MyThemeShop Membership Review: How Do They Shape Up?

MyThemeShop Membership Review

MyThemeShop was born out of need.

The company couldn’t find a WordPress theme that met their requirements, so they built their own. The result was a light-weight theme that everyone loved and wanted. So they launched MyThemeShop.

A few years later and they’re still going strong with over 100 themes and plugins in their range. They have over 350K satisfied members using their products on a million websites.

MyThemeShop produces fast-loading themes and plugins for WordPress. Their aim is to help you rank your site higher in search engines, as speed is one of Google’s ranking factors.

1 Homepage

MyThemeShop offers a collection of free WordPress themes and plugins to anybody wishing to join their Free Membership Club. Consider it a free taste of what they offer.

You can access all their premium themes and plugins when you join the Extended Membership Scheme.

Each of the premium themes and plugins is also available to buy individually, with an option to extend support after 12 months.

In this review, we’ll see what the Extended Membership Scheme has to offer.

So, let’s start by taking a look at the range of products.

What products are included?


MyThemeShop currently has a total of 91 Premium Themes plus 16 Free Themes giving you access to a whopping total of 107 WordPress Themes.

To help you narrow your search for a theme you can use the categories and sorting options:

2 Theme Filter Sort

Here’s a snapshot of the latest themes covering all the categories of Blog, Magazine, Business, and eCommerce:

3 Latest Themes
  • Sensational – Transform your average looking Website into an absolute stunner.
  • Coupon – Create your own coupon site with this theme.
  • WooShop – Modern and stylish theme built for WordPress WooCommerce stores.
  • Builders – Best theme for construction websites, architectural firms, and builders.
  • MyBlog – Modern theme for serious bloggers.
  • JustFit – Ideal theme for any fitness related website, or ecommerce business.


MyThemeShop currently has a total of 15 Premium Plugins plus 11 Free Plugins giving you access to a total of 26 WordPress Plugins.

To help you narrow your search for a plugin you can use the categories and sorting options:

4 Plugins Filter Sort

Here’s a snapshot of the latest plugins covering all categories of Free, Addon, Functionality, and Widgets:

5 Latest Plugins
  • Content Locker – Get visitors to ‘unlock’ your content by liking, sharing or subscribing.
  • URL Shortener Pro – Create ‘friendly-looking’ short URLs and hide affiliate links.
  • WP Quiz – Allows you to build quizzes to keep your visitors engaged and get tons of shares.
  • WP Tab Widget Pro – Lets you display content arranged by tabs in your widget areas.
  • WP In Post Ads – An easy way to drop ads in your content to boost ad revenue.
  • WP Notification Bar Pro – Display ‘Hellobar’ style bars to drive traffic to other pages, display opt-in forms and more.

Note: MyThemeShop follows the standard WordPress practice of creating a standard free plugin and then extending its functionality with a Pro version; e.g. WP Quiz and WP Quiz Pro.

Photoshop Files

MyThemeShop offers access to the original design files used to create each theme. If you wish to customize a theme or see how the design looks without all the code, you can download the PSD files from the membership area.

What’s inside the membership area?

Once you’ve logged into your account you’ll see a few menu options at the top of the page:

6 Membership Top
  • Dashboard – Where most of the action takes place (see below).
  • Add/Renew Subscription – Lets you manage your subscription level.
  • Payment History – Keeps track of all your payments.
  • Affiliate Info – Contains your unique banners/links, statistics and payment info (every member is automatically enrolled into the affiliate scheme).


The dashboard page sub-divides into several sections:

  • On the left-hand side is a listing of all your themes and plugins. Each product line has more info, which we’ll see below.
  • On the right-hand side there are a few panels:
  • At the top is a link to a Recommended Hosting partner
  • Next is a reminder of your membership level and expiration date
  • And then there is a link to the Support Forum (see below)
7 Dashboard

Active premium resources

The Extended Membership gives you access to all the premium (and free) themes and plugins. When you click on a resource, a drop-down menu opens with more details.

Let’s take a look at the Sensational theme as an example:

8 Sensational Theme

How to install?

Here you have some standard installation instructions on how to download and install the theme. There’s also a link to the Theme Installation Guide Video, which is one of the video tutorials contained in the Support Forum:

9 Theme Tutorial Videos


There are five options here:

  • Theme Files – Downloads the theme zip file to your computer
  • Documentation – Downloads the theme documentation to your computer
  • Demo Data – Links to a YouTube video explaining how you can import MyThemeShop demo data into your theme on WordPress. (This is a useful option to give you a head start by making your website look like the demos before you start adding your ideas.)
  • More Info – Links to the theme’s general page on the website
  • PSDs – Downloads the PSD design files for the theme

Now, let’s take a look at the WP Notification Bar plugin as an example:

10 WP Notification Bar

You can see it’s like the Sensational theme example above.

How to install?

Here you have some standard installation instructions on how to download and install the plugin. Then there’s a link to the Plugin Installation Guide Video, in the Support Forum:

11 Plugins Tutorial Videos


There are only two options here:

  • Plugin Files – Downloads the plugin to your computer
  • More Info – Links to the plugin’s general page on the website

Support forum

You can navigate to the Support Forum from either the Membership Dashboard or the Main Menu. Whichever option you choose, you’ll end up here:

12 Support Forum

The two main options are Forums (for Support) and Tutorials (for Videos).


The Support menu contains six main sections:

  • Support for Premium Users – For premium theme and plugin issues
  • Account/Affiliate/Pre-Sale Questions – For any admin related questions
  • ThemeForest Users – For customers who purchased a theme via ThemeForest
  • Support for Free Users – For free theme and plugin issues
  • Testimonials & Feedback/Bug Report/Translations – For testimonials and feedback, bug reports (not sure why that is here?), and translation requests
  • General Discussion – For general non-specific product issues

Let’s take a look at the Support for Premium Users section.

The section is sub-divided into sections for Themes and Plugins:

13 Support Forum Premium

So let’s drill down further into the Theme Support.

Theme support

There are four key areas highlighted here:

14 Theme Support
  • Filter Bar – Inside the Theme Support you have a filter bar to sort the list of topics by Recently / Updated / Start Date / Most Replies / Most Viewed / Custom / Show un/answered
  • Pinned Topics – There are a couple of pinned topics that remain at the top of the list. These provide instructions on ‘What’s Included In Support’ and ‘How To Post in the Forums.’
    • These are two important topics to set the scene for the forum and clear any potential misunderstanding.
15 What We Support
  • Other Topics – Underneath you have all the other topics; i.e. user support issues. The “Answered” badge denotes the support team has responded to the problem.
  • Start New Topic – If you can’t find your answer in the existing topics and tutorials, then you can report a new issue.
    • I like how the ‘Product’ box forces you to choose one theme from the list to ensure your topic is classified.
16 Post New Picture

The other sections of the Support Forum operate in the same way.

The support team is available 24/7 via the forum. They update the ticket conversations promptly and clearly.


MyThemeShop uses narrated HD video tutorials throughout their website.

  • Non-members should check out the excellent and free WordPress 101.

Inside the membership area is a collection of videos that cover numerous topics. Some are for a particular theme or plugin; e.g. Installing and Setting Up MagXP WordPress Theme. Others address generic WordPress options; e.g. How to Add Widgets in a WordPress Theme.

17 Video Tutorials


Extended membership

  • $8.29/month paid annually


  • Access to all themes and plugins
  • Access to PSD Files
  • Access To All New Products
  • Support For Clients and Projects
  • 24/7 Priority Support

Single product – Best for individuals

  • $29-$59 per product
  • $19/year for continued support and updates from the second year onwards


  • Access to free themes and plugins
  • Access to individual purchased themes and plugins
  • 24/7 Priority Support

Free membership – Perfect for startups


  • Access to free themes and plugins

MyThemeShop pro’s and con’s


  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent support service
  • Easy to navigate members area
  • Comprehensive video tutorials and product documentation
  • Access to all current themes and plugins, plus any future products


  • Changelog is a little tricky to get to – you have to go directly to each sales page and look for the link on the right hand side


The MyThemeShop Extended Membership Scheme has a large selection of products; offering plenty of choice on their themes, and plugins with useful features.

The Extended Membership Scheme offers exceptional value for money, as long as you use more than one theme or plugin from the collection. If you’re only interested in purchasing a single theme, then make a single purchase.

But it’s not just the pricing that is attractive.

The video tutorials are top quality and help you with general WordPress support as well as MyThemeShop products. The support forum is well-designed, and the reporting of new issues is straightforward. The support team is responsive and helpful.

MyThemeShop has developed a clean membership area that’s easy to navigate. It gives you easy access to the premium products, support, account details plus affiliate scheme details.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase.