How To Find Highly Relevant Market Influencers Within Minutes

How To Find Relevant Market Influencers

Influence marketing is powerful.

After all – influencers have a direct line to your target customers.

But, how can you find relevant market influencers without wasting time needlessly?

Here’s the good news:

There are tools that can not only help you find influencers fast, but also help you validate their influence.

One such tool is Inkybee and in this post, I’ll show you the exact process I use to generate lists of niche influencers, along with a detailed set of data that allows me to finely target who I reach out to.

You can do a lot more with this tool – you can manage a significant portion of your outreach process if you want to. But for the purpose of this post, I’ll focus on finding influencers.

Let’s get started:

1. Setup your list of blogs

InkyBee is perfectly setup for influence research as it organises data into lists, so your first step is to setup a list ready for you to add influencers to.

InkyBee - Create List

You will then see an empty list which we’ll fill up with some awesome blogs in just a moment.

InkyBee Blogger List

2. Setting up a discovery job

Now it’s time to send InkyBee out to find some great blogs to add to your list.

InkyBee Discovery Job

The key here is to add upto three phrases that bloggers in your industry will be using in their blog posts (it’s worth experimenting with different combinations or even just 1 or 2 as you can often get better results).

If you want to use more than three then don’t worry because you can add more discovery jobs but remember that the more thought you put into this stage, the better your list will end up being.

After your initial discovery job runs, InkyBee will automatically run this discovery job every 6 hours to pick up additional blogs unless you turn the discovery job off.

Note: recently InkyBee added several additional search techniques which allow you to search for influencers by posts, blogs or even down to the tags they use in their posts. The search box is located just above your list.

3. Add additional blogs

There may be occasions where there are particular blogs that you know of that you want to include in your list or that you have found in a list somewhere outside of the InkyBee platform.

If that happens, then InkyBee has got you covered with a straight forward option to add blogs individually or in bulk.

InkyBee - Add Blogs

The blogs that you have added manually will then be added to your list of blogs straight away and due to this being a quicker process than the ‘discovery jobs’ you will be able to take a look at some of the data that InkyBee has pulled in from this list of blogs.

Here is a run through of the data that InkyBee will bring back:

  • Location (this can get as specific as the City)
  • Engagement (determined by social shares and blog comments etc)
  • Audience size
  • Posts per week
  • Days since last post
  • Inbound links
  • Twitter followers
  • Facebook likes
  • Moz (formerly SEOMoz) metrics
    • mozRank
    • Page Authority
    • Domain Authority

You can find more information on Moz metrics here.

InkyBee - Added Blogs

4. Ding, discovery job is done

Now that your discovery job has completed it’s time to see what results it’s brought back and don’t worry about waiting because you will get an email notification when it’s completed.

Usually discovery jobs take less than 5 minutes to run.

InkyBee Discovery Jobs Overview

When you check out your discovery jobs, you’ll get the option to stop the discovery job from running every 6 hours.

Just click on your keywords to view the results.

InkyBee Discovery Jobs Results

You have a number of filtering options here, the main ones being page authority and how frequently new posts are published on the blog.

You can also rank the list in order of relevancy, audience or engagement.

To add these blogs to your list you can either individually click the add button or you can tick all or a number of blogs then click ‘add selected’.

5. Your final list of blogs

Now that you have added the blogs from your discovery job it’s time to check out your awesome list that you have put together with the help of InkyBee.

InkyBee Final List of Influencers

Now you have a powerful list of influencers and you can arrange them in order of any of the different metrics so you can focus on exactly what is important to you.

6. Recording additional data and a closer look at your sites

InkyBee has a built in system for managing social account information that it didn’t manage to pull in, along with additional contact details and notes.

Here is an example of some of the social information that you’ll have access too:

InkyBee - Influencer Social Media Accounts

When you click ‘expand’, you’ll get this dropdown that gives you a lot of room to record all the data that you will ever need to record in InkyBee.

InkyBee - Influencer Contact Details

On occasions you may want to individually vet all of these influencers which is really easy to do with InkyBee’s Discovery Bar.

InkyBee Full Browse

You still have immediate visbility to an impressive amount of data with the ability to instantly remove the site from your list.

7. Next steps – deciding what to do with this data

Now you have an impressive array of data on the influencers within your market and what’s great is that the data isn’t trapped within InkyBee, you can easily export it to PDF, CSV or Excel.

InkyBee Data Export

In most cases I’d recommend keeping your data within InkyBee because the good stuff doesn’t stop there because now you can use this list of blogs and add it to a campaign.

InkyBee - Influencer Campaign

This campaign will you allow you to track who you have reached out to and really manage the relationship in a very organised way.

InkyBee - Influencer Relationship Management

You can then add blog posts to the campaign which will allow you to track social shares and engagement metrics with Google Analytics.

InkyBee - Influencer Campaign Report

This report allows you to see all of the results for any outreach campaign right in one place. Pretty sweet.


This has been a run through of the process I have been using for influencer research using InkyBee and from someone who has spent an insane amount of time researching influencers – this has been the easiest and most effective way of doing it.

Why market to influencers at all?

Influencers have a direct route to your target market and they are by far the best way to influence the buying decisions of your target audience in a way that will benefit you in a big way.

And if you want to have a try for yourself, Inkybee have a 30-day free trial.

Try Inkybee’s 30-Day Free Trial

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