The Best Discord Bots 2023: What Is Best For Your Server?

The Best Discord Bots

Are you and your moderators struggling to keep your Discord members engaged and safe from spammers and internet trolls?

In this post, we have 12 of the best Discord bots to share with you to help your team run a secure and more entertaining server for your community.

The best Discord bots for your server

1. MEE6

mee6 discord bot

MEE6 is one of the best Discord bots, and also is one of the most popular moderation bots. It handles a lot of things a mod team would typically be in charge of.

This includes welcoming new users, notifying your server when you or your favorite content creators go live on Twitch and YouTube, and having users assign themselves roles based on reactions.

Two of MEE6’s more complex features include a command tool that enables you to create custom commands and an XP leveling system users can grind to gain access to other channels and permissions based on activity.

MEE6 also has plugins for music and creating a custom Discord bot of your own.

Some features are locked behind a paywall that comes in monthly, yearly and lifetime tiers.

2. Dyno

dyno discord bot

Dyno is a customizable moderation bot. You can enable and disable every feature based on your server’s needs.

In terms of moderation, Dyno offers time-based mutes and bans, an anti-spam detector that enforces mutes and bans automatically, and mod logs. Moderation settings are also fully configurable.

Outside of moderation, Dyno can assign roles automatically, allow you to create custom commands, enable ranks members can join, allow you to make announcements to the entire Discord server, assign AFK statuses and more.

Some features cost extra. Plans are based on the number servers you want to activate the bot for.

3. Arcane

arcane discord bot

Arcane is a lot like MEE6 and Dyno, except its primary focus is leveling. This feature is completely free and enables you to use role rewards and leaderboards in your server. The bot can even calculate voice activity.

Other features include reaction roles, notifications for your YouTube channel, advanced logging, auto moderation and custom commands.

Premium plans are available and are dependent on how many servers you use.

4. Cookie

cookie discord bot

Cookie is a behavior-logging AI that detects profanity, slurs, unsolicited flirtation and spam.

It logs behavior reports by alerting you when a user has used any of the aforementioned language and even provides a link to the offending message. It also generates leaderboards for your server’s top offenders.


helper gg discord bot allows you to turn a Discord server into a ticket system for your support team. It’s a panel-based ticket bot with a beautiful UI that makes it easy to manage and respond to tickets your customers create.

Create staff accounts for your company’s customer service team and control permissions for each account. Status tags are available as are ticket logging with the ability to rename and relocate tickets, the ability to add and remove users, and the peace of mind of having tickets close automatically based on the amount of time that passes after the last reply.

Some features are only available in premium plans.

6. Double Counter

double counter discord bot

The Double Counter bot is the perfect addition to your Discord server. It detects IP addresses from banned accounts to prevent them from creating alternative accounts and re-entering the server. It also blocks VPNs and raids.

Double Counter uses holistic scoring to pinpoint bad actors based on the IP addresses, cookies and ages of alt accounts. It produces detailed logs and is fully customizable.

More features are available in a premium version with a simple one-tier subscription model.

7. UnbelievaBoat

unbelievaboat discord bot

UnbelievaBoat is a multipurpose Discord bot designed to engage server members with fun activities. Fortunately, these features include a moderation system you can use to warn users and enforce bans. Each action is assigned a case number so your moderators can keep track.

Create your own economy system with leaderboards. You can even create a shop with items for members to spend their earnings on. Member roles are also available.

Games your Discord server can play include blackjack, roulette, animal racing, cock fighting and more. You can even stream music and radio stations to voice channels from platforms like Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.

8. Rythm

rythm discord bot

Rythm is another great Discord bot for playing music in your server’s voice channel. This one has a beautiful user interface complete with a music player for you to interact with. This makes it easy to control the channel’s queue.

The settings are customizable. You can assign DJ roles, blacklist certain channels from playing music and prevent the same songs from appearing in queues twice.

Rythm supports less platforms than Groovy. Available sources include Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Apple Music is not supported at this time.

Premium plans are available based on the number of Discord servers you have.


epic rpg discord bot

EPIC RPG allows you to bring text-based role-playing adventures to your Discord server. It has an economy system and various activities for your members to interact with, including dungeons, gambling, lootboxes and PvP.

Players can unlock new commands by leveling up, acquiring new weapons and defeating dungeon bosses.

Players have access to a wide variety of RPG-based commands for battle, the economy system and crafting.

There are at least 15 dungeons for your members to complete.

10. Discord Dungeons (DiscordRPG)

discord dungeons discordrpg discord bot

DiscordRPG is another RPG bot you can invite to your Discord server. Through chat commands, your members can join guilds, complete quests alone or with friends, and fight enemies.

The bot even includes popular RPG-based skills like woodcutting, mining, foraging and fishing. Plus, new content is added on a regular basis.

When you invite the bot to your server, you can customize chat commands and build your own quests.

11. Dank Memer

dank memer discord bot

Dank Memer is another fun-based Discord bot. It has one of the largest built-in economy systems and allows members to use it to engage in text-based stealing, bank robbing and gambling adventures.

It also has a ton of commands related to memes, as its name suggests. Members can generate memes using simple chat commands. Memes that post automatically are also available.

Memes are collected from Reddit’s top memes on a daily basis.

Final thoughts

There we have it! 12 of the best Discord bots to make your Discord server fun and efficient. However, it’s not enough to simply install every decent bot recommended to you.

Participate in your own server to learn more about the audience you’ve attracted there. This will help you choose the right Discord bots for moderation and fun.

For instance, the Cookie AI is incredibly useful for Discord servers with a lot of active members. If you’re seeing a lot of complaints about unchecked behavior, it can help your mods find misbehaving members much quicker. If your server is a lot smaller, though, you’ll probably do just fine without it.

Analyze all of the tasks you and your mods are in charge of, and see if any of the Discord bots listed above can help you make your server a more amusing and enjoyable place to hang out.