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

And that wraps up all the latest news you need to know from December 2019. Check back next month (and year) for more great news about SEO, social media, WordPress, blogging, and more.

The Entrepreneur Monthly December 2019