How To Embed Any Data From Excel Within WordPress Pages

How To Embed Any Data From Excel Within WordPress Pages

Whether you use Microsoft Excel to create small tables, large sets of data, charts or live data functions, nearly 1 billion users would agree it is the best spreadsheet software out there.

However, when it comes to displaying Excel data in a website, it’s not as easy as it could be.

We’ve put together this tutorial to show you an easier route.

How do I get my Excel data into WordPress?

There are various disjointed solutions that will do the job, but none of them link data directly into your WordPress page. Usually you need to upload files or recreate what you’ve already made in Excel.

Connect your spreadsheet to WordPress and there’s no need to leave Excel again!

ipushpull is a SaaS app that offers a premium WordPress plugin which connects Excel straight to WordPress. It allows you to publish any data (live or static) that sits in an Excel spreadsheet and needs to be displayed in a WordPress page.

Once your data is connected, any changes you make can either update live automatically in under a second, or when you choose to manually release it at the push of a button.

Displaying data couldn’t be simpler, as you don’t need any HTML knowledge. An easy to use pop up in WordPress lets you select your page and inserts a shortcode. ipushpull does all the heavy lifting for you, and once you’ve set a page up, all your work is done in Excel.

You can publish league tables, jobs rotas, financial data, research charts or anything you like to WordPress without leaving Excel. There are some examples here.

Note: ipushpull offers a 7 day free trial so you can see whether it suits your needs.

How to embed any Excel data in WordPress pages

Step 1 – Sign up to an ipushpull account

You will firstly need to set up an ipushpull account. There is a free 7-day trial with paid plans available depending on your circumstances. The free version is perfect to take the platform for a spin.

Step 2 – Download and install the ipushpull add-in for Excel

Once your account is set up, log in and download the add-in for Excel, which will be used to connect your spreadsheet to your WordPress page. Open it and follow the installation instructions.

Download And Install iPushPull

Step 3 – Login to ipushpull in Excel

When the installation is complete, open Excel. ipushpull creates an Excel ribbon, once you are logged in to the ribbon, select the range of data in your spreadsheet that you would like to display on your website.

Log In Via Excel

Step 4a – Make your data web ready

Click the Push button (Manual Push in the ribbon), create a New Page in the dialog box that opens and name it, then click Push. Your data is now available on the encrypted ipushpull cloud platform, which means it can be embedded on the web. (For live data and charts please see appropriate sections below).

Make Your Data Web Ready

Step 5 – Activate the ipushpull plugin in WordPress

Next let’s activate the ipushpull plugin in WordPress, which will allow you to display your data in your WordPress page.

In the WordPress left-hand panel find Plugins, then Add New, search ipushpull and click ‘Install Now’ and “Activate”. This will add ipushpull to your plugins and the ipushpull Shortcode Generator to your page menu for quick and easy access.

Activate iPushPull Plugin

Step 6 – Embed your Excel data in WordPress

Navigate to the page you need to embed your data in. Click on your new ipushpull icon in the WordPress page menu.

Embed Data

Select your folder and page in the drop downs, then adjust the height and width of your page. Don’t forget to “Make page public”, which allows the page to be viewed by the general audience (otherwise viewers will also need ipushpull accounts to view – although this is something which you might want if you are looking for added security). Click insert Shortcode to finish.

iPushPull Shortcode Generator

Your page will now have embedded data once it is published, this is also available with preview.

How to embed live streaming data in your website

If you have live data in Excel, it can now be hosted online. This is done with ipushpull’s Live Push feature, which can also be used to create automatic updates from Excel, once data has been embedded in a WordPress or web page.

The only variation for live data from the above steps is that you need to select a different option in Excel when “pushing” your data to ipushpull. So instead of step 4, please do the following:

Step 4b – Make your live data ready for the web

Select the range of live data you would like to embed in your WordPress page and navigate to the Push button in the ipushpull ribbon, click on the drop down arrow on the bottom half of the button.

Make Your Live Data Ready

Select Live Push and in the new dialog box either create a new page or select the page to securely host your data. Click Live Push.

Click Live Push Embed Data Into WordPress

For the dialog box that pops up, select a cell outside of your data to display the status of your Live Push. This will tell you whether your data is updating.

Next click Start in the ipushpull ribbon. You can always Pause your updates, with the same button.

Once you have published your live data in your website at the interval you selected, it will keep updating from Excel as the connection is live when Excel is running.

How to embed a chart or graph in a WordPress page

Just like the data, you can also embed any charts or graphs you create in Excel. With ipushpull’s Push function, all Excel charts and graphs are available for embedding. There is no variation for charts from the steps outlined in the first section, as it is published just like manual data. For step 4, the instructions are the following:

Step 4c – Make your chart or graph web ready

Select the chart or graph you would like to embed in your web page. Click the Push button (Manual Push) in the ribbon, select a page or create a New Page in the dialog box that opens, then click Push.

Click Push Embed Data Into WordPress

Your chart/graph is now available on the encrypted ipushpull cloud platform, which means it can be embedded on the web.

Embed Chart Or Graph Embed Data Into WordPress

Final thoughts

Great! You now know how to embed data from Excel within WordPress.

Embedding data from Excel within WordPress is easier than ever and which means you don’t have to recreate your data or charts for the purposes of the web. You can publish them directly from Excel without messing around with code.

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